Citroën France Launched Citroën Electric Store With EVs

MAY 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 21

Citroen C-Zero

Citroen C-Zero

Citroën France recently launched an online e-shop – the Citroën Electric Store, featuring the all-electric C-Zero.

Consumers in France can now configure, reserve and purchase (or lease if they prefer) the plug-in Citroën (think re-badged Mitsubishi i-MiEV) and receive delivery within 20 days from the date of the order.

Through the end of June, Citroën also offers the C-Zero at a discount (including incentives):

  • as low as €109 a month on a long-term leasing basis
  • €11,655 outright

“After Citroën CarStore, where customers can now reserve their cars on line, Citroën France is extending its offer with a new e-commerce site dedicated to sales of electric vehicles, Citroën Electric Store.

In addition to being able to reserve a vehicle directly on line using a bank card (7-day reservation through a down payment of €500), Citroën Electric Store allows web users to:

– configure their vehicle,
– be recalled by a point of sale for infomation or complete the reservation,
– obtain an agreement in principle for a long-term leasing offer.

Another advantage of Citroën Electric Store is guaranteed vehicle delivery within 20 days from the date of the order.

With Citroën C-ZERO sales having quadrupled since the start of the year (compared with the first four months of 2015), the Brand is shifting up a gear with a special offer on its all-electric city car. The C-ZERO will be available through 30 June from as low as €109 a month on a long-term leasing basis or €11,655 outright (ecological and super bonuses deducted and replacing a diesel passenger car registered before 1 January 2006).”

The only question now is…”is this an advance of the C-ZERO/Mitsu i-MiEV program in France, or is it a way to wind-down excess inventory and exit the model?”

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Four years and 24,800. mi. Lease terms. Wow, only 6,000 mi. a year? Just for short commutes and errands. That’s about it.

With a 62 mile range, you wouldn’t want to drive much further.

Range is not a point. It is a city car and you can rack serious milage if you use it as an errands car all day long.

I used to regularly take my Peugeot sister (the iOn) EV on 360 mile round trips in the UK using Ecotricity’s (free) rapid charging network. Perfectly doable – as long as you were not in a hurry – drive for 40-50 mins, charge for 20 mins… and repeat (4 times each way). Yes, it took 50% longer to get anywhere but 1/ its free (did I mention that already?) 2/ it is very relaxing – as someone said; it’s like having to travel with an old dog that has to pee regularly (or and old person, with the same issue, for that matter!).

Just take a flask of tea and some sandwiches with you as the free rapids are all at motorway service areas which charge £3+ for a cup of tea!

Yes it’s technically “doable” as you described but so also would be ridding a bike or horse long distance. Big difference between “doable” and “desirable”; one sells cars while the other does not.

Yes. I can’t imagine anything less fun. Not only do you have to ride in a box for 40-50 minutes at a time, but then you have to sit for 20 minutes along a stinking highway. I don’t understand the attraction of cars. I pedal my electric assist bike 150 miles on a charge on country roads, see lots of beautiful scenery, in fresh air and quiet, and avoid highways like the plague.

The only reason for a car is to hide in, to avoid the motorway hell we have created.

: ) done the same!I remember first chademo at M25 at Vlacket Lane (pre ecotricity).There was a real revolution when ecotricity kicked in – I drove Leaf to Edinburgh from Brighton to celebrate. I guess c zero current price is finally correct.£35k in 2011 was way too much.

I am really looking forward 34 kwh golf – it should allow 1 charge journey from Liverpool(where i moved to from Brighto ) to London as oppose 4-5 charges in 24 kwh Leaf.Good times

As Aaron points out, there’s a lot of nonsense in these comments. The i-MiEV/iOn/C-Zero is a lot of fun to drive, and very easy to rack up miles on. I’ve driven over 74,000 miles in the i-MiEV. It beats all gassers away from red lights, and with a single L2 charge session at my office, I put in many 100+ mile days. When you do take a long distance highway trip, it spends less time overall on DCFC than a LEAF due to the air-conditioned pack that spends more time pulling 50 KW on CHAdeMO than a LEAF does, plus marginally better miles/kWh.

