Classic Game Room Reviews The Nissan LEAF:”If Only It Had Machine Guns And Looked Like An El Camino” -Video

AUG 28 2015 BY JAY COLE 11

With the new, longer range 2016 Nissan LEAF (30 kWh ~110 miles) about to go on sale in a couple of weeks (even though Nissan apparently doesn’t want you to know that), we figure why not one last review on its 84 mile predecessor.

And why not go out with a bang?

Just Your Typical, Classical Nissan LEAF Review

Just Your Typical, Classical Nissan LEAF Review

Here is Classic Game Room’s sarcastic and slightly askew take on the world’s best selling EV (in base S trim)…from a 21st century gamer’s prospective.

“Why pay for gas when that money can be spent on Sega Genesis games?”

On the 1st gen LEAF’s looks:

“The LEAF looks like something that Mothra would kick out of her bed in the morning after sobering up.”

On Charging:

“Where do you put gas in this thing – you don’t….I love that it comes with a gun, to shoot electricity right into it!”

Editor’s note:  If you are a 30+ year old male who played video games in your youth, we imagine you will fancy the extensive video catalog of “classic game” reviews that can be found hereOur apologies to your boss for all the productive work time you are about to waste

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11 Comments on "Classic Game Room Reviews The Nissan LEAF:”If Only It Had Machine Guns And Looked Like An El Camino” -Video"

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Looks like it is the base model (S model). Which I don’t think I’ve ever seen used in a review.

Yep, “S” model with charge package.

gotta love the ultraman model! Guns that shoot monsters from the CHAdeMO port.

”If Only It Had Machine Guns And Looked Like An El Camino”

Well, machine guns aside, this is the problem with most hybrids and plug-ins, past and present: FUGLY! They simply do not look cool, or otherwise appealing.

That’s one of the many reasons why Tesla sells so well – they look damn slick! That, and they have the performance to back up the appearance.

And yet the Toyota Prius sells more units than almost all other hybrids combined. So why does it sell more than other hybrids that look like “normal” cars?

If the Model S was a gas powered car they probably would have gone out of business by now. Looks are not everything.

No kidding. +1

The new Nissan Margarita. I kinda like it, but having a car named after an alcoholic drink could be sending a bad message… Funny review!

How about calling it a Shirley Temple then?

Fuuny thing, he refers to the El Camino that was built to cheat the car pollution laws. They made the pickup El Camino and could make more pollution, add that inefficient 454 SS motor and other dumb tricks. It was a cheat car.
Also beer and marguritas kill brain cells and kill drivers. It no joke.

Not sure about the flamethrower, but I think the El Camino thing would actually be a great idea in production.

Remember Sparky?