Chrysler Portal Is The Adaptable, Electric Minivan That’s Seen As “True Object Of Desire” By Millennials


Chrysler Portal Concept

Chrysler Portal Concept

The 250-mile Chrysler Portal Concept electric minivan is being touted as the futuristic vision of a “Soccer Mom” vehicle that’s ideally suited for millennials.

Chrysler Portal Concept

Chrysler Portal Concept

Ashley Edgar, one of the engineers responsible for the Portal Concept, stated:

“We wanted to design a vehicle discerning millennials would recognize as a true object of desire.” 

Portal likely appeals to non-millennials too, but Chrysler is clearly suggesting that it has a targeted demographic for Portal and that demographic is now “the largest U.S. living generation…with a population of 75.4 million.”

Specific features targeted at millennials include seats that can be easily added or removed based on family size, compatibility with mobile devices, charging docks galore and so on.

As of right now, Portal remains a concept, but we do believe that Chrysler will green light a modified production version within a few years. Fingers crossed…

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24 responses to "Chrysler Portal Is The Adaptable, Electric Minivan That’s Seen As “True Object Of Desire” By Millennials"
  1. Some Guy says:

    What focus group did Chrysler get advice from? I won’t be caught dead in that.

    1. Anderlan says:

      It’s a group travel pod and it’s awesome.

      Chris Pine and Karl Urban could hop in one at SF HQ in the next Trek without thinking they were in the wrong century, AND it could go on sale in 5 years and only get an occasional second glance on the road.

    2. JIMJFOX says:

      Who cares what you think?

    3. KK says:

      Millennials, Obviously your Octogenarian club won’t be impressed. 🙂

  2. Cautious says:

    Minivan?? It looks like what would be a four door sedan with a sliding door instead of two typical doors. I love the 250 mile range for any BEV, but calling it a minivan is kind of a stretch. Oh yeah, I don’t think Millennials are that naive to react and by a BEV minivan because it is marketed for “Millennials”.

    1. David S. says:

      Could they buy it because it doesn’t look like a minivan? I think that’s Chrysler’s goal.

  3. hpver says:

    Wow. That is an ugly looking concept. Especially the huge slab of non-grill area on the front. Whole thing looks blunt, like someone squished in the front end.

    Millenials aren’t buying many cars compared to previous generations, but I sure don’t see this thing pulling them back into the market.

    1. Vexar says:

      That front end looks like a DVD/VCR combo unit, strapped on top of an X-Box. I actually think the designer took a photo of his entertainment cabinet at home and decided that was the new front fascia. To their credit, there’s NO GRILL!!
      Couldn’t be happier about that. I don’t care if it is busy and complicated, they are still headed in the right, general direction.
      I wonder if it is smooth on the bottom.

  4. DJ says:

    Hahahahaha, OMG that’s hilarious. I thought it was April 1st for a moment.

  5. pjwood1 says:

    6600 watts of charging speed, and 16KWh is already there for soccer Mom. The Pacifica Hybrid is locally available.

  6. Mike I. says:

    A female automotive journalist that has a family made a comment like this about the Portal:

    This vehicle is essentially a minivan, a family car, which has obviously been designed by millennial designers who don’t have a family.

  7. Texas FFE says:

    i agree that an electric minivan would be an object of desire but this concept is nowhere near production ready. Chrysler needs to come up with a practical EV concept that can go into production in this decade.

    1. LOL says:

      If they test-drive it in Russia during winter time and show 300+ miles of range capable, then could start thinking of production version. Until then it’s just another sketch. If it weren’t for the headline, I would have thought it was GM concept.

  8. James says:

    Hmmmmmmmm. Looks like an i3 had a baby with a Pontiac Aztek. I’m not a minivan guy, but the Pacifica is already a nice clean design. This thing is ridiculous looking.

  9. CDAVIS says:

    Tip for Chrysler: Delete 90% of the junk going on with the car’s front end…less is more…don’t use a traditional automotive design guy for this…they are not capable of KISS.

  10. Thomas says:

    I currently own Chrysler minivan. But that thing is hideous. I want a van not some kind of weird space ship. How am I suppose to take that “minivan” on a trip with my family of 5? I wouldn’t even get out of the state.

  11. speculawyer says:

    It looks like the Think Ox.

  12. James says:

    From a guy who really likes vans and minivans, I won’t be so cruel.

    “Minivan”, the name – was the death knell for this type of vehicle when the “Sport Utilty Vehicle” moniker was coined by keen marketers to sell tall station wagons to 30 year-old moms and dads afraid they had lost their sex appeal.

    New MPVs, or “minivans” are not mini at all. They, like trucks, get bigger and bigger each generation. I think Pacifica Hybrid is a good start. It is huge.

    What I like about this mockup: It’s size is pared down to more what I feel is needed in N. America for a family MPV. In Asia, Toyota has sold a hybrid MPV called the Estima with Hybrid Synergy Drive that sadly never made it across the pond.

