City of St. Albert To Become First In Canada To Order Long-Range All-Electric Buses

MAR 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 6

St. Albert Transit

St. Albert Transit

The city of St. Albert in Alberta, Canada announced the order of three long-range (up to 250 km or 155 miles) electric buses (35ft / 10.6 m long).  With the order, St. Albert becomes the first municipality in Canada with such fleet.

Vehicles will be supplied by BYD with a 12 year battery warranty (the only such guarantee in the industry according to BYD).

“The City of St. Albert today announced that it has taken steps to become the first municipality in Canada to order long-range all-electric buses to deploy on city streets for public transit use. St. Albert has chosen BYD, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, to provide the all-electric buses, which will be delivered to the city in late summer or early fall this year.”

Before the City of St. Albert decided to go electric, BYD needed to demonstrate the buses:

“BYD was also able to demonstrate to the City of St. Albert that its battery technology is durable and reliable enough to function in cold climates, proving through testing that its bus batteries can function below -40 degrees Celsius.”

Mayor Nolan Crouse said:

“The City of St. Albert is pleased to announce that it is undertaking Canada’s first procurement of long-range, battery-electric, transit buses. The three 35ft electric buses being purchased will operate on both local and commuter transit routes, making the system cleaner and quieter for St. Albert residents. “We are excited to be deploying these new and innovative buses as part of our transit fleet. Reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the impact on the environment is another way to maintain our natural environment for our residents and has been a Council priority for a long period of time.”

Macy Neshati, Vice President of BYD Coach and Bus sales said:

“We applaud the City of St. Albert for its visionary leadership in demonstrating its commitment to improving air quality with zero-emission all-electric transportation with this action. Additionally, these all-electric buses will help reduce noise pollution on city streets to benefit the residents of St. Albert, and the city will save money on vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.”

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Yeah, sure “leadership in demonstrating its commitment to improving air quality with zero-emission all-electric transportation with this action”

For sure this doesn’t apply to the Alberta province.

I guess this is much needed to drown the not so committed to air quality tar sand exploitation and his bullying of Québec in his opposition to Trans energy East pipe line.

Good cheer to St-Albert thought

No perfect world . With all the clean electric grid we have here in Quebec and not so much about electrification of public transportation , a lot of bla bla but slow action .
I was in Edomoton when they phase out the electric trolley buss to hybrid buss . That went fast . Here in Quebec took like 5 year to go from trail to finaly get the hybrid buss . About bullying that go both side.
I apreciate the 90% of electric driving on clean energy I can do here in Quebec with my Volt that I can’t do in Alberta . But we should much better overall with all the electricity surplus we have here .

Very surprising, knowins is oil country. Let’s leave the oil where is should be, underground. More ev’s please.

I’m surprised Sydney Australia has not gone E buses. They are still using diesel.

Even Brisbane Australia went part way to clean things up with CNG for all of their bus fleet.

The difference is simply amazing in Brisbane as it has a huge bus fleet yet in the City Center life is quite good at street level in peak hour.

With Electric buses the remaining pollution is gone and they are much quieter. The Energy revolution is quite amazing as things get better and cheaper

Good on St Albert! These buses are pretty cool. Eerily quiet.

Hopefully, they’ve done their homework and these vehicles meet their needs and BYD can offer them decent after-sales service.