Circus Circus in Reno Gets Charged Up

JAN 11 2014 BY STAFF 5

Circus Circus in Reno

Circus Circus in Reno

Circus Circus hotel and casino in Reno, Nevada is now in the process of installing charging stations for electric vehicles in its downtown garage.

Circus Circus Charger

Circus Circus Charger

Once complete, the chargers will be free to use for all who visit Circus Circus.

Believe it or not, public chargers are a new thing for Reno.

Harrah’s hotel and casino in Reno just installed a few, as did the Peppermill Resort Hotel.

Before those installs, only a few public chargers existed in the entire city.  Still, Reno is behind most major US cities in terms of charging station installs.

What’s driving these charging station installs?  Mostly consumer demand, but there’s also the Nevada Electric Vehicle Accelerator organization, which is pushing for more public chargers statewide.

Source: KTVN

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The more the better!

Where do most of the people who visit Reno come from? The answer; from California via highway 80.

Why not also install the charge stations at the rest stops from Auburn to Truckee and from Truckee to Reno so the EV drivers can get there?

If someone had a brain in Reno, they would host some Tesla superchargers. Be a destination for Tesla drivers from the Bay Area.

Casinos don’t need L3, they need L2 or even L1. They WANT you to stay there for a loooong time.

I was told that’s why they have no clocks.