Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Plug-In Priced From $41,995, First Drive – Video

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Chrysler give the plug-in Pacifica minivan (with 30 miles electric range) a sharp price

Chrysler give the plug-in Pacifica minivan (with 30 miles electric range) a sharp price

Chrysler has announced the long-anticipated pricing for its new plug-in minivan – the (poorly named) Pacifica Hybrid, and pricing is unexpectedly sharp, which should translate into some decent demand for the plug-in.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid starts from $41,995 (in Premium trim + 1,095 DST), and qualifies for the $7,500 federal credit, meaning the plug-in van effectively retails for $34,495.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica, with an estimated rating of 80 MPGe in the city

2017 Chrysler Pacifica, with an estimated rating of 80 MPGe in the city

A second trim level – Platinum adds a swiss-army knife of new minivan options and starts from  $44,995.

Starting Pacifica Hybrid pricing puts it in line with the top petrol trim level – the Limited (from $42,495), but when accounting for the tax credit puts the plug-in equal to the mid-grade Touring L ($34,495), and just $5,900 more than the base stripped down LX.

As for what the Pacifica Hybrid can do, the van has an estimated 30 miles of all-electric range (530 miles total range).  Chrysler also puts an estimate of 80 MPGe for city driving on the Pacifica, we assume its ‘van-like’ features at speed mean it will ultimately have one of the lowest highway MPGe figures out there for PHEVs when the final numbers are available.

We should note that while the Pacifica can operate in EV mode up to around 70 mph, there is no specific “EV mode”, meaning the van chooses whether or not you are driving on the battery or the petrol engine.  With that said, if you have usable energy remaining in the battery it is very likely you will be running all-electric…this isn’t the last generation Prius Plug-In (see video review below as an example).

“Not only does the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid offer the segment’s only hybrid powertrain, it also offers many of the same features offered by the gasoline-powered Pacifica, including tri-pane panoramic sunroof, 10-inch seatback touchscreens, ParkSense Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist, 360-degree Surround View camera, ventilated seats, rotary e-shifter, capless fuel filler, handsfree sliding doors and liftgate and KeySense programmable key fob.”

Also of note:  The Pacifica Hybrid has also been priced in Canada from $56,495 ($41,900 USD), and is eligible for $14,000 worth or rebates in Ontario, for and effective price (+taxes/dst) of $42,494 ($31,500 USD), and just over $48,000 in the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec

Who doesn't love this roof?

Who doesn’t love this roof?

Pacifica's 16 kWh battery (via LG Chem)

Pacifica’s 16 kWh battery (via LG Chem)

The 16 kWh battery and other electrification components add about 650lbs to the package, while the battery itself is stored under the 2nd row seats.

The battery housing in the floor also means that if you just have to have the “Stow N Go” package in the 2nd row, this Hybrid isn’t for you as that feature is not available.   The third rows “Stow N Go” feature is unaffected.

Chrysler says that production starts later this year, and the Pacifica Hybrid will arrive on dealer lots in early 2017.

Further to that news, we can report/confirm that FCA’s Windsor, Ontario assembly facility actually begins that production in about 2 weeks time, on Monday, November 28th.

Fortunately, first drive reviews are already coming in, and from what we can tell Alex on Autos (video below) has once again done the best job covering Chrysler’s upcoming plug-in.

Chrysler’s Press Release on the two Pacifica Hybrid trim levels below:

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Premium

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid arrives in early 2017

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid arrives in early 2017

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Premium offers the key comfort, convenience and safety features minivan customers want, including perforated leather seats, heated first-row seats, remote start with cabin pre-conditioning, three-zone automatic temperature control, projector headlamps, fog lamps, chrome trim accents and power liftgate. The Pacifica Hybrid Premium also features the SafetyTec Group as standard, which includes ParkSense rear park assist with stop, Blind-spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path detection.

Other standard features include Active Noise Cancellation, LED signature lighting, six-speaker audio system, SiriusXM satellite radio with 1-year trial, 17-inch aluminum wheels, ParkView rear backup camera and passive entry on all doors.

