City of Maitland Expects Single Chevy Volt Fleet Vehicle to Save $14,000 on Fuel in 10 Years

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Chevy Volt's a Solid Choice For Fleets

Chevy Volt’s a Solid Choice For Fleets

The city of Maitland, Florida will purchase a Chevy Volt sometime this year.  The vehicle will by used by the city’s public works department and will become Maitland’s first plug-in vehicle.

Maitland, Florida

Maitland, Florida

Council members made the decision to purchase the Volt based on its usefulness and low operating costs.

Maitland officials expect the lone Volt to save the city some $14,000 over the next ten years.

Public Works Director Rick Lemke stated:

“It gives us the opportunity to enter the green world.”

Lemke believes that the purchase of the Volt will lead to the city eventually adding more electric vehicles to its fleet.


Meanwhile, Councilman John Lowndes, remarked:

“This is a win-win situation where we can do the right thing environmentally, and the right thing by the city’s pocket book by saving us lot of money.”

“This is not a risk; it’s a deal that’s going to save us a lot of money.”

The purchase of the Chevy Volt was unanimously approved by the city council.  The Volt has already been ordered and is expected to arrive any day now.

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It will probably save even more than that. Every time gas prices go up, the amounts of savings increases.

After 19 months and driving my Volt 14,000 miles, I have only used 102 gallons of gas. My lifetime average is 138 mpg and I have not added any gas since July, 2013, six months ago. Recharging at home only added $45 to my electric bill because my utility doesn’t have a good TOU plan. If I still drove my mini-van, I would have used 824 gallons of gas by now, not including cost for oil changes, etc. which I do not need in the Volt, at least for 2 maybe 3 years. I am glad every day I am driving an American product and sticking it to foreign oil dependency.

Fuel savings depends on your prior car mpg and the miles you travel annually on electric.

For me, I was spending $200/month in gas with my prior car, but now I’m spending less than $30/month in electricity and only using gas on rare long trips (or EMM/FMM).

So that’s saving $170/mo, I.e. $2000 annually, I.e. $10,000 in just five years.