Up Close Look At 2018 Nissan LEAF – Video


Our best look yet at Nissan’s new 2018 LEAF and even a rare glance under the hood and at the charge connector.

Recently, during the National Drive Electric Week (NDEW), Nissan displayed the new LEAF at several locations. One such viewing event was held at the NDEW in Cupertino, California.

Under The Hood Of The New 2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan allowed full access to the LEAFs on display, so we’ve been able to hunt down some solid video showing the car from all angles, both inside and out.

Will the new LEAF be able to maintain the old LEAF’s position as the #1 selling electric car in the world? We’ll find out soon. Per Nissan:

“The new LEAF goes on sale Oct. 2 in Japan. It is slated for deliveries in the U.S., Canada and Europe in early 2018. It will be sold in more than 60 markets worldwide.”

Video description:

I got a closer look at the new 2018 Nissan Leaf at the National Drive Electric Week event in Cupertino, California. Perhaps it won’t be too long before I can give one a try?

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The #1 selling EV car Nissan Leaf (by overall total number, sans China) may be up for grabs by 2020?!

The Tesla Trounce by 2020?

Not so sure about that,

With a 300K head start & 2 full years of global sales, the Tesla Model 3 will have to fulfil all the current orders + a good few more by 1/1/20 ?

The Leaf won’t be available globally until at least early 2018. A 2 year head start implies that Tesla would be 2020. That pretty much means that Tesla could not catch up by 1/1/20. Unless Nissan has seriously overestimated the demand for a 40kWh Leaf. Worldwide, I don’t think they have. We will know soon.

I’d assume Renault/Nissan have a pretty good idea of the demand because they’ve been selling the 40kwh Zoe for months now.

Maybe I should have stated end of Model Year 2020 (12/31/20).


Hahahha. What a jolly joker.

I am A “J.J.” who is currently driving 24kWh & 30kWh (2013/16) Leaves!

I thought I would throw the “Tesla Trolls” (T.T.) a bone for something fresh to chow down!

I have 3 Leafs, 2013, 2015, 2017 and I’d still call you a Joker.

If you have actually seen both 2018 Leaf and Tesla Model 3, it isn’t even a close compare.

The Leaf needs big discounts to compete.
It has a bigger trunk.
It has inferior tech.
It has inferior looks.
It has inferior charging support.

I’ll get a 2018 Leaf but not at $30K vs $35K Tesla.

I was at this show and looked at the display car in the video. It isn’t a bad car at all. Yes, it isn’t as nice a car as the TM3 but it has a more utilitarian design. You can carry more in it. It will probably be more comfortable to drive as the suspension is likely a lot softer . Not everyone wants stiff suspension and high corner speed to get their dog to the groomer.
As for looks, as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It may not be as pretty as the TM3 but it is a LOT better than the bug eyed fuggly Leaf that I have one more year in(2015MY).

PS, The charging support is marginal at best. In this we are in total agreement. πŸ™‚

Number of mentions of Tesla in the article: 0
Did first commenter mention Tesla? Yes, they did.

Lol so true

True, he got me on the “T” thingy.

Just to balance this semi-snarky guy out, interest in Bolts at the Drive Electric Week event in Davis, CA was very very high. So I don’t think his assessment is overstated.

I mean his assessment is completely overstated.

That’s because this event was held in Cupertino, the home of Apple and over paid tech workers. Smack dab in the middle of a bizarre social and economic bubble. The only electric car they are interested in is the Tesla.

The Leaf got looked at because it was a novelty, not because of desire for one. Come back next year to this same event in Cupertino and all the new 2018 Leaf owners will parked over by the Bolt guys with no interest.

I just can’t take you seriously, man….you are as clueless as they come.

Dave h8 er is a hater of all things Tesla and California.

“overpaid tech workers.” Really?

Just because you don’t have the skills to make that money doesn’t mean they are overpaid.

Actually, Tesla workers are known to be underpaid here in the Valley.

So what? If they don’t like it the can go to work for McD…it’s capitalism for you. Isn’t that what we want?

Guess the Tesla fanbois don’t have any answer to that.
I’ll take a 1980s mazda over the cheap sh** TM3. Look! an instrument panel! lol.
Lookey here, real wiper stalks! A real a/c vent? Are you kidding me? lol.


Enjoy your 80s Mazda. Sounds like it’s perfect for you. πŸ˜€

I hope you will have to drive that pos the rest of your life.

Same relative interest in Bolts in South Portland, ME. 3 dealer Bolts; 16 x 15min test drive slots for each vehicle; 12 tests average. Attendance was slower at the start.

(Can’t speak for the Bolt owners showing their vehicles. Was too busy helping to run the test drives)

If someone wants to see a Bolt in Cupertino they don’t need to go to this even. They’re everywhere in the South Bay. In Mountain View, Palo Alto, Campbell or Cupertino just go to your nearest parking lot and random and take a look at the Bolt you see there.

Yep. Just got back from Dallas, TX and I saw them on the road there as well. Texas! I mean really. πŸ™‚

He “reviewed” the Bolt EV in a video earlier this year and whined that it didn’t have some features that his Model S has. He is a bit patronising.

