City in Oregon Offers $100 Incentive On Residential Charging Stations


Clipper Creek LCS-25P Residential Charger

Clipper Creek LCS-25P Residential Charger

The city of Ashland, Oregon has made it official to offer a $100 incentive to those who install residential plug-in vehicle chargers in new homes under construction.

The purpose of this incentive is obviously to drive up electric vehicle use by making new home plug-in vehicle ready.

Since the typical residential chargers costs ~$500, the $100 incentive is actually quite substantial.

As Daily Tidings reports:

“The $100 incentive is available when a home is built to Earth Advantage or ENERGY STAR program standards.”

“Homes built under those programs are at least 15 percent more energy efficient than regular homes and can include various features, such as increased insulation, insulating windows, tight duct work and energy-efficient appliances and lighting.”

If you reside in Ashland, Oregon and are interested in the plug-in vehicle charger incentive program, then follow the link below for more details, including contact information.

Source: Daily Tidings

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I think an incentive just to wire in a 240V outlet in a convenient place in the garage would be sufficient and have more uptake. Or just add it to the city building code that you have to put such a plug into any new build.

I happen to live in Ashland. It’s a fairly progressive city which offers great PV solar incentives (on top of state and federal). On top of that, the city manages it’s own electric utility. This is important because it gives them the freedom to offer grid tied solar producers the FULL benefit for all KWh generated. In fact come every March, if you’ve generated more power than you’ve consumed, they cut you a check.

Ashland was also home to Brammo electric motorcycles (now moved to neighboring city of Talent). The CEO owns a Tesla of course.

One more thing I’ll mention is the high number of Smart ED’s I encounter around here. I’d venture they outnumber LEAFs to the point I started to wonder if electric Smarts were possibly outselling the LEAF. A quick check on InsideEVs confirmed otherwise.

I really wish Virginia had something like this in that it would really help considering I’m getting a EV station in the next few months.

240 in the garage should be required everywhere, just like Palo Alto already does.