The Pacifica Hybrid Premium also includes as standard a 7-inch full color driver information display (DID), unique to the Pacifica Hybrid models. The customizable cluster’s display changes color to indicate whether the Pacifica Hybrid is operating in electric mode (teal) or hybrid mode (blue), while both the battery level and fuel level are always displayed. One of the available cluster displays is the “efficiency coach,” which guides owners to drive more efficiently and maximize the time spent in battery mode.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid enjoys the beach

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid enjoys the beach

Also standard on the Pacifica Hybrid Premium is the Uconnect 8.4 system, which includes an 8.4-inch touchscreen, available Uconnect Navigation and Uconnect Access connected services. The Pacifica Hybrid also includes the all-new Hybrid Electric Pages, providing owners with helpful vehicle information, including access to the vehicle’s charging schedule and a summary of miles driven in both electric and hybrid modes.

The all-new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Premium has a starting U.S. MSRP of $41,995 (plus $1,095 destination).

2017 Chryaler Pacifica Hybrid Interior

2017 Chryaler Pacifica Hybrid Interior

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Platinum

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Instrument Cluster

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Instrument Cluster

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Platinum builds on the Premium model, adding Nappa leather seats, ventilated first-row seats, heated two-tone steering wheel, 13-speaker Alpine premium sound system, 3-D navigation, handsfree sliding doors and liftgate and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Packed with content inside and out, the Pacifica Hybrid Platinum also includes the best-in-class Uconnect Theater rear seat entertainment system and KeySense programmable key fob to promote safe driving habits.

Additional safety content includes the Advanced SafetyTec Group with advanced brake assist, Forward Collison Warning-Plus, rain-sensitive windshield wipers, auto high-beam headlamp control, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Hold, LaneSense Lane Departure Warning-Plus, 360-degree Surround View camera, ParkSense Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist, and ParkSense front park assist and rear park assist with stop.

The available tri-pane panoramic sunroof adds to the feeling of spaciousness with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof over the front- and second-row seats and a fixed glass pane over the third row.

The all-new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Platinum has a U.S. MSRP of $44,995 (plus $1,095 destination).

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Wow, is this really by FCA? It’s pretty damn good and only $35K. Is this the longest AER minivan in the world at that price range (under $50K?)

Especially since its only about 3-4k more than the comparable gasoline model. Imagine Chevy selling a 16kWh Cruze LT plug in hybrid for around 26k…

Maybe, just maybe, Chrysler, and its really strange to say this, is the first OEM that thinks it makes more sense to sell it for a competitive price than to keep the $7,500 tax credit for themselves.

Add in Colorado Credit and your at $30k

Your welcome.

I have been calling dealerships for months. only one has had any information. I may not be the first in line, but I really want one.

Well, if fitting three across in my C-Max Energi doesn’t go so well at least I’ll have a good option.

Next question: will it be available in Pennsylvania?

Will be available nationwide.

slowly… most likely. the AR dealerships I have spoken to have not been given enough information or will not share that with me.

I’ve always been leery of Chrysler’s powertrains…but this is a really nice package at a decent price. Need some competition in this space. Kudos the FCA for taking the lead here.


Don’t forget that Chrysler was involved in the development of the original 2 mode transmission used in the Tahoe and Silverado trucks. Also as you know the gen 2 Volt uses an off shoot of that same design. Couple that with this nice battery from LG which seems to have the same advanced cooling system-bottom plate- and it could very well be a great power train.

At this price, this thing should fly off the dealer lot!

exactly. I think the price will attract more buyers. i paid over $40k for my Honda Odyssey < 2 years ago. i would love to pay $45k and still get the $7.5k tax credit.

Canadian pricing available? It’s built in Canada after all…

The Alex on Autos video estimated the hybrid mode fuel economy at 25 mpg combined. I wonder how they came up with that – it’s only 3 mpg above the non-hybrid Pacifica. I’ll be curious to see the EPA numbers.

Small mpg differences mean a lot at low numbers… and shows why mpg is a bad measure compared to inverting it like Tesla and the rest of the world does.

Replacing a 18mpg old minivan with a 25mpg car (this one) saves you how many gallons per 100 miles? 1.6 gallons/100miles.

Replacing a 50mpg old prius with a 130mpg new highly efficient save you how many gallons per 100 miles? 1.2 gallons/100 miles.

