City Council Blocks Man From Charging Electric Car By Putting Fence In His Driveway – Video

DEC 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 40

Vauxhall Ampera

Vauxhall Ampera

Being a plug-in electric car pioneer isn’t easy at all.

Especially if city council spots that you are charging your car in your driveway…

Apparently, some cities are ready to build a metal fence to stop you from charging in your own drive.

“Council blocks driveway in row over electric car charging”

“Council blocks man’s driveway with metal fence in planning row over charging his electric car.”

“Adam Storey came home from work to find the barrier put directly outside his home which has left him unable to drive up to his charger. The only way he can now recharge his car is by parking on the grass verge, leaving the electric cable draped across the pavement. Hull City Council in East Yorkshire says the 26-year-old did not have planning permission for the electric charging portal.”

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One half of the story. Heard that he didn’t apply to the council to allow access over the pavement. Also, close to a junction so visibility issues for pedestrians.

Seems fair enough!

From the video,I just can’t see any issue for pedestrian.
But I don’t know if he had any right to foul the pavement without permission.

This guy is doing the country a favor reducing oil imports but the city does not work with him.

But that makes too much sense.

If they are in bed with Big 0il , He’s doing Them N0 Favors…..I don’t Know What Their Problem Is 0therwise…..If that were me., I would Hack Down That Fence! 0r make that It So It Lifts Up & 0ff & Replace it Once The car is Parked in place….I SMELL A Dirty RAT in the City Council …He Should Sue!

All EV users are reducing oil imports, less than 1% of the electricity is generated by heating oil in the U.S.

Is there a problem with the “O” key on your keyboard that you are using a “0” (Zero) instead? I would suggest getting that problem fixed!

Weird, huh? There are lowercase o’s, and one uppercase O.

Since he’s using Title Caps, I’d chalk it up to regular old Internet Crazy.

Not sure what the rules in the UK are, but here in the US, you need to apply for a curb cut for a driveway. There are limits to how many and how close to each other they can be. You can’t just drive off the road wherever you please. You see, there are people who are far more ecologically sound than an EV who “walk” on those sidewalks. The regulations are in place to protect them.

Work with the guy he is trying to do a good thing. Don’t be so pompous.

You mean visibility issues like a horrible outlet vs. That invisibility issue like carbon monoxide, diesel oil particulates and toxic NOX vapors in your family’s lungs?….Brilliant!

Nope, visibility issues due to a car illegally mounting a pavement and driving into a front garden!

But, yes, suspect that the negotiations between driver and council could have been more cordial!

I see a Cement Garden , If that’s what you wanna call it..Looks T0 Me that City Council Are IDIOTS With A Hidden Agenda…Or They Have a H*rdon for this poor Guy ., & they just wanna screw him…

One would think that the money spent on installing the fence would have been better spent running a length of conduit under the sidewalk to put a Level 1 outlet flush mounted with the ground.

Or cheaper and easier…run conduit under the grass.

Stuff and nonsense!

As stated above, it seems like there is more to the story than reported. Me thinks the lad forgot to mention that he needs permission to create a driveway on his property, which he obviously did not apply for. The two adjacent houses don’t appear to have driveways in front. Also, it doesn’t look like he has a driveway curb cut at the beginning of the video when he drives the car toward the fence.

Illegal driveways are a contentious issue in NYC and other older cities where parking is scarce. Property owners with no garage or driveway often put in curb cuts without permission to create illegal driveways in front of their townhouses/row houses, which can make the parking problem even worse. sine the driveway takes up a street parking space 24/7. There is also the problem with aesthetics when you rip out a front lawn or garden and put in a concrete driveway.

I’m absolutely agreeing.



Man decides he is above the law and illegally builds a driveway, and then illegally installs a car charger, then wants to complain that someone did something to him.

When if he would have followed the well defined laws in his area, he could have been able to install the driveway and charger with no problem.

More proof that idiots can also drive EVs.

You don’t need planning permission to install a charger, but as others have pointed out you do need permission to convert a front garden to a drive.

He says he can’t run a cable across a public footpath, but what about parking a freakin’ car a public footpath? Where his car is parked in the video, it looks like it’s straddling the sidewalk.

