Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Named Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year

JUL 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid remains the top choice of the Northwest Automotive Press Association.

The plug-in hybrid minivan from FCA won for the second consecutive year the Northwest Family-sized Plug-in Hybrid of the Year, and additionally the Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid features a tight instrumentation package

“NWAPA members gathered at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site to drive 19 vehicles, including battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and full hybrids. After a full day of testing through the streets of Vancouver, Washington, NWAPA journalists named the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid as the Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year. The Pacifica Hybrid, which also won the award as the Best Family-sized Plug-in Hybrid by a landslide, was named the overall winner for its combination of fuel-efficiency, ample cabin space, user-friendly amenities and value.”

Sarah Shelton, Drive Revolution Chair of U.S. News & World Report said:

“The Pacifica Hybrid’s 84 MPGe and 33 miles of all-electric range saves you hundreds in fuel costs each year over the average new minivan or SUV. But what’s particularly remarkable is that you can achieve this fuel economy while also carrying a family of seven in the front and a suitcase for everyone in the back. This, along with a notable amount of standard equipment, makes the Pacifica Hybrid a truly family-friendly vehicle.”

The Chrysler Pacifica apparently was the most awarded minivan of 2016 and 2017 and the plug-in hybrid version (called Hybrid) is one of the most interesting PHEVs on the market.

Sales so far average only several hundred a month and 5% of total Pacifica sales.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid sales in U.S. – May 2018

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With dealer incentives, state sales tax incentive, and federal incentive, mine is basically ~$32k. Putting it close to the same trim of the ICE version. Why wouldn’t people buy the Hybrid version?

My wife and I are thinking about it, but to get the safety features it gets comically expensive. PA+Feds will give us $9250 off; Chrysler right now is only offering a little more than $1000 off. So even if we get the whole federal credit it’s still a $40,000 vehicle.

Comically expensive is the correct term.

Those features just were not worth it to me. So we got one of the more basic trims without those options. It has blind spot alerts, a backup camera, and automatic reverse braking, and cross-traffic alerts. I’ll wait for the rest of that stuff to be more standard and proven.

Last time I looked, it was actually cheaper than the respective ICE trims just based on the Federal credit alone. Any state and local incentives are icing on that cake.

Don’t forget to calculate 66% off your fuel cost for the life of the car. That’s a substantial savings, it could even pay for the car.

But we already have a C-Max Energi. Fuel costs should be very similar.

I got the top trim for the Hybrid but Chrysler doesn’t offer any discounts on the Hybrids so its all govt incentive. But the thing saves gas majorly. We had a Honda Odyssey before and spent $60-$80 a week on gas – we have used a quarter tank since the end of April! Only thing with the car is it is a new model so Chrysler has bugs to work out so you are being an early adopter for FCA electric – things like scheduled charging, etc can be glitchy

After about a month of ownership we are still loving it. right now averaging about 60mpg and ~80% Electric miles. We did a camping trip to a national forest (about 180miles round trip) where we did not have charging available at the campground, so the first 34 miles was on electric, and pretty much the rest was in hybrid mode and up some mountain roads. We did a get a little charge up at free charger at a local nearby town park, but it was really slow, and we pretty much used up the range we got back going up a steep hill back to the campground. We had the van pretty well loaded up and had a large Canoe on the roof. I was impressed we still got ~30 miles electric on the highway.

I would for it to have about double the all-electric range (winter range is likely to alot lower?), but know that would likely add too much cost to the vehicle, at this point.

I rented the 2017 Pacifica on Turo. The minivan broke down on the first day. Rented the Kia Sorento and finished our week long trip.

One thing I didn’t like was the second row seats being too low to the ground and not slidable.

Convinced my mom to get one for her business. Cut her fuel costs in half, and the CARB/Edison rebates and tax incentives are a no brainer.

I will buy it if the pure electric range can be increased to 60 miles.

And the price doesn’t increase!

Take a note GM. Where’s your Voltec minivan?