I read your post and thought “no way” so I did the math. Color me impressed, your numbers are spot on. I never thought about how the lower mpg numbers don’t need a big change to realize big savings when compared to higher mpg numbers.

Thanks for removing those scales from my eyes. 🙂

The real savings on these plugin hybrids with limited electric only driving come from driving them locally most of the time. A friend of mine with his 2013 Volt says he fills in gas maybe four times a year, most of the time the 30 mile range is enough. If you expressed that in MPG that would be insanely high 🙂

“just $5,900 more than the base stripped down LX.”

In states like California that have state incentives, that gap will be cut even further.

A motivated dealerships should be able to cover the rest of the price gap by putting in their own dealer discount out of their profit margin, and up-sell to base buyers too.

Frankly, the Base and Mid-level gas trims should have a hard time competing with the PHEV version in markets with state incentives and motivated dealerships.

Oh, and I think it has a vacuum built into the middle of the vehicle, where it is easy to vacuum the center seats where the kids drop their Cheerios.

Sorry. No vcacuum on the EV, just the gasser. The family dog will have to do the Cherrio cleaning

This ought to sell well here in CA. FCA needs something other than Jeeps and Ram pickups to depend upon for their survival. I hope this does just that.

With state and federal tax credits this could be an affordable people mover that gets good mileage.

This will beat the Mitsubishi PHEV Highlander to US dealer lots. Congratulations to Crysler for getting there first. With real EV range, the Pacifica should provide significant real world gas savings. Now, about that 25 mpg combined number, I wonder how they pulled that number out of the hat. I think real world soccer mom use would get up in the mid 30’s, without too much soft pedal acceleration and a/c, heater, adjustment.

Yeah.. but this is still a minivan. The Outlander is way cooler in the eyes of most people under 40.

Yeah, AWD and no AYSO gear stuffed in the back. Mitsubishi will have a player ,with the Highlander, when they actually show up for the consumer market game here in the US. The under 40 crowd has been patiently waiting now for more than a few years.

No, Vans are much cooler than SUV. Scooby Doo Mystery machine and The A Team are just couple of examples, not to mention Richard Feynman drove one, too.

With Chevy Astro van, you can do something like this, although not with Pacifica due to long hood. I wonder if there will be AstroEV.

I am almost 55 and still appreciate a good shape. In a car and my wife.

I guess you don’t have the soccer mom that we have around here.
They are really busy and pretty animated on the accelerator.

Does the destination charge mean this won’t qualify for Washington State sales tax exemption for vehicles with starting prices under $42,500? If so, that is a shame…

Anyone know the hybrid’s towing capacity? I read somewhere 3,600lbs, but not sure if that’s for the hybrid.

Hybrid is not intended for towing according to another review I saw.

Really? I wonder why.

Do you mean hybrids in general or this van? Van unable to tow 3500 lb is worthless to me.

Damn touchpad clicked too soon. I meant to add if it can’t tow that much, might as well get Tesla 3.

Glad to see it arrive. A Volt-like ‘Hold’ mode would have been nice, for those routinely going beyond battery range. It takes so little gas to do that job, plus warm up the battery so it can do its rather than heat a big cabin.

Honestly, if this had been a BMW X3/X5, Mazda CX5, Toyota Highlander, Volvo XC60, Audi Q5, or any number of other CUVs most folks on here would be stoked and declaring it the best PHEV ever…but…it’s a mini van.

YES! Give me the Volvo XC60 with similar powertrain specs at a similar price point differential vs the gas powered version and my wife would be driving one tomorrow.

The facts are that the reason why ICE minivans still exist, is because there is still a market for minivans.

It isn’t an either-or proposition. The market needs both PHEV minivans, and PHEV CUV’s. Every market niche needs a plug-in option.

As the chief of FiatChrysler at many occations stated, he hates electric cars and gives a s*** on environment/future transportation.

This model is only on the market, due to ZEV-Regulations. And with every one sold, Chrysler has to buy one ZEV-Credit less from Tesla, worth about 2.500$. See here:

Don’t buy FCA if you think, Tesla is one of the main reasons of the accelerated switch to electric vehicles and this should be supported!