Maybe people weren’t as interested in the Bolt because they could easily go to a dealer and test drive one. Not possible with the 2018 Leaf and not as easy with a Tesla.

No kidding, right? Where was Tesla with their pre-production… er I mean, fully released, production Model 3 being cranked out by the tens of thousands just next door??

Lol +

Ahem! Elooney here. The S-curve will launch sooon. Next month we will do 6000. Nov: 12000, Dec: 20000. Then, 40000 a month by next year.

Driving a Bolt is not the issue, it’s getting past the Chevy dealership normal creepy way of treating customers and not getting anywhere near an actual deall that might be worth considering.

I have no idea what the big deal is. I walked into two Chevy dealerships and said I wanted a test drive. I got two test drives and I was left alone to poke, prod, twiddle and inspect anything I wanted about the car. After both test drives I walked away with no pressure to buy. When I did buy, it was all negotiated by email and I walked into the dealership and filled out the paperwork, then drove off. The problem with people’s experiences with dealerships is they don’t do their homework and they don’t have a clue what they want. They also seem to be too weak to just say no to an offer of dealer add ons. Funny that you should complain about not being able to get a deal “worth considering” at a dealership when you propose going to a Tesla store and getting no deal what so ever. Like I have said a bunch of times before, if you want the Tesla store experience at any legacy dealership, simply go to them and declare that you refuse to pay one penny under MSRP and that you will only accept any lease deal they offer you.… Read more »

Are you that dense not to see the dealer is a middleman and adds thousands in costs to that msrp? You probably are!

Yep the dealer was trying to Screw us, so we left after a wonderful test drive.

It was the same Chevy Dealer BS.

They really did not want me to lease they wanted to bury me in it.

Ah yes, the stupid “Cut out the middle man” argument. How naive the faithful are. Tesla has cut out the middle man, but do they pass the savings on to the consumer? NO! They keep the additional profit for themselves. In fact many of the Tesla faithful like to brag from time to time how much profit is supposedly in each sale of a Tesla. GM and other legacy manufacturers long since set up the dealership franchises to have third parties deal with personal sales, service and local promotion as well as storage and maintenance on unsold inventory. They get nation wide coverage on somebody else’s dime. It’s an arrangement that has worked pretty well over the decades and every new marque entering the US market couldn’t wait to build a dealer network so they could grow and expand. It’s the kind of thing that actually comes in really handy when you actually do make millions of cars per year. Can dealerships suck? Absolutely! But there’s always another dealership. I have never been burned in any dealer transaction. Still, would it be nice to have a no haggle, take it or leave it store like the Apple store to buy… Read more »

My latest dealer buying experience was leasing my eGolf. MSRP was at $29,850 and sell price was $23,600. As far as i’m concerned you can go make donations to them all you want, i take the extra $ and buy straight from the manufacturer if possible.

Fair enough. You have expressed your preference to pay a premium and buy factory direct. I get it, the experience is nicer and you are willing to pay for that. Just like riding first class on an airliner, you pay for a nicer experience. I have no qualms with that.

I just prefer to do as you did on your last purchase and save thousands off of MSRP. I guess with Tesla, like Apple, there is no MSRP, just MRP.

You know what would be even better? If we added another mandatory layer of dealers. Think of how much more you would save then!

No Dav, what I exposed was just how much the dealer markup is. I did make a mistake, the msrp was 28995…so you do the math on the markup.

I don’t understand comments like this. I walk in and say I want to test drive Bolt EV. Unless you’re pretty weak minded you’re not going to test drive an Impala instead. If I’m looking to buy I’ve done all my research before hand on what discounts I’m eligible for and how much I can afford.

Last time i was in a GM dealer i wanted to test the Volt and they didn’t even bother to charge it. You should have seen the look on the salesperson face when I said I’m not interested in testing the gas motor but the electric drive. That was a waste of time. But, no…it’s not hard to dest drive anything at the dealers.

“Last time i was in a GM dealer i wanted to test the Volt”

When and where?

Middle of nowhere 3 years ago?

I said it many times on this forum i’m from L.A. area. The dealer was Mountain View in July but to be fair most are that way. I still haven’t found a charged Prime to test out either because supposedly “they are selling too fast to be charged”.

Hey Mark the troll, give it a rest with your phony stories. Go visit the tmc forums filled with stories of horrible tesla sales and service. What about an upsell to a Model s, sir?

The tesla owners have to just suck it up, they have no choice to visit some other independent dealer. It’s all the same. Here, if a dealer is no good, I go to another one and give poor feedback for the bad dealer. What have you for tesla stealerships?

I was interested in buying a GM not a Tesla, you loser! Why would i go to Tesla to buy a Volt?

Yep, it’s insane. Matches my experience with dealers and EVs perfectly.

These dinosaurs can’t die soon enough.

I test drove the Bolt and my experience with that dealer was okay. Helpful and low key. It didn’t detract from my shopping experience. The Bolt just didn’t suit my needs, so I walked away and they were polite on my way out.

