Chrysler To Unveil All-Electric Model (Pacifica?) At CES

DEC 10 2016 BY MARK KANE 33

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is prioritizing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas over NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit in 2017.

Chrysler confirmed it’s unveiling a new model at the 2017 CES instead of waiting the few more days for NAIAS.



It’s expected that the new model to be unveiled will be the Chrysler Pacifica Electric. It would be an interesting addition to the plug-in hybrid Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

Bloomberg states:

“The Italian-American carmaker will show the model at CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show and the world’s largest technology convention, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are private. FCA is also working on an electric Maserati sports car, which aims to compete with Tesla models, the people said. Fiat Chrysler declined to comment.”

Another topic expected to be of focus is autnomous driving techology in the Chrysler Pacifica family, developed in conjunction with Google.

Bloomberg notes that FCA’s debt makes it harder for the Italian-American carmaker to invest in EVs and autonomous driving, but the automaker seems to be trying:

“FCA, which was the first major automaker to strike a deal with Alphabet Inc.’s Google to develop self-driving vehicles, has favored cooperating with tech giants to navigate the potentially profound changes in the auto industry. With $6.9 billion in net industrial debt at the end of the third quarter, the carmaker has limited resources to invest compared with its main competitors.”

Chrysler is still expected (by us) to also debut a full size plug-in hybrid crossover SUV at some point in this year’s auto show season in the US.

Source: Bloomberg

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Interesting. I wonder what the range will be. 🙂

Another Euro point of view

Things are moving quick on the EV front lately it seems. Hope we see Nissan Leaf 2 very soon. Interesting times !

“Chrysler is still expected (by us) to also debut a full size plug-in hybrid crossover SUV at some point in this year’s auto show season in the US.”

Now that would be exciting.

I think it’s great. However, I wonder if a BEV version of the Pacifica is too large for town and not suitable for longer trips. In other words if you want a vehicle for local driving the mini van is awfully large. Something like the Bolt EV makes more sense. And the lack of charging infrastructure and the state of technology makes it unsuitable for road trips. For this purpose the PHEV version makes more sense.

Love the idea of a PHEV SUV. Not sure it needs to be full sized but no doubt we’ll see smaller ones announced in the near future. The more choice the better.

Well there are definitely plenty of soccer moms taking children to school every day locally…so minI vans are definitely not only long distance vehicles.

No kidding.. and every morning when I drop my daughter off I see people dropping kids off in Suburbans, F350s, etc.

I personally find the Chevy Suburban SUV to be a joke. The reason why is it doesn’t have bed to put things in and it’s like a giant station wagon on steroids.

I do have a pick up truck but it used to move a lot of things in it. And I don’t like taking it to the suburbs or the city unless I have something big that needs to be moved.

I personally can’t wait to get a leaf or Mitsubishi i-miev with good range. If I had one of those two cars I would be set if I had a job in the city. In that a Chevy Suburban would be a nightmare to drive in the city in my area.

For the record, the Chevy Suburban is the oldest, uninterrupted name plate in car history. From a consumer standpoint they must be doing something right.

You can’t confuse a vehicle which can ONLY be used for local driving with one which can be used for local AND long distance driving. Most driving is local. It’s the 5% or 10% long distance use case which most people also want to cover.

” I wonder if a BEV version of the Pacifica is too large for town”

Please DonC this seems like an illogical statement in light of the fact that the average US citizen drives a pick up truck for everything they do….either that or a Tahoe.

but you are right, with no long range charging network the pure electric part is a bit of an impediment….

Ohh wait. perhaps they could this wiz bang network that VW is going to install. LOL.

Never thought I would be rooting for Chrysler, but this is promising. By the nature of mini van design, it would seem to be a good fit. Plenty of room and they already have a large flat floor.

I can’t believe I’m rooting for Chrysler either. The PHEV Pacifica is a great start. If they can bring a full BEV Pacifica or BEV Durango to market with 150+ miles of range in 2017-2018, that would be amazing.

I am in the same boat. I wrote them off years ago. Especially if this is on top of the crossover/SUV that Jay and Mark have mentioned.

