Citation IV Concept Inspires GM EV1- Video


This episode of Autoline Daily shows how the GM EV1 evolved from the 1984 Citation IV concept.

Citation IV was developed in GM’s all-new Aerodynamics Laboratory.  The similarities between Citation IV and GM EV1 are immediately apparent.

Discussion on the Citation IV begins approximately three and a half minutes into the Autoline Daily video.

Citation IV Concept

Citation IV Concept

Back In "The Day," General Motors EV1 Was The Green Car To Have

Back In “The Day,” General Motors EV1 Was The Green Car To Have

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GM should built the Citation IV as an EV, and as a plugin hybrid.

Pronto! Please.

Articles about the EV1 are always painful to read for me. A great car, a great opportunity… all wasted away…

Who is this guy? — he reminds me of some kind of automotive Paul Lynde.