Chinese Reactions To Insane Tesla Model S P85D Launch – Video


Straight from China, we present this video featuring reactions to the Tesla Model S P85D’s “Insane” launch.

It seems this level of acceleration brings forth the same reactions regardless of where the P85D is being driven.

Launch Time

Launch Time

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I wonder what the Chinese translation is for “Insane Mode”?

a little symbol that looks like Don Kings hair.

I’d really love to see a translation of what they’re saying.

This may make Chinese buyers actually want to drive their own cars, instead of sitting in the back seat…

Chinese bandwidth would need an insane mode…

Sigh. Yet more Model S acceleration videos. Aren’t you lot getting bored of it already?

I love model s acceleration videos, especially agaInst ices. I imagine owning one and being in a better car with more power, yet more efficient than most other cars.

And I am getting bored of them…

The grander view is this: it sells cars. It shows a culture who have bureaucratic and xenophobic buying practices, what EVs should aspire to. Tesla has to fight tooth and claw against many native EV makers, to make a sale. So I’m elated to see other parts of the world experience “Insane Mode”, for their first time. And seeing the Chinese buy American products, warms my heart…

OK but around where I live (central Europe), one can still reasonably expect to average 75 mph on long distance driving (that means to drive at around 85-90 mph at all time) without collecting unaffordable speed tickets. So I will wait to have more strictly enforced lower speed limits before considering a Tesla, insane mode or not. I hope it will not come to soon as I remember being dead bored on US highways driving at 65 mph on straight empty highways (a waste of one’s time). Until then my old $15K TDI will do a better job at it than any $100K P85D Tesla, insane mode or not (my old $15K TDI, woul just wait a few miles, catch up with the shiny thing and be in front for the remaining 495 miles).

Well we are all wasting time. For example reading and responding to your comment.

Geez…cool down a bit & do not take it badly, it is just the perception of the vast vast majority of non EV cars owners thus a problem that needs to be addressed on our way to a cleaner world I am trying to emphasize here. As I said, time is working for EV’s as we will soon also have 55-65 mph speed limits, thus also boring ourselves while driving on highways. Then I will be glad to drive an EV for all the good reasons (simplicity, emissions free, economy etc etc…). And why not, I could perhaps even have fun for the first 3 seconds of the trip (up to 60 mph) in a P85D.