When I got my Volt I went to 2 Chevy dealers. The first one was kind of pushy and didn’t know Volts. I walked.
The second one sent me to their Corvette Specialist, who also happened to have a Volt as his daily driver. He showed me 4 of the Volts on the lot, described cold weather issues, ERDTT and EMM. I told him my offer, he walked it by his boss, which took a whopping 30 seconds and said “Yeah, lets do this.”
I imagine buying a Bolt is similar. Find the right dealer and then the right car and the right deal will be there for you.


No electronic part is safe from EMP. Not even superconducting faraday cage will save them.

No. And no gas car made since about 1984 either.

Are you worried about emps for some reason?

Even before 1984, condensers would be destroyed by EMP, making ignition impossible. Depending on field strength, it could also arc the points or even weld them shut.

EMP is nasty for all electronics (even for capacitors and resistors). That’s why I don’t fear the rise of the machines. There’s a company making pseudo-EMP devices to destroy electronics selectively.

“EMP is nasty for all electronics (even for capacitors and resistors). That’s why I don’t fear the rise of the machines”

Thus even more reasons for the machine to “strike first and strike hard” before we are aware of their existence…

They don’t need air and water to survive and we do.

They’ll have to kill all of us off almost instantaneously, because EMP is not that hard to make, especially the dumb kind (omni directional without power control). Oops, I hope I didn’t just give ideas to the machines.

Oh well, humans had a good run, long live the machines!

Could be what humans are for: to boot strap the machine intelligence.

Once that’s done, what are fragile biological humans good for? πŸ™‚

Don’t worry, the fuel pump and ignition systems in you’re gas car aren’t going to survive either, not to mention the complete havoc on gas stations and fuel refineries.

Buy yourself a bicycle – haha!

Just don’t get one with electronic shifters, LED lights, or a cyclo-computer

No car will unless you build a giant Faraday cage around it or cover your car with lead plates. Neither option is ideal.

EMP as broadband phenomenon will penetrate most Faraday cages even with sub millimeter spacing. Lead may not be conductive enough to stop the EM energy from leaking, especially the low frequency. Then there’s the resonance effects that could creep up.

Of course, there’s varying degree of EMP. Best is to stay far away from it.

Is NO ONE going to talk about the EV1?! The hell?

Why would we talk about the EV1? That was a short ranged, over-expensive to build, 2 seat car that never would have sold more than a couple hundred a month if GM wasn’t willing to take a huge loss on each one built.
It did give GM engineers the experience they needed to build the first really full utility electric vehicle built and sold in large numbers, the Chevy Volt. And build it with incredible reliability and owner satisfaction.
The EV1 is only important to people who have allowed an agit-prop documentary to shape their thinking on electric cars. Think for yourself, don’t regurgitate falsehoods fed to you by a film maker.

In the video, there’s a car that looks like EV1 (red color). I think that’s what he means.

That was what I meant, yes

Specifically, this one was on the trickle charger. There only so few (like ~3) examples that are running.

I think he was joking.

What, no back seat? That will never sell.

You mean my anti-WKTEC rant was unwarranted? As well as being kind of OTT?
My error.
I have to admit that the mindset of that movie kind of makes me a bit illogical, at times.

HAHA… i know right…

Still has the stupid lead acid 12 volt battery.

Keep it simple, stupid. Why reinvent the wheel? Yes you could save space and weight. But how long will that special 12V lithium battery last in 110 degree heat sitting in a parking lot all day? Do you insulate it, cool it, or do you just put a dumb lead acid battery that can recycled and last for years and can be picked up anywhere?

Not saying lead acid won’t be replaced one day, but currently replacing it is a solution looking for a problem. There are bigger fish to fry.

Over at the MyNissanLeaf site, they figured out the LEAF can do with a much smaller battery. We don’t have a starter to run from the battery, so it makes one wonder why they’re using such a large 12V battery.

Ease of replacement.
That form factor is completely universal and replacements are cheap and easy to install.
If you move to something none standard you just make a logistics headache for both service centres and end users.

Maybe Tesla could develop the “Mini Me Power Wall” to replace the LA battery in the Leaf. That would give it at least some “coolness”!

Eat my ***. I replaced the lead acid in my Leaf with lithium.

I prefer not to. What benefit did it provide outside of knowing it’s possible?

Not sure how much this guy has seen LEAFs in the past.

The Bose subwoofer has always been right there (on cars that have it). The disconnect panel in the rear seating area is the same as before, it wasn’t carpeted before, isn’t carpeted now. The glove box looks identical. The turn signal stalks do too.

I’m (surprised but) pleased that no-one had any interest in the Volt because it (and just about every other hybrid – *not* EV!) is a dying technology. People buy them mainly because they haven’t got the guts to dive into the EV revolution full on – they want that comfort blanket of having a stinky ICE under the bonnet despite *all* that it stands for in today’s world. “Yeah, I need an engine for my long trips…”. *Hire* one then! You’ll still be $ks better off each year.

FYI he was talking about the Bolt which is 100% EV. And it sounds like others at the same show disagree with his assessment on Bolt interest.

Volt a dying tech? You must be joking! If that’s the case then why most of the cars announced for the market in the next 2-3 years will be PHEVs?