Chinese Website Operator To Manufacture Electric Cars That Are “Better Than” Tesla


Better Than Tesla...We Think Not

Better Than Tesla…We Think Not

These days, even a website operator thinks it can apparently manufacture electric cars that are “better than” Tesla.

Per Bloomberg:

“A Chinese video website operator is applying for a license to produce electric vehicles in the world’s largest auto market, as the government prepares a policy to open auto manufacturing to non-carmakers.”

The video website operator is Leshi Internet Information & Technology (link to website). Leshi claims to have spent “the past year developing an EV with the ambition of helping China upend traditional auto industry leaders like the U.S., Europe, Japan and South Korea while cutting pollution.”

So, it only takes one year to develop an EV?

Leshi president Jia Yueting told Bloomberg:

“This is our dream and passion.  Look at China’s skies, all responsible corporate citizens want to do something about it. This is the truth.”

The real reason Leshi is attempting to enter the electric vehicle space is linked to recent government developments (massive subsidies) that encourage local manufacturing of electric cars.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Leshi’s president Jia claims that “better than” Tesla is the target:

“We don’t only want to challenge Tesla, we will do better than them.”

Jia adds that Leshi will “redefine the auto industry.”

Bold statements from a company that has not previously dabbled in the automotive industry.

We appreciate the ambition and drive and wish Leshi luck, but “better than” Tesla is an unachievable goal for the company at this point in time.

Source: Bloomberg

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What is the big deal. If they want to make a better car then let them do it. I think it is a good thing for Tesla. You make it sound as if it is impossible to improve! Well if we reach that stage then by definition it is the end of the world. We will always be able to improve on what we did, there is nothing wrong with that.

i guess they can just copy tesla (open patents) and then add a free breath mint on the seat and it will be slightly better.

A few years ago, Tesla was formed by a payment software developer, and nobody thought he could make decent cars either. Let’s see what develops.

China qualiity can’t be compared with US standars, I’ve been in South America in countries were BYD has dealers “ICE cars” and the quality is really low, unreliable cars, in fact brands like Chevrolet, Renault and Japanise cars are well positioned in their markets. China still long way to go to compete in the first world with technology.


+1. Yes China is well know for producing junk.
Crappy adulterated products, baby formula anyone?

Your iPhone is produced in China, ffbj. And a whole lot of other top drawer gear.

Sheesh. Talk about tarring your own reputation with a broad brush…

There are good companies, bad companies and criminals everywhere. Quality doesn’t know about borders. It’s in the hands of the individual and the organization.

Yeah that was probably a bit too much. Point being that while there are good and bad companies everywhere the Chinese have taken it to a level heretofore unseen, except perhaps in the heyday of the Robber Barons here in the U.S. as regards disregard for public safety, and absolute focus on profits with little or no concern for ethical behavior. In essence their reverse engineering and thievery are the basis for their technological revolution, along with a low paid workforce. This extends to both the public and private sectors.

No, it was -not- too much. Chinese industry has an entrenched attitude that it’s okay to cheat the buyer whenever possible; that patents and copyright don’t matter, and that it’s up to the buyer to check every single thing shipped to them individually to see if it’s what was paid for, and not a cheap knockoff or even a dummy product. It’s a situation of “caveat emptor” on steroids. Obviously Apple has a lot of people doing a great deal of quality checking before they accept and pay for a shipment; that probably happens at the component level for Apple products, not just for the finished products. Now, I do agree that this does not make it -impossible- for a high-quality BEV to be made in China. But the situation where, for example, an auto maker can’t trust many or most of his parts and subassembly suppliers to make parts with a consistent quality, certainly does make it more challenging than it is in, say, Japan or South Korea. The time will no doubt come, eventually, when Chinese industry will start acting like there is such a thing as business ethics, and stop acting like making a profit is a… Read more »


What’s with the disparaging tone of this article?

Give it your best shot, Jia and Leshi!

Um, no, Tesla Motors was not “formed” by Elon Musk. It was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Elon Musk was invited to be the major investor, and (for better or worse) wound up kicking out Eberhard and Tarpenning, and running the company himself. But credit where it’s due: Musk has mostly adhered to the original vision of Eberhard and Tarpenning, in the direction he’s taking the company.

Talk is cheap. I’m tired of all these auto manufacturers saying that they are GOING to make a car better than Tesla. Just do it. Meanwhile keep it to yourselves.

Hyperbole is quite normal in the Chinese business culture. You have to put your anti-hyperbole filter on it to get the full picture.

I don’t know about these guys, but one thing is clear: There is a big push in China for electrification, and it is backed by the government. There will be many manufacturers coming out of the woodwork with BEVs. The first ones will be crap quality, but over time they will improve to eventually become competitive. Same thing happened with Japanese and Korean auto manufacturers in the past. Basic industrial evolution…

If he has a thick his Chinese accent, and being in the entertainment industry, many people may have suspected thought he was talking about the alt rock back “Better Than Ezra”.

(i kid… i kid 🙂 )

Talk about crappy English. That should have been: If he has a thick Chinese accent, and being in the entertainment industry, many people may have suspected he was talking about the alt rock back “Better Than Ezra”.

Odd, in that I thought they were a rock band.

Going back and reading Tesla’s decade-old long-term plan for EV’s, this is exactly what Tesla wanted to happen.

One of the original goals of Tesla was to prove what electric cars could do (if built right) and set a target for others to follow.

So far, none of the major car makers have really even tried to sell a pure-EV to compete with Tesla at their level.

Elon has always said his goal is more EV’s, not just more Tesla’s. So the more the merrier. I hope they succeed.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out, and which end of the “fantastic” to “craptacular” scale it’s closest to by the time the first one ships. (Note that I’m NOT saying it will be a bad car, nor am I saying it will be good. I’m genuinely interested to see how this develops.)

My guess is that unless the people involved have a fair amount of experience in automotive engineering and design, or they can hire some excellent people in those areas, then they’re in for a rude awakening when they find out how much more there is to creating a mass market EV from the wheel patches up than speccing out a battery and electric motor and choosing paint colors. Many parts of EVs still have to play by the same rules as any other car for driving dynamics, braking performance, etc. E.g. suspensions are, for the most part, a black art for all but very experienced engineers.

It’s all words, until you have a tangible product to sell… 😉

+1 Anon
…and just using Tesla’s name to get publicity about it.

As has been said more than once in comments already: If they can do it, then by all means they should. But talk is cheap.

The last attempt to market a Chinese make BEV in the USA — the Coda sedan — did not go so well, and nobody in their right mind would claim that car was as good as a Tesla — let alone better!

Now, that’s not to say that China will never be able to produce a high quality car. “Never” is a long time. But the quality standards, and safety standards, in that market are currently much lower than they are for Europe and America.

So they have a long uphill battle to challenge the build quality of even a company like Hyundai or Kia — let alone the company that makes the best-reviewed car of all time — the Tesla Model S!

Congratulations Tesla!!!

You have set the standard that all other electric car companies try to aspire to.

I’m from China.
LETV is just a joke, forget it.
The only one which maybe will be better than Tesla is BYD