Chrysler Vehicle Dynamics Engineer Comments On BMW i3 BEV


BMW i3

BMW i3

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss the BMW i3 with a Chrysler vehicle dynamics engineer who’s been test driving (competitive test vehicle) the BMW i3 BEV w/20-inch wheels (World package unknown) for 6 months now

Here’s his take on the i3 (remember, he’s an engineer):

Pros: Extremely quick, solid handling, nimble, feels planted despite narrow tires, very spacious, cheap to operate (Chrysler monitors electric consumption of all electric cars tested).

Cons: Steering is way too twitchy, ride is too harsh, interior noise too high, raised seating position is awkward, some material in interior visually looks subpar.

He offered no comment on the looks of the i3, stating engineers don’t concern themselves with outward appearance.

His take on the BMW i3 falls inline with most of what we’ve read in the countless i3 reviews/test drives published to date.

Interestingly, he briefly compared the i3 to the Fiat 500e, but that’s off-the-record conversation for now.

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How did he rate its ability to self-destruct a few thousand miles after the warranty period? I assume this is the main focus of Chrysler/Dodge engineers since their cars have an uncanny ability to do exactly that.

That would be a good line of questioning. CR does not have good grades for Chrysler. What’s his take on that? Where is the problem?

Thats a bunch of crap. My dad has a Dodge pickup that is ten years old and he has not had one problem. I know that that is one data point but that is infinitely more than you gave.

I’d be real real careful, about keeping lots of air in those 155s. Otherwise, great zip.

I think they are actually taller than many of the ultra low aspect ratio “stylin'” tires I see on SUVs. I don’t know how they keep from busting rims on pot holes with those.

Chrysler seems to be so anti-hybrid and anti-ev, i’m surprised they’d even bother to test an i3. I honestly think they’d rather go out of business when people stop buying cars thst have only an internal combustion engine.

Yet another Baldwin Locomotive Works indeed!

I`m sorry but to me Chrysler is dead to me. I don`t consider them a domestic company anymore since they were tax evaders & left for London. Their CEO hates EVs & publicly asking customers not to buys his company EV. As a Dodge & Chrysler owner (2011 Chalenger & 2013 300s) I feel betrayed by their actions. Enough is enough my family is moving on.

I’ll give him all the cons except for the harsh ride…it is typical BMW firm…and it being a noisey EV… I think it is one of the quieter EVs inside…though road noise does creep in on certain road conditions

“engineers don’t concern themselves with outward appearance.”

Definitely a Chrysler engineer. Definitely.

What ever happened to the ENVI line of cars? The Lotus Europa based pure EV was pretty nice, as was the PHEV Wrangler. They clearly aren’t even trying.