A Chucklin’ Musk (Video)


In what has been described as “The best tech keynote ever” by some people, we had to agree with Where’s Elon – Musk seemed downright giggly.  Check out this “Supercut” that user “eightlr” posted from the Tesla Powerwall event:

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“the giggles” will be legalized here in 2016, or so I’m told…..

Loved it!

Reminds me of:

Open the X-wing doors Hal.
I’m sorry Dave I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Heh, a FB friend tagged me on that to show what a douchebag she thought Musk is.

I said, couldn’t care less about his antics, as long as he’s moving tech in the right direction it’s good that the media keeps following everything he does.

Then I was blindsighted with the usual right-wing conspiracy theories about Musk being a “crook who took half a billion and never returned”, the Model S is a hoax, etc. etc. Except that this lady is *very* far left.

So…. I guess if you go far enough left you meet the far right coming from the other direction and have a party. And, FB is going to the dogs, or maybe it’s always been there.

Love your comment I too have found people who were so-called conservatives but hate Tesla and Elon and solar city and then I found liberals who hate him just as much I think if you hated by both you’re doing something right


For full disclosure though, most people would consider me pretty far left too.

Only I belong to the rationalist wing of that school of thought. That is, we go by evidence and if it says we’re wrong, we adapt. As it stands, the evidence on most major topics leads us to views that are widely considered “left”.

Which is why it always disappoints me when the other wing of leftists thinking takes over the narrative. I mean, the reality’s with us, on global warming, on the economy, on foreign policy, etc. etc. Why squander all that just for some imagined ideological purity, to satisfy a gut instinct to see “enemies” everywhere?

“Enemies” such as Elon Musk 😉

As an independent who champions campaign finance reform, lower taxes, sustainable energy, believes mankind is influencing an otherwise natural warming of the globe – is anti-fracking but pro-business’ right to serve and sell to whom they wish, and pro-stronger immigration laws and enforcement, anti socialized healthcare and education… I am truly a man without a party!

And this is from just one presentation. A supercut of giggling from every presentation he’s ever given: SpaceX/Tesla/SolarCity would be at least 30 minutes.