Choosing The Perfect Yellow For New York’s Taxi Of Tomorrow, the Nissan NV200 (Video)

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Designers Took One Year To Choose This Color

Nissan’s NV200, which gives clues about the upcoming e-NV200 was chosen as New York’s “Taxi Of Tomorrow,” and will be transporting New Yorker’s around town very shortly.  However,  according to Nissan, it was harder to paint the van yellow than it was to win the bid to build New York’s “iconic new taxi.”

In reality, they didn’t want to paint it yellow at all.

“We actually started first to check and see if there was a chance to change from yellow to something else,” said Francois Farion, senior manager of color and design for Nissan. “Yellow is a very difficult color because it is very vivid. The pigment is actually pretty expensive compared with silver.”

That reasoning seems logical, but we also believe they really didn’t want to paint their 2nd mass produced electric vehicle canary yellow; as yellow is not a big selling color for vans these days…maybe Ferraris or Corvettes.  Nissan says they would have rather have painted the taxis purple or green.

Sometimes People Have Too Much Idle Time On Their Hands

Nissan says that actually pinning down a specific yellow, with inspiration taken from “unlikely places such as grocery stores and hardware aisles,” took the company about a year before arriving at the color you see today.

“You have all of these yellows currently on New York taxis,” said Farion, “We wanted to make it look slightly lighter and slightly fresher.”

Mission successful?

The NYC taxi’s sister van, the  e-NV200 has recently been confirmed for production out of Spain for early in 2013, and should arrive in dealerships by the fall, with pricing for the commercial one row business model to start around $35,000.  There is also a 2 row combi and a 2 row/5 seat passenger version.  The vans come equipped with DC fast charging.

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Oh, cry me a river. Half of those “yellows” are actually orange.

The taxi & limo commission will paint the vans themselves if they need to. There is a very good reason why a taxi cab is yellow, it needs to be visible and distinguishable in the urban jungle.

Was that the most notable design and build challenge that Nissan faced when making the e-NV200 ready to be a taxi cab in NYC? Have they made sure the suspension will hold? How about the bumpers and the interior? They do have a bunch of Altima Hybrids in service, how are they doing?

The “Taxi Of the Future” is not the e-NV200 it is just the gas NV200. Nissan is not ready or deploying any e-NV200s yet with the taxi setup. I think it would be great to have the e-NV200s with a network of fast chargers, however this story needs to be edited, this is about the NV200 not the e-NV200. The video is purely about the NV200’s color, it never mentions the e-NV200 variant.