Christmas Special EV Round-Up Specatular With Fully Charged – video

DEC 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 4

Fully Charged has released a festive round-up, giga-episode for the Holiday Season!

Host Robert takes us through a quick look at the various topics of 2016 – with electric cars, bikes, solar and wind energy as well as energy storage systems.

Christmas Special Fully Charged

Christmas Special Fully Charged

The even better news ahead of us, is that for 2017 Fully Charged intends to continue to post at least one show every week.

“A roundup, look back, and some mild, low level predictions but mostly a big thank you for supporting and watching Fully Charged.
Merry Christmas, happy new year and here’s to a wonderful, sustainable, equitable 2017.”

Hat tip to Guy!

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I love his enthusiasm and what he does for the general public to get to know EVs but there is so many things factually wrong in his videos it’s almost scary.

But with so many people in the other camp lying or being ignorant I guess it’s fair to have him on in this camp balancing on the outher edge of the truth.

I’ve never noticed any noteworthy factual errors

And what do you make of that?

(The impression you give is that your implicit assumption is “therefore, a lot of mistakes are unlikely”.)

But I think he is pretty good. 😉

The worst is Autogefühl, which routinely make the kind of mistakes that demonstrate complete failure to understand the fundamentals – confusing physical quantities, resulting in talk not one bit less stupid than if someone spoke of fossil cars and said the tank can hold fifteen minutes and the range is 107 miles per hour…

Great show. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. It’s too bad he supports Toyota wasting their time on Hydrogen for passenger vehicles…

The Brexit / Trump bit was hysterical. 😀