Not the first time. I saw a video where the car was parked and they put a barrier up behind it locking it in the yard.

It is just a zoning issue, not a green car issue. Reminds me of the Zombie Jebus thing:

This guy should do the same thing:

“We couldn’t care less about the zombies. What we care about is the zoning code,” said the town’s zoning administrator Greg Bickford, according to CNN.

Dixon said the $500-a-day fines would continue if he did not remove or modify the structure to fit in with the zoning requests. Once Dixon removed the roof and put up a backdrop instead, there seems to be no zoning law issues.

“He just took the roof off the structure, and now he’s compliant,” added Bickford. “It’s a non-story.”

Just comply with code, and again, it’s a non-story. It sounds like this guy thinks he’s above the law, and gets a free pass on following code because he has a plug-in car. Frankly, that’s that last thing we need, are people with EV’s acting outraged when they find out that they don’t get a free pass from following the law.

The more I read about this idiot, the more I wish he would sell his electric vehicle and buy a Hummer or some other d-bag vehicle. Here is the Google Street View of the front of his house: He doesn’t own the grass strip, that’s public property. He doesn’t own the sidewalk in front of his house either. He knocked down his wall without a permit (and did a lousy job of it.). He then proceeded to have a contractor knock the curb down, and pave over the grass in front of his house without a permit. The city removed it, because it wasn’t permitted. He can’t just build whatever he wants on public property. This isn’t even about him doing what he wants with his own property, because he built on public property. Finally, at least 6 neighbors reported that he was driving on the sidewalk back and forth from where the Tile Giant parking lot is to park in front of his house. Him driving up and down the sidewalk was what finally forced the issue, and is why the barrier was build on public property to stop him from driving up and down the sidewalk. The… Read more »

It looks like this guy is an idiot and using a green car as an excuse to do whatever he wants.
At least it shows that EVs are going mainstream when even the village idiot is getting one.

Here are some more photos to show what he has done.

This commentor from the link you posted claims that after the council removed the illegal driveway curb cut, the owner drove along the sidewalk to access his front yard. The council put up a fence blocking his front yard to stop him from driving on the sidewalk, and the property owner took it down twice. This is the third fence the council has put up, if the commentor is to be believed.

“123peacock | Tuesday, November 17 2015, 11:59PM”

“This man conned a contractor to put in the original runup without planning permission. When the council rumbled him they put in a bollard then got the contractor to take the runup back out. This man drove along the pavement to put his car onto his front garden so the council put the fence up which was taken out,twice. Now he is *****ing that he is a victim. He should be charged/fined. How do I know this? I live very near to him. I wanted to do the same a few years ago, planning permission was denied. what makes this person different? Three cheers to the council.”

Another commentor says the following:

“Ull-And-Proud | Tuesday, November 17 2015, 12:50PM”

“I live a few mins up the road and I can tell you he always has that stupid cable dragged across the path and I have witnessed him driving on the path on a few occasions without regard for the people in the area.”

So, if there is a garage on his property, the question is: did he build it, or was it on the property when he bought it?

If he built it, he likely needed a bribe from the city (permit), and if it was there when he bought the property, did the property search reveal if it was legal or not?

If the garage is legal, did the city change something on the public right of way that interfered with the property access at some point after the garage was built. Or, did a previous or the current owner change their building to cause the problem of space?

Was the garage accessable from a different edge of the property before? So – is this owner an ass, or has someone else been an ass before him or other than just him?

Obviously – many questions need to be raised and answered before we know who all the asses are in this stody!

We should start fencing in fools fuel stations….

I’m definitely on the side of the 26 year old.

Bankers can steal $Billions but it would be bad for the ‘Economy’ to prosecute them.

But this guy wants to run a small voltec cord (that I’m certain has UK approval) to his car, and THAT is a heinous crime?

I’d say BLOKE: time to move to Canada!

