Chinese Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market Increased Just 7% In April


Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – April 2017

The Chinese plug-in electric vehicle market has yet to fully recover from a disastrous start to 2017, but managed to improve EV sales by 7.9% over a year ago, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

And while a 7.9% growth rate might be acceptable for some countries, China is/was looking for 800,000 total plug-in sales this year – so at this point, they need much, much larger gains.

Sales in April amounted to 34,361, bringing the cumulative total to 90,402 after the first four months; a number which is basically on par with 2016 when ultiamtely ~507,000 PEVs (including commercial vehicles and buses) were sold.

The bulk of April’s sales comes via all-electric vehicles: 28,570 in April (up 19%) and 72,895 YTD (up 9.7%), while plug-in hybrids fell by 27% to 5,791 and 17,507 YTD (down 27%).

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – April 2017

source: Automotive News China

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As I said in April, there is Absolutely No Way Tesla sold 60% of its “claimed” (quote, sources said) amount of Model S and X in March to non-US customers. They probably went to some partner / investors intl warehouse. Guaranteed the same sort of voodoo Acctg economics happens again next month. Unless you believe in “alternate realities”, like No Climate Change and DJT, there is no other truth here.
If not, as Inside EVs has mentioned, Tesla can lay out its customer registration deliveries by region or country.

The 2 companies that did Voodoo was
Fiat: Tweaked the numbers slightly and was caught.
VW: Cheated on caught on Dieselgate.

If Tesla has done anything wrong, they would have been caught by now.

They did not and there is proof for that.
Soon they may start publishing their sales on monthly basis.

Fiat and VW yes. Tesla is no angel, let’s be real (total disregard for first autopilot Chinese facility into road barrier at full speed, hubris refusal to rename Autopilot despite insistence of govt, CFO resignation etc etc etc). Their constant need for endless cash burn is the reality, so if it weren’t for Elon musk tech friends and Tencent, they would be toast. But all that matters for stock price is innovation, not profits.
There is Zero accountability and transparency as to where the end of quarter Model S and X go intl, at least insideEVs vouches for US, so the voodoo is definitely Intl. Tesla won’t answer for themselves, just like DJT.

You’re nuts, you know that right?

Not addressing all the facts in my statement, and nor the mystery of Tesla lack of intl sales registration delivery transparency is the Nuts (see no evil, hear no evil, Esp Speak No Evil) part of not finding the truth.
I guess less educated people think Uber, Google, Facebook are angels as well.

Increase in electric vehicle sales is a good sign and leads to more battery usage and less gas usage.

They are just readjusting their credits/subsidies and will come back to the full mode as more vehicles are rolled out.

Eventually Beijing will have to decide if it’s serious or not. It wants to be feared as a dictatorship, then it has to enforce its will for or against EVs. Otherwise it loses face for putting out figures and falling far short.

Maybe it’s time to forbid any new foreign automotive partnerships unless they are strictly for EV production. Especially if the foreigners are from the country that just torpedoed its own climate change mitigation commitments.

The 20% cut in EV subsidies clearly had an effect. It backs up Edmond’s claim that as US subsidies end for US EV’s demand will also slacken. As Edmunds noted this would affect expensive cars like the Tesla less than more working class PHEV’s like Chevy, Nissan, Ford and Toyota.

All especially true as gasoline prices in China $3.74 a gallon are similar to US.

Both countries need to raise gasoline prices via taxes to $6/gal range AND increase subsidies to get EV sales up. As for China wanting to be “feared dictatorship”, they don’t which is why gasoline is cheap despite having the same economic and national security issue as US with imported oil.

Interesting that neither a dictatorship nor a democracy can rationally address the issue of oil use by promoting EV’s via tax penalties and incentives.

Wake up people, stop drinking the BS.
You really are as gullible as DJT poorly educated electorate. Try sticking yr head into the world a bit, and stop thinking everything resolves around your pea-sized USA First mentality.