Chrysler Partners With Canadian Government and McMaster University for Development of Electrified Powertrains

OCT 28 2013 BY SURDASM 10

PHEV version of the Chrysler Town and Country

PHEV Version of the Chrysler Town and Country

Chrysler is teaming up with McMaster University and the Government of Canada to develop electrified powertrains of the future.

The agreement was announced on Friday by Greg Rickford, Canada’s Minister of State for Science and Technology.

Electric Orange is the Color of Choice for 500e Buyers

Electric Orange is the Color of Choice for 500e Buyers

Chrysler is investing $9.25 million, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) – Canada’s scientific granting council – is kicking in almost $9 million more.

The bulk of the work will be done at McMaster’s Hamilton, Ontario campus by a team composed of Chrysler engineers, McMaster research engineers, as well as  a number of faculty and graduate and undergraduate students.

Running until 2018, one of the over-riding goals of the project is to produce a more affordable EV.  Six areas in particular will be targeted:

  • Electrified powertrain architecture and optimization
  • Power electronics
  • Electric machines
  • Motor control
  • Energy management systems
  • Embedded software

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10 Comments on "Chrysler Partners With Canadian Government and McMaster University for Development of Electrified Powertrains"

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Why isn’t Chrysler just buying EV powertrains from Tesla? *snicker*

Because there are a lot of ways to build good EVs that don’t include anything Tesla.

And apparently, they finally get to rediscover them all by themselves! 😀

Soooo late in the game!!!

LOL, Chrysler is FINALLY seeing the error in its ways by ignoring EV development. And now they are far behind everyone else.

No, not even. They’re researching “electrified” powertrains — possibly mere hybrids.

The PR is so vague anyway, it could be anything, but mentions of ultra-capacitors as energy storage don’t exactly point at EVs, or certainly not exclusively…

Ya, it does look like EV-101 class. Well, who knows what happens in 2018, when Tesla is shipping 100,000 Model S, E, X and working on a cheaper generation IV.

By the way, spending $9 million wouldn’t put sprinkles on Tesla’s EV research budget.

Chrysler’s “fixin’ ta” get started “thinkin’ bout” maybe someday tryin’ ta do summin’ ’bout them new-fangled ‘lectric cars.

I suspect this is something that benefits the school more than the manufacturer. I’m guessing that the results get pony expressed back to Detroit while Chrysler is planning their third bail-out / inevitable bankruptcy.

EV technology isn’t some mystic, strange technology. It’s been around {in automotive time} forever. They just don’t want to do them because they still like the old way of doing business. You know, the model where they had to be bailed out of bankruptcy in the late 1970’s and again just a few years ago. Between those two failures, they were propped up by Daimler until the Germans got tired of providing their life support.

If Chrysler and Fiat don’t want to build EV’s, they don’t have to. They can buy credits from Tesla and perhaps Nissan. It’ll make next their slide into oblivion easier when the price of gas goes up again and far fewer people want a Hemi Challenger / Charger / Ram pickup.