ClipperCreek Receives Technology Award from Delphi Automotive

JUL 11 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

ClipperCreek Introduces Its ChargeGuard Security System

ClipperCreek Introduces Its ChargeGuard Security System

One of the popular EVSE suppliers, ClipperCreek received a 2015 Technology – Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence from Delphi Automotive.

The company was founded around 10 years ago and offers broad range of electric vehicle charging stations.

“The award recognized ClipperCreek for its ability to focus creative resources and help Delphi deliver globally relevant solutions that capitalize on the megatrends of safe, green and connected.”

“Delphi recognized five suppliers with its 2015 Technology award.”

Jason France, Founder and President of ClipperCreek said:

“We are honored to be recognized by Delphi with the 2015 Technology Award. We serve a great portion of electric vehicle owners in the United States with our cordsets, which are the most rugged and reliable charging stations in the industry. Our partnership with Delphi is an important piece of our success. We look forward to a continued partnership  for many years to come.”

Sidney Johnson, senior vice president, Delphi supply chain management said:

“Delphi values its strategic partners who share our passion for excellence and innovation. When innovation and collaboration meet, it leads to excellence that needs to be recognized. We are pleased to honor ClipperCreek today for its contributions in 2015 that helped Delphi to better serve our customers.”

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A well deserved award to a time honored company in our industry.

A hearty congratulations to all involved.

Hear, hear !!!

Tony Williams
R&D Manager
TonyWilliams (((@)))
Twitter: QCPower
1-844-387-2787 ext 701

Delphi buys kits from Clipper Creek to assemble and sell to major OEMs. VW is one company who purchases these and includes them with their e-Golf in the United States. It is a Delphi branded PCS-15 120V EVSE.

I would not call them “kits” as much as “completed EVSE with a custom label”. BMW uses the Delphi branded Clipper Creek PCS-15 also.

I like Clipper Creek and their products!

Well deserved!

Full disclosure: I own their product and resides in the same state (California) so I am slightly biased.

Ever wonder about the name – Clipper Creek? I did.

Google maps shows a creek, Clipper Creek, skirting the East side of Auburn CA where it runs into the American River.

Auburn is the home of Clipper Creek, the EVSE maker.

I’m expecting to score my junior detective badge real soon now.

Yes, I heard an interview with a founder (Dave Packard?) around 2009, he confirmed the company was named after that creek which one of them lived near.

Congratulations to a great company with products that work – a the right price!

Bill Williams
Business Development Manager
Telefonix, Inc.

Excellent, friendly people; once is a while I stop by for a free charge.

Great products, great support. UL listed. Such a better choice than garage-made EVSEs.

Well deserved. Excellent products at decent prices. My LCS 25 has never failed me. I have and will continue to recommend them.

Not surprised in a good way, my CC EVSE at home has been reliable as a rock while the PEP EVSE at work has to be reset on a daily basis and simply stops charging randomly (thank god for my Volt text alerts), no wonder they went out of business.