Sure you can, with a little planning, see this excellent video for instance:

Perhaps Citroen are testing out the Tesla direct sales format !

I’m still convinced that PSA is trying to prove that by building and offering a car that isn’t attractive in any way shape or form is there to prove that the market doesn’t want electric vehicles in a “I told you so” fashion.

If they offered a electric Citroen C4 Cactus or a Peugeot 2008, how would the market respond? This is akin to trying to sell the market a Peugeot 206 when they already sell a Peugeot 208 imho.

The EV version is over 6 years old, it was first made in 2009, and the ICE version was first made in 2006, that is a 10 year old car design, you shouldn’t expect the market to like it. It’s like the manufacturers are giving us the finger for wanting a car with a different propulsion, which is silly.

Disclaimer: I drive a Miev

I wouldn’t say that they’re saying “I told you so”. They got bit on the arse by moving too soon on a product that was quickly outdated.

It’s either drop it and let Renault be the only one to indulge in incentive-heavy Paris (let alone France), or keep moving an old product until DS Automobiles produces a plug-in.. Which would be some wait.

Citroen isn’t like VW and other Germans where there’s a model refresh every 18 months. Whatever that’s here now would be too old to have been suggested to be engineered as ab EV. It’ll be years in finding out if a new citroen/peugeot/DS would.

Uh, I think you’re forgotten the e-Mehari. It’s a niche car, to be sure, but it’s a purpose-built BEV-only model (even if the drivetrain is apparently Bolloré), and it’s been officially announced for production and will be sold at least in France, presumably other countries in Europe as well.

Electric Store? Good.

Now show us something compelling to buy, like a C4 Cactus EV, i would buy that in a heartbeat.

Personally, I’d really like a BEV version of the C4 Picasso (5-seater).

There’s been a company in London that has been fitting an ev kit into the C-1 for 5 years and yet PSA is still only selling 1 ev that was developed by someone else. If PSA go bust in 2021 because they can’t meet the new emission standards I think the current CEO and board should be fined. You’ve been told, everyone else is getting on with it. Now is a perfect time to panic!

Most of the comments on this thread have to do with driving this car long distance. This is an obsession with people. I own two of these (Mitsubishi i-miev’s) and they are great cars for what me and my family do 99% of the time! Run errands around town. We do not travel in this car (which represents the other 1% of our driving) Really, where do you folks get all this time to travel??? When we do travel we tow this great little car behind our motorhome so that when we get to our destination we have a little gas-free car to run around locally for our sightseeing. We plug-in for free at our campground.

It’s the (lack of) thought process that you need more range than you really do.

100 mile EVs? I need 200 miles. 200 mile EVs? I need 400 miles. Lather, rinse, repeat.

For the two years I had my i-MiEV, I could go 3 days without charging on my regular drive to/from work. It’s all a matter of perspective.

People are seriously dumb when it comes to cars. Range is one part of that but I also think “luxury”, “sports”, “big” and “power” are all words that can add significantly to the cost of a car whilst adding little value.

I’d be really happy with a twizy to get to work but they won’t even let them on the roads here.

+1 to all here who have popped the “it’s gotta be faster, more luxurious and with longer range than my neighbor’s EV” bubble. That sort of mindset is actually preventing the insecure from jumping in to buy an EV today, while also playing into the master plan of the oil companies and OEMs who don’t want to build non-petroleum cars. I’m also a very satisfied i-MiEV owner. Sure, I’d like more range at times, but it’s not the death knell that so many make it out to be. I’ve long ago gotten over the i-MiEV’s curious styling and now actually embrace the practicality of a small car that’s both comfortable for a full size adult in the driver’s seat and carrying an amazing amount of cargo when needed. It looks the way it does because of what it can do, while taking up minimum space. Let’s see . . . my little electric car is safer-than-average in a crash, quick off the line in real world city driving (far more important than 0-to-60mph specs that so many obsess over) has an excellent air conditioner and a nice sounding CD player. Now, of course, it doesn’t cure cancer in laboratory rats… Read more »