Classic Electric Mini Cooper Teased Ahead Of Reveal

MAR 27 2018 BY C SMITH 4

This short video appears to show a classic Mini, but there’s something very different about it.

What are the folks over at Mini up to? The automaker dished out a very brief teaser video for the New York Auto Show with the promise of a “Mini like no other.” That sort of talk isn’t exactly uncommon when it comes to auto shows, but there are a few things that catch our eye in this instance.


For starters, the video appears to show not a brand-new Mini, but a classic Cooper that we all know and love – complete with a white roof and the racing stripes on the hood. It’s also wearing a full set of high-intensity rally lamps up front, and we all know about Mini’s long and rich history in the world of stage rally. We never get tired of seeing a classic Mini in full rally-spec attire, but these are all things we’ve most definitely seen before. How, then, could this be something completely different?

The devil is in the details, which in this short video can zip by pretty quick. Pausing just before the car fades to the white screen lets us see the Mini badge on the hood, and it’s decidedly green – literally and figuratively. That’s the new logo Mini is using for its electric cars, and while we have seen prototypes and spy photos of electric Minis out testing, we haven’t yet seen an actual production model.

Does this mean Mini is about to pull the covers off its first production electric car? It’s a possibility, though we haven’t heard anything about such a reveal taking place in New York. There’s also the fact that this video appears to show a classic Mini, not a new car. If we’re talking about a vehicle unlike anything else, we’ve seen modern electric Minis in prototype form. But a classic rally-spec Mini redone as an EV? That would truly be something like no other.

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OK, so they made one BEV, then? Wow, they are catching up to Volkswagen with the hypemobile.

W0W ! After Seeing that Video I’m Convinced ! Gotta get One Now! ….BMW is so” NOT” innovative ! ……. …………It’s a Joke They are so Out of it , It’s getting literally Stupid! What a Waste of time , money & Nonsense !

Mini is owned by BMW. The i3 BEV has been around since 2014 or so. (They also have numerous PHEV’s).

The legacy car manufacturers are WAAAAAY bigger teases than my college girlfriend. And trust me, that’s saying a lot about a situation that was VERY frustrating…