Citizens Of Which Country Are Willing To Pony Up The Most Money For The Tesla Model 3?


You guessed it … Ben Sullins of Teslanomics is decoding the data to gather an idea of what people in various countries are willing to pay for their upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Model3Tracker is now up to 8,000 Model 3 reservation holders, so the data that Sullins regularly uses for his reports, is becoming at least a bit more realistic.

However, keep in mind that the pricing for the Tesla Model 3 is estimated, due to the fact that no one yet has accurate options’ pricing. The site uses historic Model S and X pricing to try to reach a fair ballpark on available features, and also factors in any information that Elon Musk has alluded to along the way.

Ben uses Tableau, a data tool that provides graphs and visuals, to import the data and make some sense of it. In the video, and also at Teslanomics, you can see Sullins’ color-coded, interactive bar graphs, etc.

U.S. buyers are budgeting about $48,000 for their Tesla Model 3 sedans, and in Canada, that median budget is about $39,000. These are the two countries with the highest number of responses. In Sweden, respondents have a median budget of ~$56,000, with Australia next in line at ~$54,000, followed by Germany at ~$53,000. It gets a bit confusing when you pour over the data, because Sullins compares “Median USD Estimate” (assumed vehicle price) versus “Median USD Budget” (what people are budgeting in USD) but, as usual, he offers a detailed explanation in the video.

Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

While the Tesla Model 3 isn’t yet ready, we can estimate the cost using some historical data and your own user preferences for upgrades. In this video, I take a look at the user entered budgets from and see how much you’re willing to pay for your Tesla Model 3.

See the Data –…

Looking back at my analysis of the most popular features for the Tesla Model 3 I found that Autopilot 2.0 and the Battery reigned supreme. The big question left unanswered from that analysis was how much it might cost, and if people were willing to pay for it.

Here, we have some data from you, the Tesla Model 3 reservation holders, about what you’re willing to pay. My best guess is that most people will pay around fifty thousand dollars USD after all the upgrades. And lucky enough, this is what our data shows.

If you haven’t already please go to and enter your preferences so we can update this and gain an even deeper insight into what the historic launch of the Tesla Model 3 will end up being.

Also of random interest:  Ben has also put together for Tesla’s fan made commercial contest “Project Loveday“, check it out below.

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Tesla fans are a little off balance it seems. They’re kind of like the screaming girls at a Beatles concert. Using their spare time to celebrate all things Elon. It’s all good if they’re having fun. Just yet another sub culture in America. We’re good at this kind of thing.

Except that it is bigger than America (lots of things are, you know).

And I wouldn’t refer to myself as a ‘screaming girl’, either. Just an engineer and retired policeman who wants to do ‘their bit’ and have fun (safely) at the same time.

The reason my budget is high is because i know it will cost much much more than 35000 dollar here. I will have the standard minimum equiped one i can have, and my apsolute limit is 45’000.
But with the salestax of 25% and the import tolls and teslas gransport fees i am worried if i can afford it. It might end up at close to 50’000 unfortunately:(

55K? You are kidding me. Gasoline is $2 a gallon now. Get a life and stop scamming lol.

John, you can not justify a Model 3 financily vs. fuel in US, but this countrys have a diiferent full tax policy.

Gasoline is >$5 a gallon in Norway. ICE cars are also heavily taxed while EVs are not. I drive >13000 miles a year and my fully down payed 1.9 diesel cost me more a year than a new EV including financial losses and running costs.

It’s US$8/gallon in Norway now and > US$5/g in all of Europe!

$6.6. US Gallon
$8 UK Gallon

John, your view is rather unjustifiably US-centric.
You forget that US fuel prices are unique, and in the vast majority of the world, gasoline costs much more; the US is also a minority in terms of the overall EV market, despite the very high numbers of cars per capita. Also, the US is only about half the InsideEVs readership, so there’s no reason to use US prices as a basis.

Over here, despite being at a historic near-low, standard unleaded costs the equivalent US$6.54 per US gallon at the pump.

1) AWD
4) HUD

I am expecting the base model price to be at ~$45k in Sweden.

So a $55k average here is probably likely.

Not sure how scientific it is… I bet Swiss orders will have far more options than the rest as is the case with the S and X.

Quote: “In Sweden, respondents have a median budget of ~$56,000, with Australia next in line at ~$54,000, followed by Germany at ~$53,000.”

Why did you guys leave out Denmark with a median budget of ~$72,000, and Luxembourg next in line at ~$69,000, followed by The Netherlands at ~$64,000? You also left out countries like Finland ~$63,000 and Turkey ~$55,000.

Mouse over the world map and you will the medain USD budget of each country.

Countries ranked by highest median USD budget:
1) ~$72,000: Denmark
2) ~$69,000: Luxembourg
3) ~$64,000: The Netherlands
4) ~$63,000: Finland
5) ~$57,000: Sweden
6) ~$55,000: Turkey
7) ~$54,000: Australia
.) ~$54,000: China
.) ~$54,000: Germany
.) ~$54,000: Italy
11) ~$52,000: South Africa
..) ~$52,000: United Kingdom
13) ~$51,000: Spain
14) ~$50,000: Switzerland
15) ~$48,000: Austria
..) ~$48,000: Belgium
..) ~$48,000: France
..) ~$48,000: Norway
..) ~$48,000: Slovakia
..) ~$48,000: United States
21) ~$47,000: Ireland
..) ~$47,000: Mexico
23) ~$45,000: Czech Republic
24) ~$45,000: Canada
25) ~$44,000: New Zealand
26) ~$24,000: Portugal
27) ~$19,000: Virgin Islands

Turkish budget of 55k??? Doesn’t look right.

Why not? Plenty of rich people in Turkey.

And it is not a place where the middle class has opened their eyes towards EVs yet.

Great message in Project Love day video…solar energy with storage is not science fiction it is here.