Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Recalled Over Potential Fire Risk


Chrysler has issued recent recalls impacting millions of vehicles, including several for the Pacifica Hybrid.

Not long ago, Chrysler recalled nearly five million vehicles for an issue that could cause the cruise control to stay locked on. This newest recall for the Pacifica Hybrid is related to the latter. It’s important to note that even if you had the cruise control issue fixed, the automaker still wants your plug-in hybrid minivan back in for another check.

A possible issue that could cause the minivan to stall or increase its potential for fire moves FCA to recall over 10,000 Pacifica Hybrids. The issue involves the gas engine not starting correctly after the van switches out of electric-only mode, which can cause the van to stall and leave unused gas in the exhaust system with potential to ignite. This is just one of many recalls involving the plug-in van, including another that could render the van inoperable due to a faulty diode. The recall applies to 2017 and 2018 Pacifica Hybrids that were produced between August 16, 2016 and August 7, 2018.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) via Green Car Reports, the engine can get out of phase and:

… the electric motor will continue to spin the engine in this condition causing significant amounts of unburned fuel to enter the catalyst and potentially ignite.

Chrysler plans to start servicing this recall on December 8, 2018. The technicians will run an update on the van’s powertrain software and check the catalytic converter. If there are concerns with the converter, it will be replaced. Contact Chrysler customer service for more details (1-800-853-1403).

Source: Green Car Reports

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“Well here’s your problem; there’s a gas engine under your hood!”

Yep. But it’s in a class by itself – non-premium plug-in family carrier. So we have one. I’ll be calling the dealer on December 8th, though.

Still doesn’t really make sense though. In Canada the plug in version costs you $20,000 on top of the standard version. Even with our high gas prices that will never make sense. You could buy the gas version and a used Leaf for less!

Hmm Chrysler Canada lists the base 2019 Pacifica Limited as $52,745 and the base 2019 Pacifica Hybrid Limited as $57,781… factor in the $5k government rebate on the Hybrid (at least here in BC) and that brings the base 2019 Hybrid Pacifica to $52,781…. that seems more like $40 more expensive… not $20,000. Nice try though…

I have truck needs and family hauler needs. My wife has a business where she has to haul around large bulky items for long drives. I couldn’t afford a Model X to do these tasks, and watching my wife destroy a $120,000 SUV would be….well….ludicrous. I’ve considered the IRS heavy vehicle credit, and the X isn’t off the table at all. An MPV (what the N. American auto industry wants us to call “minivan”) is truly the form factor and size of vehicle that truly could replace my pickup truck and my wife’s Prius hatchback which she is beating like a plow horse. The van is the Swiss Army knife of privately owned vehicles. No other car is as versatile and practical. They are anything but “mini”. My plan was to lease a 2019 Pacifica Hybrid for three years and wait for Model Y to come to fruition. While we currently see no new factory short of Shanghai to build the Y I am not holding my breath. The lease plan was due to three main factors. First, the Pacifica has a big lump in front called an internally combusted engine. My main goal for our personal cars is to… Read more »

Well, keep in mind that nobody’s been injured due to this defect. Virtually every vehicle has some recalls.

However, our Pacifica generally stays within 15 miles of home, so we hardly ever use gas and this isn’t very worrying to me personally.

Well, until another automaker can be bothered to make a reasonably affordable 7 passenger plug-in vehicle with good cargo capacity…this is all we’ve got. I mean, if Toyota would have just made a Highlander Prime or GM a Votec Traverse, I’d be all like “shut up and take my money!” But nooooo!

#1 Affordable
#2 Big enough to hold 7
#3 Crossover form factor.

That will take a while unfortunately since #2 and #3 work against #1, due to the battery size needed for something with a meaningful range.

Why would it cost significantly more to make a 7-seater Crossover PHEV than a 7-seater Van PHEV?

They’re the same thing except that the floor is raised on the crossover because people think fake SUVs that are less useful than minivans are cooler or something.

Or, you just take the Pacifica and put some plastic cladding on it. Boom, crossover. Same price. Actually, they’ll raise the price because they can and people spend more on Crossovers. Not because the COST is higher, but because the demand is higher.

Indeed- after waiting for this van and then the disastrous launch, with customer vans dying in motion within a week and months of cluelessness before the diode fix, I opted for a new transmission in our 230k mile Honda Odyssey instead. Also because Chrysler Capital doesn’t pass through the tax credit on a lease, as any ethical company should. That blew the economics, and I wouldn’t trust Chrysler for an outright sale. Good move, because for all these technical problems, the PacHy only gets 27 mpg on highway trips beyond battery range, which is barely 10-15% better than the Odyssey. Voltec and the Toyota plug-in Hybrid system are well-proven. Put them in vans, for goodness sake!

My PacHy has been flawless in a year of ownership. When we take the occasional road trip I may “only” get 30mpg, but our actual usage has been about 90% electric miles. I was nervous buying a Chrysler vehicle but I’d buy this van again in a heartbeat.

Did Jay Cole end up getting a Pacifica Hybrid, or did he move to mars?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Chrysler added a Hybrid hold mode whilst they are updating the powertrain software…

Still unbelievable they left that mode out…