ClipperCreek Keeps Your Charging Cables In Order With New Management System

APR 5 2017 BY STAFF 8

More and more companies these days are considering installing charging stations in public areas, for their employees or customers.  Many have already done so.

However one thing we have noticed is that, short of physically installing the stations, not a lot of time seems to be taken considering the end product itself, and how user friendly it is; with charging cords dragging all over the place.  Apparently, others have noticed too, and as an example ClipperCreek has designed an inexpensive “cable management solution” for their public/pedestal EVSE stations.

“This new cable management system keeps cables safely off the ground with easy cable retraction based on an adjustable spring system. The Universal Pedestal Extension Kit is a reliable cable management solution designed for fleet and parking lot environments, featuring powder-coated steel for a durable and lasting finish, and ADA height and reach compliance.”

Basically, one can get a truly convenient public L2 station (including the EVSE itself, an external pedestal mount and the new cable management system) for about $2,000…which if one has priced the cost of a public/outdoor L2 station lately, represents a fair value.

“Our commitment to the electric vehicle industry drives us to continuously bring the greatest value to our customers,” said Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek.

“As EV charging demand grows, customers have asked us to offer a great cable management system for our most popular commercial EVSE pedestal, resulting in the new Universal Pedestal Extension Cable Management Kit, a durable option that will last even in the toughest environments.”  

ClippcerCreek extension kit

On the release of the new add-on feature, ClipperCreek noted the following features of the Pedestal Extension Kit include:

  • Keeps charging cables safely off the ground when used with 18’ charge cable (optional)
  • Eliminates need to wind cable for storage after use
  • Adjustable spring-based system for reliable cable retraction every time
  • Powder-coated steel with enclosed cable management retractor for superior environmental durability
  • Durable technology that withstands commercial use
  • Compatible with ClipperCreek HCS and CS product lines
  • Available for Single or Dual-Mount charging station installations
  • ADA height and reach compliant when installed to local codes
  • Accommodates the low profile connector holsters that come standard with ClipperCreek charging stations, allowing convenient storage of the vehicle connector
  • One year warranty
  • Made in America
  • ClipperCreek customers are supported by an exceptional customer service team


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How much to put one on my garage wall?

It looks like the DIY solution is only about $10.

Search for “retractable plant pully” and combine that with a 2-piece strain relief grommet on the cord and screw it into a stud or rafter and you’re good to go!

I wouldn’t have thought to do this at home, so thanks for the idea! This would probably work good for an air compressor hose, too. Seems like it would be better than those finicky cord/hose reels.

Oh, they didn’t integrate it into the EVSE akin to the dish WattStations. This is playing catch-up to ChargePoint and SemaConnect who already have this type of “rope-a-dope”

That unit costs what $700 so it’s really $1,300 for some steel and cables. Talk about a nice profit margin!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

So on a windy day, rather than the cable staying on the ground, it’s elevated to catch the wind and rub against the paint on your car?

I’ll take the trip hazard……lol

I noticed that most people tend to kick the cable close to their car so it’s not much of a tripping hazard.

Trust me, this is a much superior system. This is what we have at my work (Charge Point’s version) and you’re right that it drops the cord across the hood on my Volt depending on where I park relative to the station (no issues for the Leaf owners). Being placed between two parking spots generally eliminates the issue (unless the spot you want to use is iced). But I’ve not noticed any scratches in the year and a half that I’ve been using it on a daily basis – and it’s windy here – there are wind turbines about 3 miles from my office, and we don’t put those just anywhere!

Coming across the cord on the ground type (and on a few occasions in the snow on the ground), I’ll take the elevated style, thank you!

They had as the ChargePoint 4000 had this a while back. It also helps prevent twisting of the cables.

The problem with most of the ChargePoint hitching posts is that they attach the steel cable clamp too close to the connector end, and you arbitrarily run out of cable length due to the steel cable running out first (that is if you didn’t bring along the proper screwdriver to relocate the clamp on the cable).

I like a nice LONG cable such as exists on some of the earlier CC models that allow you to still plug in even if the spot in front of the docking station is Ice’d.