Chrome Red BMW i8 – Video


Claimed to be the only chrome red BMW i8 in the world, this plug-in is on display at BMW Park Lane in London where it’s listed at £103,785.00 ($154,556.62 U.S.).

Chrome has never been to our liking, but the flashy i8 seems to wear it quite well.

Chrome Red BMW i8

Chrome Red BMW i8

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11 responses to "Chrome Red BMW i8 – Video"
  1. evcarnut says:

    A PIG IN A TUXEDO WILL ALWAYS BE A PIG! It’s gotta be “EV ……& you gotta get the “UGLY” 0ut…..

    1. John says:

      PHEV’s are a gateway drug.
      Just wait, and calm down in the meantime.

  2. Alaa says:

    For that kind of money I would feed a small country in Africa or buy a few Tesla 70D.

    1. Big Solar says:


  3. Skryll says:

    Lol I first thought it was totaled and only after reading the text and looking at the picture a few more times i realized it’s just the reflections that make it look so messed up…

    1. Disappointed says:

      What You experiened was a peek behind the curtain,,,, BMW’s Marketing/Advertising Philosphy

      Smoke And Mirrors

  4. Red HHR says:

    Nice Red, finally made a BMW look good.

  5. Ambulator says:

    The pigment used in chrome red contains lead. Disposing of it would be expensive.

    If it doesn’t contain lead, it isn’t chrome red. That makes it false advertising.

    1. Unplugged says:

      Actually, it doesn’t appear to be paint at all. It looks like the mylar film applied to so many cars, just like Justin Bieber’s chrome Fisker.

      The reason I doubt it is paint is because of the total lack of reflection in the covering. It looks like giant orange peel.

      1. Unplugged says:

        Never mind, I was right, it is mylar. It says that it is a wrap right on the sticker, as seen in the video.

  6. Phr3d says:

    the conversation in the background gave me an eerie Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ deja, lol.