Chris Harris DRIVEs The BMW i8 – Video


Chris Harris DRIVEs BMW i8

Chris Harris DRIVEs BMW i8

“Chris Harris takes a 24 hour trip to Los Angeles to drive the new BMW i8. He hated the flight, but the i8 left a positive impression on the team.”

Says DRIVE of Chris Harris’ test drive review of the BMW i8.

Harris, a gearhead, is definitely impressed by the BMW i8.

It seems nearly all who’ve driven the BMW i8 come away with the impression that BMW created a game-changer, not in terms of its ability to operate on battery:

“Capable of 23 miles all electric before the 3-cylinder turbocharged motor kicks…”

But for the way in which it combines performance, efficiency and light weight into a single package.

Some even believe that the i8’s use of carbon fiber is so revolutionary that the rest of the automotive world will soon follow BMW’s lead.

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I guess Double-Double Animal Style is world famous.

I just can’t get interested in a $134K niche vehicle. Well, at least it has SOME electric-only range.

Yeah, it’s essentially a vehicular trophy wife. Meh.

And it has a tailpipe, so double meh.


Well played.

I would be excited if someone transplanted the body onto a tesla Model S chassis / drivetrain / batterypack…

Yes, it is a sexy looking car. That said, I don’t care for the 3-cylinder PHEV thing.

Kinda like the Fisker . . . nice looks but meh drivetrain. (Well, the BMW drivetrain is MUCH better than Fisker’s but it is still too much ICE.)

23 miles electric, lol! It’s a sad “greenwashing” from BMW. I want full electric cars like Tesla, Leaf, i3 and so on. Volt and Mitsu Outlander PHEV electric range is ok for people only having on car at home and who must drive longer. For me only fully electric is intesting.

I wouldn’t mind this car at all. The fact is I could drive to work everyday (12 miles round trip) on 100% electric. It’s better range than a plug in Prius on electricity. And it will be interesting to see what the Maroney sticker says. If this thing will get 40mpg plus on gas… Thats better than the Volt, close to the Prius. And the fact that you could easily make a 300 mile trip without charging worries, or go 150mph when you want, give you something the Tesla can’t touch. If you think about it… There is no other car out there that can get in the neighborhood of 40mpg on petrol and still pull a sub 4 second 0-60 time. Can you name one? Considering BMW also made the most efficient EV sold in America with 138mpge city (i3), you have to give them credit. These criticisms are pretty stupid. For the last week I have been driving a 700+ Hp 2014 M5, and I must say, BMW puts together a nice sports Sedan too. The interior and features of the BMW are world’s ahead of the Tesla. From the quad LED headlights to collision avoidance, color HUD,… Read more »

An all electric version would be more impressive.

Well, i8 is nice.

AWD, light weight for handling.

But needs some major improvment.

EV mode performance is slower than the Volt. EV mode is shorter than the Volt and it cost way too much….