ClipperCreek LCS-20 Available Now For $395

JUN 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 12

ClipperCreek LCS-20

ClipperCreek LCS-20

ClipperCreek just announced that its new LCS-20 model of EVSE entered the market with price tag of just $395.

“Making its debut is ClipperCreek’s $395 Level 2, 240V EV charging station, available for immediate delivery, directly from the factory in Auburn, CA. The LCS-20 is the first major brand Level 2 electric vehicle charging station to break through the $400 barrier. With 22 feet of charging cable and a “no strings attached” 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, the LCS-20’s durability and usability is on par with what customers have come expect from ClipperCreek products.”

The LCS-20 is a basic charging unit with power of just 3.6 kW, but if your electric vehicle doesn’t have a higher power on-board charger, then the LCS-20 could be good choice.

Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek stated:

“We task ourselves to constantly bring the next level of customer value to the market.,After an in depth analysis, the ClipperCreek team realized a 3.6KW station could be offered without compromising quality or durability through a combination of volume pricing, slightly shorter cable, and 15 Amp charge rate.”

Noteworthy is that LCS-20 should be easy to install:

“In addition to saving money on the charging station, and cutting charge time by 60%, customers buying the LCS-20 save on installation costs when compared to other products on the market. The LCS-20 is delivered with a flexible conduit that is easily wired into an existing junction box, with no assembly required! The compact, tough, and weatherproof enclosure is mounted with just four screws. An optional connector holster is available for just $19.”

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Does it work with 120V too?

120 volt ha I don’t think. company web site says 208/240. you might be tempted to think it might work on 120 but I think not.

I find it strange that they do not make this 120/240V. It is technically a super easy thing to do, and it adds a ton of value to their product.

And the strangest thing is that ClipperCreek sells a “bundle” of two EVSEs, one is 120V other is 240V.

If everybody rather buys TurboCord, they might get the message.

Supporting 120V is worthless in the aftermarket. Every EV sold in USA already comes with a 120V charge cord. People like AV need to get the OEMs to include the TurboCord with new cars.


I know several companies create L1 chargers.

Think of all the money they wasted. It would have been so much better if they first consulted with you before launching a worthless product.


Great point. When OEMs include dual voltage 120/240V EVSE with the cars, it will be a lot less expensive to upgrade your garage or parking spot to 240 V L2 charging.


Seems simple to install but do you have to pay $2000 to have them install it or can you have your own electrician do it for a couple hundred?

They just sell the equipment. Your electrician should be able to wire it up pretty easily, or you can if you have sufficient experience.

Clipper Creek has variants of the LCS-25 ($500) with various plug ends (NEMA 14-30 and 6-30) for plugging into dryer outlets as well. The -P plug end variants are a little more expensive, and they presumably will bring a LCS-20P to market at some point.

“flexible conduit” into a “junction box” sounds like open wires. Those wanting something that plugs and unplugs, so they can reset it, may want to wire on some kind of male NEMA plug dongle and do up a female junction box. ~$20 in big box parts.

“flexible conduit” is called BX cable. It strips to steel wrapped around the wire. “pjwood” you are right about the plug and socket We went the plug in route with our EVSE because we can just unplug it and take it with us when we move. No electrician required since we had a NEMA 6-20 plug already in the garage

I looked up the cord length they noted was shorter to reduce the price. These are 22′ cords, all the rest I saw were 25′ cords.

I just had one installed, about $400 for an electrician to come do it. Prices of course would vary based on the layout of your house and junction box. I had mine installed on the wall of my house, next to the driveway (where the car is parked, not in the garage). Some things to think about … this LCS-20 comes in a weatherproof indoor/outdoor enclosure. If you wanted the nema plug, then just get a plug and install it onto the end of the wire (which is black colored BX cable). Some people wonder why there is an LCS-20 and an LCS-25 and the reason why is … subpanel capacity. My 2011 Leaf can’t use more than what the LCS-20 provides and even if I had a newer car, my subpanel can’t handle a bigger breaker than 30A. Newer houses with big panel capacity can use the 30A chargers (ie 50Amp breaker), but mine can’t and the LCS-25 would fit nicely, even though it would only provide 4.8Kw of charging for a 6.6kw charger car…it’s the biggest that can safely fit the house electrical.