Chrysler Pushes “Plug-In” Aspect Of Pacifica Hybrid In California, Works With Sesame Street In Nation-Wide Campaign

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Charge Across California Tour kicks off at ChargePoint

Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) have had their challenges when it comes to marketing to the masses. Sometimes people have trouble grasping the concept of having both a traditional, gasoline-fed internal combustion engine and a battery-powered electric motor in the same drivetrain. We understand. Sometimes change takes time. Especially for more conservative segments of the market, like minivans.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid cutaway

FCA is aware of this challenge, and being the only outfit with a plug-in hybrid minivan available, namely, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, it’s kicking off an effort to emphasize the plug-in aspect of this vehicle in the state that has been most receptive to cars with plugs. The “Charge Across California” campaign starts today and brings the fuel-friendly family hauler to a number of locations, where it will be the subject of a presentation and made available for test drives.

We doubt there will much confusion at its first scheduled stop: ChargePoint Inc. That outfit, as our readers likely know, sells residential and commercial vehicle charging equipment and runs what it says is the “World’s Largest and Most Open Electric Vehicle Charging Network.”  From there, the Tour will visit the likes of Adobe and Oracle, culminating, according to Bloomberg, in a “California-only broadcast and digital campaign.”

Nation-wide, FCA hasn’t stopped its Pacifica Hybrid marketing effort, either. Working with Sesame Street, it’s just released a four-episode series of videos that kids and their parents should all enjoy (I know I sure did). It doesn’t take a deep dive into the intricacies of the plugging in, but it certainly doesn’t hesitate to mention the fuel efficiency aspect of the minivan (33 all-electric miles per charge, 84 MPGe in electric-only mode), while it explores other desirable tech, like the passenger entertainment system and parallel parking aid.

We’ve embedded all four below for your edification. Enjoy!

Source: Bloomberg

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Have they fixed the recall issue? I just got a marketing email from Chrysler saying I should buy the 2017 Hybrid but as all dealers have said the 2017 version is totally recalled – a major recall on the electrical system and all vehicles that have not been sold have been returned to Chrysler. There is no more 2017 and there will be an eventual 2018 model when they figure out a solution to the electrical problem.

They don’t sell them due to recall. You cannot buy them. They don’t have ETA on recall fix.

And they treat those few who did manage to buy one as a herd of dumb sheep. And if you do get any information, it never comes true (at least in my case).

Did you buy one? Has the electrical issue affected you? Do you still have the car, or have you turned it in for a loaner?

Thanks, and sorry for plight FCA has left you with.


No (but if it did, it would’ve been bought back, and the risk would’ve been moot; and now per recall info there’s 1% risk of motive failure present on it as a “feature” of this car, so it only matters if it did not fail yet).

No (although i did request one for a long trip and FCA failed to negotiate it with a dealer by the deadline agreed, which was fairly plenty notice).

I bought one on Feb 16th but it still hasn’t been delivered, it was shipped on April 27th but they diverted it back to the factory while it was in transit. No one can tell me when it will be delivered. Meanwhile the Sirius XM free trial is running, car payments are coming out (that I am making the dealer pay), and my plates need to be renewed.

Oh, and I just received a ‘customer satisfaction survey’ for my new Pacifica Hybrid…you know, to see how I like driving it and stuff. Right.

Production had supposedly resumed in the last week of June, according to reports I read while researching this piece.

However, I just called my local dealership, and they haven’t received any inventory yet. I’ve put myself on their list, and they should call me when they get news.

So they built a PHEV that doesn’t work – what a fail

FCA is a terrible car company. I wouldn’t touch one of their cars with a ten foot pole unless it was a gift.

The mobile version of the site is crashing my phone browser every time today. I know ads need to be there but this website is getting so buggy and full of ads and scripts it barely works. Can we cut that back a bit?

This is confusing, given this article at another EV-related website saying the exact opposite.

So is Chrysler pushing the plug in aspect? Or not?

They are pushing the plug-in aspect in California.

The campaign in the rest of the country doesn’t discuss the plug-in option much, mostly relying on the mention of its electric-only range and MPGe numbers.

How’s this for a marketing slogan: “Plug in for performance” I think the BMW i3 might actually have it right, combine a big battery with a lousy, wimpy range extender engine. That way people will want the EV performance over the ICE. If you put too small of a battery (PiP) or have a gasoline engine have all the performance, then people won’t realize that EVs are actually a better product.

The Nissan Note e-power came from nowhere to become the best selling car in Japan with the same exact idea. They just didn’t put a pluggin. Serial hybrid with awesome electric drive train and wimpy little engine for insane fuel efficiency. I say over and over here in these threads that Nissan will add a slightly larger battery, something like 4 KWH and put a simple plug in it good for 20 miles all EV and that will be their next plug in vehicle. But Nissan took note of the BMW idea and adapted it to an economy car and hit a home run.

Chrysler and its chief are living in Year 2010 and that’s silly .

Current year is 2017 and most people know what is a plugin. Please call it a Plugin and that will bring in premium and more green buyers to the showrooms. Hybrid is 1 level lesser technology than Plugin.

People buying leather clad Chrysler Pacificas are already premium buyers. This is nasty competitive soccer mom territory here and Chrysler knows it well. They will sell these things like nobody’s business because it will be the next granite countertops.

/uggh my 10 year old daughter just joined soccer.
//I pleaded with the spousal unit to not go down that path.
///Hate even sitting at the games with those insane people.

> They will sell these things like nobody’s business
> because it will be the next granite countertops.

LOL. I bought a marble counter top, but the wife mistakes it for granite. 😉

If they could get them out the factory door they’d sell well I think.

Sadly they have so far proved incapable of actually delivering these vans much to my disappointment.

It’s sad because I’ve heard great things about the few that have managed to escape FCA’s clutches and into the hands of buyers.

I’ve been waiting 158 days for mine to arrive as of today, I want them to deliver it soon.

“Current year is 2017 and most people know what is a plugin. ”
Most people on this website….yes
Others…not so much. Ask around, you will be surprised how little people know about cars in general, electrics in particular.

Where can we find more information, such as a schedule, about the “Charge Across California Tour”?