ClipperCreek Introduces $644 Plug-Connected HCS-40P 30 Amp 240 Volt Charging Station – NEMA 14-50 and 6-50


Following the successful launch of the non plug-connected HCS-40, ClipperCreek has just launched two plug-connected version of this highly popular 30 amp 240-volt home charging station.

Called the HCS-40P, ClipperCreek offers the unit in NEMA 14-50 and 6-50 plug types.

The price for both versions is $644, which is $54 more than the $590 HCS-40 that come without a plug.

Aside from the plugs, the HCS-40p and HCS-40 are identical.

Jason France, CEO of ClipperCreek, stated:

“Utilizing a plug-in residential charge station can significantly reduce the cost of installation and ownership for our customers. Customers asked for a plug in version of our hardwired 30Amp stations, so the ClipperCreek team responded in record time.”

The HCS-40P is available for immediate delivery.

2 months ago, ClipperCreek introduced its non plug-connected HCS-40.  Details on that version can be found here.

If You'd Rather Have the Non Plug Connected HCS-40, Then Here Are the Details on That Version - Need a Holster?  ClipperCreek Offers That Too

If You’d Rather Have the Non Plug Connected HCS-40, Then Here Are the Details on That Version – Need a Holster? ClipperCreek Offers That Too

Video of the ClipperCreek HCS-40 battling a baseball bat:

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Of course, just 2 weeks after I bought the old one and took the trouble to put a plug on the end of the pig tail….

But you saved $54 dollars not getting the plug with the unit…

NEMA 14-50 plugs cost nearly that much, not to mention the socket. I put one on the pigtails of my Clipper Creek HCS-25.

By all accounts Clippercreek make great EVSEs. Robust and reliable machines that just keep on working.

Sadly, they do not make a unit that works on 120V or 240V. They do sell a combo pack containing a 120V EVSE and a 240V EVSE, but that means we have to spend extra money and take EVSEs with us on the road.

Since we all know that EVSEs are mostly an extension cord, I wish they would make a unit that allows both voltages. It is clearly possible to make such units, as AeroVironment makes them, Tesla makes them and several others too.

“Mostly an extension cord.” You’re funny.

Calling these “mostly an extension cord” is demeaning. Yes, the electronics in them are not complex. But EVSEs are very import pieces of equipment and if you cut corners on them you can easily start fires (ask Tesla) or at least cause meltings (Ask Tony Williams).

I look forward to mass market scale reducing the price . . . but they really need to design these well and test them. A small design or manufacturing can cause serious problems.

Foo / Spec, after choking on “mostly an extension cord” you fail to address the basic point, which I’ll repeat: It would be great if Clippercreek made dual voltage EVSEs.

Nothing mean was intended, spec9, please relax and realize that recognizing the inherent simplicity of something is not the same as cutting corners.

I think the cord from the station to your car can cost over $200, so there is a third of the cost already.

Made in America = Bolivia? Panama? Mexico? Canada?

Made in America means made in the USA.

Since when did the US annex the rest of the Americas?


Maybe they’ll sell a few if we get our 30% Federal Tax Credit back. Its an OK, but not supergreat price. At least they give you a 25 ‘ cord.

Since they’re putting it on 50 amp plugs why not provide 40 amps? Surely a 40 amp J1772 can’t be that much more bucks. The cord itself sure isn’t worth much more.

Unless they think the Rav4EV is toast and no tesla driver is going to buy one. But they might be surprised.

The RAV4-EV is a low volume compliance car, so not enough potential customers. I would buy a “JESLA” UMC conversion from Tony Williams if I had RAV,

Tesla Model S come with the UMC standard, so no need. Customers that want two will likely buy a second UMC for the same price. The UMC does not require futzing with the J1772 adapter, and can open the charge port door wirelessly. It is also smaller and lighter, and can use a variety of receptacles, including 120 V NEMA 5-15, and four different 240 V receptacles.

In short, there is no market for 40A portable EVSEs at the moment.


There you go, Bill, the HCS-60 is out, 11.5kW.