Clever Reader-Made Magnetic Bumper Sticker For EVs

FEB 8 2014 BY JAY COLE 13

Last year InsideEVs published about 3,000 news articles, sales charts and EV-ownership stories.  Never just a photo; but when Mark send us this shot of a magnetic bumper sticker he made for his LEAF, well…things change.

Maybe we can convince Mark to sell them publically – there is never enough “inside” jokes about electric vehicles to go around!

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‘regeneratively’ is perhaps proper spelling, but it is curious that Leaf could be better car if it was made from aluminium, like Tesla. There is quite little cost advantage with steel body.

Yeah, but then you couldn’t put sassy magnetic stickers on it 🙂

Jay, can you post details on how you can make/order this sticker?

You can buy inkjet magnetic paper at Staples. Just design and print, simple!

Kinda corny…doesn’t flow…how about, “I regenerate for tailgaters” or “I recharge for tailgaters” – let THEM figure it out!

Insanely great! Thanks for the laugh, Jay.

Hilarious! Perfect as is! 🙂

I think a new regenerative brake lights ” different color” should be a norm in the future as more EVs hit the routes. Driving an EV and keep in mind not to reach more than 30 kW/h regeneration in order to avoid the breaking lights turning on driving on the highways on is exhausting sometimes in my Tesla.

Certainly, there are many ways to say it that might be more straightforward, but I wanted this one to be parody on the old “I brake for tailgaters” sticker of the 70s.

Originally I had it as “I regenerative brake”…. but that just didn’t sound like the right verb.

There’s one other 70s sticker I’m thinking about getting made (and would actually love to be able to do it as a license plate: “FECK OPUC” (think about it).

(Ironically, this is my wife’s commuter car and she will drive it 99% of the time, and she absolutely NEVER brake checks anyone….)

I ordered the stickers from

Random thing: I have actually used buildasign myself on several occasions to sell my houses.

They do good stuff – in my neck of the woods you can get on the national listings/MLS for .5% commission (total/both ends of the commission) if you do the rest yourself – and I’m cheap like that, (=

Sell my houses ?

Man, you are sounding like one of those super-rich presidential candidates.

I’m on it! Check out

I’ve also made magnetic versions of bumper stickers for my Leaf by attaching them to magnetic sheeting material, which you can get a craft places, like Michaels, in the US. Helps when you lease your car…..