Bill, That’s not the issue at all — I think you completely missed the situation. He wasn’t originally intending to run a charging cable across the sidewalk at all. He basically knocked down the property wall, and built a “driveway” (really, a new offstreet parking spot) instead of the existing garden to park on right next to the house, both without planning permission (which is apparently needed in Hull, whether or not it’s your own property and allowed by the zoning laws). Then, to get to that offstreet parking spot, since there are bollards on the grass strip making it inaccessible directly from the road, he would circumvent them by driving the car from the commercial “Tile Giant” parking lot through the pedestrian sidewalk to get to his house. _That_, followed by pedestrian-safety complaints from nearby residents, is what finally got the Council to act. Don’t know what the laws are like in Hull, but over here, you don’t get to create a driveway from a public pedestrian path without planning permission. Now all that aside, I’d have an issue with running an EV charging cord over a public sidewalk as well. It’s different from running an extension cord for… Read more »

You’re right that this video did not subject this guy to the “Crucible of Cross-Examination” – I’m only getting his side of the story. And if several neighbors are complaining that puts a different color on it.

In this country, we also have Landlord Permission, and Home Owners’ Associations that must be satisfied in Apartments and Condominiums, so I’d agree that all these people must be kept happy.

But, as far as any tripping hazard, he could thread the cord through a rubber ‘cord mat’ such as they have at public convention centers that prevent any tripping or safety hazards.

But if what you say is absolutely true, and I’m not saying its not, are we given this decptive video just because it is a slow news week, and the site needs more advertising?

Not to mention the guy also has a large garage in his back yard, accessible by a community driveway (alleyway). Deceptive video or inept news reporting? It never ceases to amaze me how incompetent most TV news reporters are these days.

See Nix’s second comment above for a link to the Google Street View of the guy’s house, and then go to Earth View for a satellite pic of the guy’s property which shows a large garage in back. Note, it’s possible that the property was be subdivided, and that is a house out back and not a garage. But nearby properties appear to have smaller garages or large empty backyards.

Google Earth View of the guy’s property:,-0.3779953,62m/data=!3m1!1e3


It was just one person. So moron!

My house has neither garage nor driveway. I contacted my zoning commission about putting a charging pedestal in the berm between the sidewalk and the curb, and got a great big no.

I considered running a cord from the front of my house (L1) but I’m still fighting for the pedestal.

‘Something must be done!’ That’s for sure but the question is, what? In the UK, the road is owned by the state so even if you got permission to instal a pavement mounted charging point, there is nothing to stop someone else parking their car in front of it. This absolutely about permission not being obtained for a dropped kerb rather than mounting an EVSE box. It would be very expensive to have it done properly (by the council, I mean!) and given the particular situation here they would probably say no anyway. The only realistic system would have all public streets with marked parking bays, rented by residents and if you want a charging point installed you have to pay for one – hopefully subsidised by HMG. But the cost of installation piece-meal will be horrendous – which is why we need far more rapid DC chargers. That way, people who can’t charge at home could at least get a regular charge away from home. It is still nowhere near ideal. When you consider that 60% of UK housing is just like this chaps’, there is a real issue here that no-one in the UK government is even talking… Read more »

People are a much more civil and less vigilante in this small English town than in NYC. If this guy parked on the sidewalk and ran a charging cord to his car in NYC, he might wake up to something like the car in the video below.

Apparently, someone thought the cars were parked in such a way as to take up two street parking spaces. But sometimes you park in the middle of a block when the street in mostly empty, and afterwards when other cars park on the street there ends up being a half-car or three-quarter car gap in front or behind (or both in front and behind) your car, making it look like you purposely parked your car to take up two street parking spots.

As a side note, the vandalism in the video above occurred in the Glendale neighborhood of Queens, NYC which is where TV character Archie Bunker lived in All In The Family TV series, or at least that’s where his house in the opening credits is located. Oh, those were the days . . .

Well, its none of my business what a British town decides to do. But to the extent this guy is in the right, to that extent I’d think he’d be happier in Canada.

NYC for various reasons puts their populace at more than unnecessary vulnerability. Plus the cops are out of control. I’d never live there, with the exception of Staten Island. And EV operation, is priced out of existance with current gasoline prices. So a solar panel is a must. Hopefully there isn’t too much regulation/taxation of them.