Chromed Out Tesla Model S Looks…Different


Chrome Tesla Model S

Chrome Tesla Model S

Chrome Tesla Model S

Chrome Tesla Model S

This Office-K Tesla Model S with Forgiato wheels is a perfect exampled of a um…special Model S.

The mirror-like chrome wrap certainly grabs your attention, but perhaps not for the right reasons.

As MotorWard states:

“If we look past that fairly ghastly wrap though we notice the new Office-K Tesla Model S also boasts a body kit. It’s an Artisan Spirit kit and even though it’s kind of hard to judge its merits while fighting the reflectiveness of that wrap, it seems to be a pretty decent styling kit for this car as it makes it sportier and gives it a bolder presence.”

We are certainly not fans of the full chrome treatment look on the S…it would not be something we would drive around town, but we do know there are some chrome fans out there, so perhaps we’re too cynical?

More images at source link below.

Source: MotorWard


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How to make your ~$95,000 car look like a cheap plastic toy.



Worst: it is a nightmare to drive close enough to such thing in sunny daylight…

I’m not a fan of the chrome -or chrome in general- but I do think it does a good job of accentuating the cars lines. and I am also digging the body kit.

Should have used a mirror tint on the glass and lights as well.

Imagine encountering that on a bright sunny day, it will blind and melt everything around it.

Well, ooookay then.?

Perhaps it keeps the interior temps lower also, how eco-friendly!

I think it’s cool precisely because it’s so in your face and because so many people will react with usual small minded “who do you think you are” knee-jerking. Provocateur!

Well with the sun reflecting off that bad boy, it’ll definitely be “in your face”!?

In the hot sun you could fry an egg on the frunk.

Here’s a blue-chrome Tesla.

Recall all of the rainbow-wrapped Tesla at the pride parade

Now that I’ve seen it, I hope to never see it again.