ClipperCreek Now Sells Factory-Certified Pre-Owned EV Chargers


Get charged for cheap!

So, you just splurged on a plug-in car, and you’d like to get a home charging station (EVSE) in order to cut down your charging times. Good call. However, the ol’ budget just isn’t feeling it. We hear you. And so does ClipperCreek.

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The company, which has been offering no-frills, bulletproof charging since 2006, is now offering factory-certified, pre-owned examples of models at reduced prices. Instead of paying as much as $499 for one of its low-power (12-20 amp) charging options, such as the LCS-30, you can call them up and order it for $300. That’s the price for any of the models in the LCS series. Need a higher power EVSE? The HCS series are $400. That’s right, these prices are for all power levels and plug types, including the hard-wired versions.

According to its website, the used units come with a one-year warranty, installation guide. and a connector holster to keep the J1772 connector off the floor. To see how the wall-mounted models are installed, check out the demonstration video below.

To order, you’ll have call them up or drop them an email to see if they have what you want in stock. Not every configuration may be in stock.

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$300 or $400 ? Hummmm doesn’t seem like much of a discount. I don’t know where they got the pricing, but the ‘low power’ versions were advertised for several months at $379 – not the higher amount in the article.

The 30 amp unit for $400 is a somewhat better deal, but I bought a brand new $199 Duosida unit (16 amp, with Nema 6-20 attachment plug) and 25 foot J1772 cord. Add a $9 Home Depot Cord organizer and for $208 you have a nice PHEV hybrid car charging station. On EBAY last year for $289 including shipping, I bought a 32 ampere charging unit with heavy duty 50 amp contactor and Nema 14-50 attachment plug that are equally easy to use, both of these units being brand new and $100 less expense. Voltage at my home was relatively high today and confirmed my BOLT ev would charge at 241 volts @ 32 amperes (7.7 kw).

The negative vote must have been from the Clipper Creek Rep. Sooner or later everyone is going to have to lower their prices – the $199 units probably have at least $50 easily forgiven markup but they don’t need to lower their prices down to $149 until the $379 people lower theirs.

I’ve been using my Clipper Creek LCS-25 for over 4 years now. It came with a 3 year warranty, but obviously that wasn’t needed. Can’t beat bang for the buck.
If you want more bells and whistles, CC units don’t offer that, but if you want something that just plain works with no frills, can’t go wrong with CC.

While these refurbished units seem a like a good deal, they may not be much cheaper than a new one after factoring in the 30% EVSE federal tax credit.

Since I just got done doing my Taxes, I’m under the impression that the 30% Credit is ONLY for 2017 events (which I took advantage of, buying the 16 and 32 ampere wallboxes that calendar year). Seeing as it does not currently exist – I don’t see why this is a problem unless you are absolutely sure they will retroactively reinstate it as they did for 2017. As mentioned, I did beat the bang for the buck, by over $100 for each of my wallboxes compared to anything CC has to offer.

At work, they initially installed some fancy PEP EVSEs which had issues from day one, then the company went bankrupt and the support stopped.
I recommended ClipperCreek (from 4 years of experience) and they replaced the PEP ones this week with new CC. Finally some reliable charging.

Oh those PEP JUNK things are at once the most expensive and lousiest things. They are so bad you can’t even find them anymore — -even worse than those (ON THE) Blink things.

Email address to check stock?