Instead of “Chief of FiatCrysler” you probably meant Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne. I think Robert (Bob) Lee, head of engine, powertrain and electrified propulsion systems at FCA, would tend to differ on your “give a shit” reference that you attribute to his CEO. After all, Google chose this specific car for their self driving autonomous car project.

So, yeah steer clear of this FCA Pacifica PHEV, because of all of Tesla’s EV support will be for naught, if you don’t support the Tesla EV minivan. Oh, wait, how long till that promise gets actually delivered by the Elon and Company? Musk you make me wait Marchionne longer?

Sorry, I meant CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Fiat is maybe the worst automaker here in Europe, as the emmissions of their cars are much higher than even these of manipulated VWs. But in Italy it´s one of the most important companies and therefore the authorities don’t force them to comply with emission regulations.

If Tesla has a model that suits Your need, then yes by a Tesla instead. But the worst thing you can do if you don’t by a Tesla is bying the ICE version. Bying this Plugin-hybrid instead of the ICE version means the EV-powertrain part of the company grows stronger and will have more influence. And more People driving plugins will cause more use of charging facilities which again will give more attention to this and more charging infrastructure will be installed. Which is beneficial for both plugin-hybrids and BEVs (including Tesla).

And People start asking for bigger batteries and smaller engines which are only required to keep an average driving speed as all acceleration is done by EV-powertrain. And then People ask for even bigger batteries and fast charging possibilities instead of that maintenance requiring engine.

“And People start asking for bigger batteries and smaller engines which are only required to keep an average driving speed as all acceleration is done by EV-powertrain. And then People ask for even bigger batteries and fast charging possibilities instead of that maintenance requiring engine.”

I must admit as I read the article my first thought was; bigger battery and just range-extender ICE please! Not a big fan of FIAT but hats-off for a world-first.

That article is from 2008!

Great succinct review. That’s why this guy is so popular.

Roomy, and BIG with a decent 6600 watt charger and not too shabby 16 kwh battery, and just happens to have the largest storage of any minivan.

Way to go FCA !!

If they can make the thing reliable then they have a winner…..

The price is fantastic, effectively cheaper than the gas model. FCA should sell boatloads of these if they are reliable.

“FCA should sell boatloads of these if they are reliable.”… And if they cna get LG to supply them with enough batteries.

That aside, I’m impressed. The single criticism I have is that there’s no explicit “EV mode” or “hold SoC” — and I suspect that’s because they were afraid it would confuse the soccer moms/dads, not because it would have been complicated or expensive to add.

I particularly like how the dealt with battery placement. No effect on rear cargo room, and weight distribution is very similar. The fact that you can take out the mid-row seats gives you the same cargo volume that folding them into the floor would have done (although it’s obviously less convenient given their weight it’s just the right kind of compromise.)

Well done Chrysler.

This minivan is in a class all it’s own. Now all it needs is inductive charging. Plugless Power?

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Chrysler should be saying to the rest of the segment– how you like them apples?

Nice. If the Bolt doesn’t fit the family needs; the Pacifica will be a nice addition

I want one!

But I don’t trust it. I think i will wait a year and see how reliable it is.

Reliability is a giant question mark for me as well for this car.

Chryslers in general are bad, and they don’t exactly have a long history of building hybrids either.

I think FCA electrified powertrain is out of stealth mode now. 🙂

Will they rebadge it a Lancia and bring it to Europe, too? Especially in Middle and Northern Europe I would guess it could sell well in its segment and it is a unique offer.

I definitely want one, and would have bought one at full price on day one. But unfortunately we were forced to replace our old minivan about six months ago and won’t be in the market again for at least two more years, probably longer.

The new Pacificas are fantastic vans, and I expect the plug in to be even better. I wasn’t even able to wait for that and ended up with a 2016 T&C, which itself far better than I expected from FCA.

Three vehicles I’ll always have in my household and can hardly wait to have electrified are a minivan, a pickup truck, and a convertible.

would not hesitate to buy another t&c. Chrysler is not Fiat,,despite FCA.

Uh, just learned there is no AWD version of the Pacifica because they anticipate low demand of that feature, and because unlike Tesla Model S and X, having AWD does not increase but decrease range.

Would already have a hybrid on order, except for lack of AWD. Hopefully coming.

I will take one in Blue, please.