Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Ships To Dealers April 17, Launch Event On The 19th

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The long-awaited plug-in people-hauler is almost here.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid enjoys the beach

Chrysler now says that the Pacific Hybrid (plug-in) will start shipping to dealerships in the U.S. on April 17.

This is some 3 or months behind schedule (and the company did actually let a few copies already trickle out in January), but there’s a reason for this, according to Chrysler.

The automaker released this statement on the matter:

“As with all launches, but particularly in the case of this technically advanced vehicle, we are taking great care to ensure that the Pacifica Hybrid comes off the line with the highest quality possible.

We will only introduce a vehicle when we are fully satisfied the vehicle meets or exceeds customer expectations.

We have been ramping up the build at the Windsor Assembly Plant, and full retail production (began) Friday, April 7. Vehicles will start shipping to dealers on Monday, April 17.”

Well, alrighty then.

Not your typical plug-in interior.

Anyways, full production is now underway and sales should begin in earnest later this month.

We should note that, although the Pacifica Hybrid has yet to really arrive to the public, Chrysler has been building them (albeit at a lesser pace) since December; meaning the company does have quite an amount of customer orders and dealer stock penned-up and ready to ship at its Windsor, Ontario (Canada) assembly facility.

Further to the release, InsideEVs has learned that Chrysler is planning a launch event for Wednesday, April 19th at a local dealer…and it is at that time when we expect the first of the “official” deliveries to begin, with thousands of plug-in minivans arriving over the next couple weeks.

Here are some highlights of the U.S.’ only plug-in minivan:

  • City range is listed at 35.51 miles
  • Highway range is 29.98 miles
  • Combined range is 33 miles (or 0 to 33 miles, as is typical for most plug-in hybrids rated by the EPA).
  • PHEV Composite MPG is 54 city, 49 highway and 52 combined.
  • MPG is 32 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and 32 mpg combined.

For comparative purpose, the non plug-in Pacifica returns 18 mpg city, 28 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined. So a significant 45% efficiency gain is still felt when driving only on petrol over the standard Pacifica thanks to the e-drivetrain set-up.

Additional Pacific Hybrid details can be found here.


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George Bower

Decent offering.

This kind of vehicle is exactly what a Voltec style power train was meant for.

Too bad GM doesn’t get it.



Maybe just a concept car exercise or China-only product, but interesting nonetheless.


I was talking to a guy that was driving a Buick Encore yesterday. He really likes it. His wife wanted it at first and now he is driving it the most. Gamma Platform like the Bolt. It would be lucky to get 210 miles of highway range due to the CdA, but it would be a very nice vehicle for the Bolt drivetrain to branch out to, eventually.
It would have been better as Voltec, but I am not sure if it would be financially wise to adapt a D2 drivetrain to the smaller Gamma sized vehicle. But the smaller Encore sure looks roomier than my Volt.


Chevy could make a hybrid Cruze CUV.


Agreed – I’ve never understood why GM hasn’t expanded that powertrain to the bigger vehicles. It certainly has never been a technological issue…it’s all marketing decisions.

I suspect it has a lot to do with profit margins. GM (as with most automakers) don’t make much off of their small sedans which is why it’s so attractive to electrify them. It mitigates the loss in profit since they’re already low volume. Moreover, cost-wise, it is not a significant investment – particularly nowadays where sedans and SUVs/CUVs share platforms – to build SUVs and Crossovers but they sell for considerably more which improves profit margins by a bit. However, electrifying – such as including a Voltec power train – is pretty expensive and will erode that profit margin. It’s no big deal now with sedans selling less than SUVs/CUVs because they don’t loose much. But if they electrify SUVs and CUVs? And it became popular? Bye bye profit! At least, so their thinking goes. They apparently missed that part in Econ 101 about economies of scale. Personally I think, short of government mandate, and a reeducation in economies of scale vis-à-vis Tesla, they’re going to wait until the production cost of batteries and electrification come down before including in their high profit SUVs and CUVs so they can maintain – or at least reduce the impact to –… Read more »

Chevy had FULL hybrid Tahoe and Silverado a few years ago, they did NOT sell well.


True, though I wonder if it was because they hybridized those vehicles during the high gas price era when people we’re moving away from E-segment SUVs towards C-, and D-segment SUVs and even sedans? They didn’t improve much on MPG either IIRC.


They got 22 mpg combined not 32 mpg but even if they got 26 mpg combined there is no indication they would have sold better. People who bought those kid of vehicles don’t care.


Pretty Impressive indeed. This is exactly the kind of vehicle we need more of.

Kevin Cowgill

Obviously, this would never work as a commercial delivery van, cargo van, service van, mobile work shop, etc.,etc.

(Yes, this is sarcasm)


Per this review:
…”leaving the Pacifica the only minivan that’s able to carry up to eight passengers or dozens of sheets of 4-by-8 building material.”


I believe the hybrid Pacifica loses the optional 8th seat (as well as the second row stow-n-go) because of the battery placement. Still a very attractive vehicle IMO.


Any details if both hybrid trims will be available at launch? Premium as well as Platinum, or just Platinum? The Platinum comes standard with the uconnect monitors in the seatbacks, and I don’t want those.

Jay Cole

Yes, Chrysler has both variants in production right out of the gate.


I hope this sells well, so that they can financially justify continuing development on it for other vehicles in their lineup.

And hopefully the other automakers have something comparable waiting in their wings as well.


If Chrysler applies the Federal credit toward a lease, it can bring the cost for a Premium to under $300/month without considering any additional incentives that may be available. If advertised at that level, I can guarantee that a lot of people will be quite interested. Now the question is whether Chrysler’s financing arm will play along.


Chrysler’s website estimates the lease at $468/month for 48 months.

I suppose if a dealership folds in the $7,500 tax credit that would reduce the lease amount down to $311.75 per month for 48 months. ($7,500 / 48 months = $156.25 per month cheaper than $468, which gives $311.75)

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

This really should’ve come out a year ago.

I wonder how the price will compare to the Mitsu Outlander PHEV?


Is that still happening? I had given up on that ever coming to the U.S.. Hadn’t heard anything about it in over a year.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Heck, it’s all up in the air with Mitsu. Last I heard was late 2017 early 2018……lol


Originally supposed to come out to the U.S. in 2014. Last summer they said it would be available Summer 2017. Now looking like maybe March 2018.


You know they’ll delay it again. Something tells me that the higher profit margins they get off of the gas only Outlander are what’s keeping them afloat in North America. They’re afraid if the lower profit margin Outlander PHEV gets here, then it will outsell the gas version like it does everywhere else and they’ll start bleeding red ink again.

After their recent merger with Nissan, they may also be hoping that Nissan will just take their electrified drive train and drop it in a Rogue or Pathfinder or even just take over production of it and re-badge as a Nissan.


I should clarify that what I mean is take over North American production of the Outlander and re-badge as a Nissan in North America.

Old Home Owner

Right. I would have one in my driveway if it did. Couldn’t wait for this hybrid to come out, so I opted for the Sienna back in July. Ideally though, Toyota would have a plug-in hybrid drive-train like this one on the Sienna. Then there would be no mistake about which vehicle would be in my driveway today.


Are these initially going to CARB states or to 50 states upon launch?


Last I heard, it’s all 50 states at launch.


This seems like a perfect van pool vehicle for states where they subsidize these vehicles to encourage ride sharing.


Good idea, we need to encourage more commuter pooling.

Mr. W

How about towing? Possible? How much? Warranty?