City Council Approves Tesla’s Fremont Factory Expansion Plans



tesla-fremont-factory-expansion, Image Credit: The Registry (Bay Area Real Estate)

Rendering of Tesla Fremont Factory expansion plans, Image Credit: The Registry (Bay Area Real Estate)

Tesla has come up with a plan for expanding its Fremont Factory in California. The project may as much as double the factory’s footprint. This week, the Fremont City Council approved the company’s plans.

Tesla's Fremont Factory

Tesla’s Fremont Factory

Keep in mind that in the past, GM and Toyota (NUMMI) proved that the Fremont Factory, in its current configuration, was capable of producing a half-million vehicles per year. However, due to the current emissions permit, the paint shop is only allowed to service about 200,000 vehicles per year. With up to an additional 4.6 million square feet of new construction framing the current site, obviously, Tesla has much bigger plans. As shown above, new buildings range from small (about 100,000 sq. ft.), to enormous (at over a million sq. ft.).

Tesla employs over 1,000 Fremont residents at the factory. Worker volume totals 6,210 and could jump to over 9,000 after the expansion is complete.

To put production into perspective, Tesla built a little over 50,000 vehicles in Fremont in 2015. This year, the company is slated to hit a goal of 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles. Tesla has announced that it will reach 400,000 vehicles (mostly Model 3s) per year by 2018. The end goal is at least 500,000 vehicles per year.

While the project was approved, not all voters agreed with the plan. Special attention was made about the project and its approval being rushed. Concerns centered around parking, traffic, and impact to surrounding areas. Nonetheless, Tesla got its way and will move forward as planned.

Source: East Bay Times

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At the gigafactory grand opening Musk said the production rate will be three times what they originally projected. By 2020 the gigafactory will produce enough batteries for 1.5 million cars

Emissions from the paint shop? Install some off gas treatment (as we do in Germany).

Please give a Link to how Germans reduce paint fumes (VOCs) by a gas burning treatment. Can’t find it on the web.

GO TESLA GO, all the naysayers and haters can kiss your arsenal because you’re on a mission to provide clean transportation.

You realize that with oil executives running things at the White House, they might actually see Tesla as a competitor?

One simple law that says EVs pollute more than diesel / gasoline cars and therefore must pay a $25,000 per car penalty just might kill Tesla?

Tesla could be bankrupt before help arrives.

Don’t exaggerate…a law like that will be challenged in court. But I do agree with you on Trump administration being pro fossil fuels 100%. Just look at who Trump is appointing to head EPA and State department…EV technology and clean energy industry will be under attack by Trump regime and Putin regime.

And employee parking becomes even more unpleasant. 😉

There is a BART station across the street, so no one is forcing you to drive to work.

I am an Uber driver, and I often do drop offs and pick ups at Tesla. I recommend more employees do that.

Don’t expand because it would affect the “pleasantness” of employee parking?? I dare say some people without a job would put up with some “unpleasant” parking that comes bundled with a job.

1000 among 1 million is not full employment.

and your point?