    I like the dual sliding doors. Anyone in the USA notices how cars are getting bigger but parking spaces are getting rarer and smaller. As someone in the real estate industry, I know more parking means more $s. Falcon Wing dooors are a flight of fancy Elon Musk will never do again, and this is a good solution for a family mover where buckling into child seats can be a task for a contortionist. Many backs would be saved with this arrangment, sorry for you chiropractors out there.

    Range is nice – over 300 would be better. Ditch the huge wheels. 22″+ isn’t necessary except for looks. Since the battery pack will make up the underbelly – Chrysler’s “Stow-N-Go” seating wouldn’t be feasible ( just like it was scrapped in Pacifica Hybrid ). So the seats should be record-breaking in their lightness. Carbon fiber comes to mind in making removable center seats that my wife could easily detach. Light weight always increases range also. I like how the seats are on tracks. This has been done by Volkwagen in their excellent T5 Transporter vans. Unfortunately, due to the Chicken Tax passed in the 1960’s – America has been devoid of affordable, economical vans for several decades. Hopefully the new influx of vans that have found ways to circumvent the Chicken Tax will blow the doors open. Tariffs again might slam that door shut.

    Vans are superior to the SUV and crossover America has fallen in love with. More interior cargo room. Better suited for RV conversion. Better than pickup trucks for keeping cargo secure and dry. And creative seating solutions allow them amazing versatility, utility for everyday families and commercial applications galore!

    Ditch the sci-fi floating door side glass treatment – simplify to cleaner lines – make ride height adcustable for freeway “MPGe” and add AWD options.

    The minivan should kill the SUV, but marketers have bamboozled the general public into thinking SUVs and crossovers are sexier.

    I say call them MPVs ( Multi Purpose Vehicles ) or give them a new “sexy” name like ” Versatile Action Cruisers” or VACs. That’s how crazy markting is!

    1. KK says:

      “…coined by keen marketers to sell tall station wagons to 30 year-old moms and dads afraid they had lost their sex appeal…”

      “….Vans are superior to the SUV and crossover America has fallen in love with…”

      “…marketers have bamboozled the general public into thinking SUVs and crossovers are sexier….”

      Neo is that you? Did you take the red pill? I thought I was alone.

  13. Assaf says:

    One thing’s for sure, these marketing geniuses have no clue about typical Millennial reality.

  14. James says:

    Honda, Toyota, Nissan and others sell “minivans” or what they coin, MPVs throughout Asia and Europe.

    The Odysseys I saw when in Singapore bore no resemblence to the huge family movers with vaccume cleaners inside found in N. America.

    Size matters. Being that the MPVs sold elsewhere are smaller, they naturally are more efficient on fuel. They push less air on the highway with smaller frontal areas – which suits an electric van greatly.

    Portal, or a mini-“Not-So-Grand Caravan” would fit the bill for an electric van. We know the Mazda 5 did not sell too well here in the USA. It was a sliding door MPV about 3/4 the size of a Caravan or Odyssey. – But – it wasn’t electric. EVs have more to offer in cleanliness, low maintenance costs and zip in the performance area.

    Show a housewife how fast off the line a BEV van can be ( blow off a Mustang at the stoplight! ) – And she may lose some of her unfavorable opinion about vans being boring.

    Also, the Mazda MPV was not done correctly, IMO. It’s interior couldn’t have been more plasticky and it only had one sliding door. Small, it was, but efficient it was not. I test drove one back then – and even at it’s size, it still was only rated at 25-26 MPG Hwy!

    Give designers of a midsized “Versatile Action Van” or VAC, a bit of rugged fender well protection and maybe a tiny bit of cladding to give it that AWD=action vibe…But don’t go overboard ( hard for designers to do ) and it will fly off the shelves.

    Clever packaging is key. Also, all the bells when it comes to a touchscreen and infotainment for the kiddies.

    I think this Portal identifies a new segment of BEV that would set itself far apart from all the rest.

  15. albertito says:

    They could begin with something that millenials could afford.Maybe on USA there’s full employment , but i doubt that many millenials could afford those cars , even with parents help.The perfect millenial vehicle is a scooter , and 125cc scooter(Ev equivalent) , or a TATAish car.If they want to live in Oz forever , it’s up to them.

  16. William says:

    Looks like a PT Cruizer that got a minivan overlay treatment. I would like to see the millennialis who buy into this Portal adaptability marketing bonanza. Just get the Crysler car sharing platform functioning with fully autonomous driving, then Millenials can afford to buy in.

  17. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    Ho hum, another day, another concept car that most likely will never be mass produced.

    These auto makers must be astoundingly clueless if they think anything labeled a “minivan” will be a “true object of desire” for an entire generation!

    Call it an “SUV”. Call it a “CUV”. Call it a “hatchback”. Call it a “liftback”. Call it a “sedan”. Make up some designation that nobody ever heard of before, as GM did with “EREV” for the Volt.

    Just don’t call it a “minivan”!