Im really hoping for them to actually release these BEV vans and get them out there in decent numbers to all states.

I’m guessing a 28 kWh battery with a whopping 75 mile EPA range, just to hammer home how far you are behind the competition.

I’d be really disappointed with any new BEV to the market that had less than 100 miles at this stage. There’s really no excuse.


If Chrysler wants to pull off a coup of 2017 then sign an agreement with Tesla and use their super charging network.

This would be amazing!

I hope one of the automakers takes the hint here.

FCA making an EV is very good but it kinda falls into the has hell frozen over teritory…
I guess they finaly realize where the future of transportation is headed with or without them…

Yeah, it’s definitely a surprise to me… didn’t hear this one coming one bit. It almost sounds too far out to be true.. at least for 2017 and from Fiat.

The Pacifica was heard coming for quite some time.

The Italians might have thought “Let’s put an electric in the least sexy thing we can”, when using the Pacifica might have been the most sexy thing they could have done.

I bet they just put the Fiat 500e setup into it with larger battery.

A pure BEV version would eliminate all petrol consumption. In that case, it doesn’t really matter so much anymore how much energy it takes. So that becomes a much more positive vehicle. Of course on a pragmatic point the vehicle must still be able to house a larger battery to provide a decent range. I don’t have much trust when it comes to Fiat’s intentions though. I just saw the Darwin documentary from national geographic; I think Fiat belongs to past species of car makers.

Its good idea.

Now Chrysler has only 2 models Pacifica & 300.
With Pacifica-Electric this will become a model with 3 powerplants (Gas, Plugin & Electric) just like Ioniq & Niro. This will give a boost to the Chrysler lineup.

In fact the company can also launch a 6 passenger van with 3 rows of 2 seats each and at an affordable price. This will help boost the lineup and also cater to families who want an affordable 6 seater vehicle. If the market picks up, then the company can launch a plugin and electric version of that van.

I hope so. But I’ll believe it when I see it . And when it hits the market.

I’d love for there to be a wider breadth of EV models on the US market. But I’ll be mildly surprised if FCA does this.

The Pacifica PHEV has an obvious market and makes a lot of sense for US conditions — if Chrysler doesn’t have production or reliability issues, no reason it won’t be an excellent seller.

A BEV version of the Pacifica, however, makes no sense at all. It’s a bit larger than the Tesla X (more interior & cargo volume), but less aerodynamic — a BEV version of the Pacifica with similar highway range would need more battery capacity than the X, and would have to cost more. That’s not really Chrysler territory.

This is great except
that it really sounds like quality fake news.

“Oh great. We make an all-electric minivan to score points with Hillary and Trump gets elected. Is it too late to add a coal burner?

Google and Apple would snap them up to replace their current corporate minivan shuttles.

Maybe other companies would too?

I’m not sure if that’s a big enough market to bother addressing though.

You’re right, wavelet. Minivans are used daily to chauffeur kids to school and activities and every few months for long trips. The PHEV meets both needs perfectly. A BEV meets one imperfectly and one not at all. It’d be DOA in the consumer market.

A commercial BEV Pacifica might do OK. Most fleet vans are local-only and fleet buyers care a lot about fuel and maintenance costs.

A Commercial 6-7 – passenger van as low-speed (sub)urban taxi/shuttle, or distribution van, is something else entirely, and in fact, VW and Mercedes have announced such vehicles.

They don’t need to do highways speeds or ranges (150-200mi is probably enough).

Not really. If you have a charger network as well developed as here in Norway, the BEV is great. If this comes with a real wintertime range of 200 km, which shouldn’t be very hard, I’d take it over a PHEV. I would need 4WD too, though.

Oil men in charge of the Department of Energy, oil men in charge of EPA and now oil man as Secretary of State. Hey let’s make an all electric anything. They are laughing their ass off in Trump tower. Old money bags is saying let them fools make it we will kill it just like we done in the past. We were so close to changing things and then Trump.

An all electric minivan would be a great local delivery and tradesman vehicle. Hope FCA sells a commercial version in addition to one for soccer moms.