China, Japan Support Unified CEC-CHAdeMO Ultra-Fast Charge Standard

NOV 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

CHAdeMO and Chinese GB/T will be harmonized into a single standard

China and Japan strongly support its DC fast charging standards (respectively GB/T and CHAdeMO) and gives the green light to the joint development of a next-gen ultra-fast charging standard by China Electricity Council (CEC) and CHAdeMO Association.

The idea to develop a new global standard with backward compatibility to older CHAdeMO and GB/T cars was announced this summer.

It’s a very important move for both standards, as the new unified standard will probably have higher output.

CHAdeMO is currently seriously supported only by Nissan and Mitsubishi. Having Chinese manufacturers on-board would be a strong wind in the sails.

For Chinese manufacturers, the new standard opens a way to enter outside markets with the same charging standard as in China (currently GB/T existed only in China). That will be handy when domestic manufacturers finally begin expansion outside of China.

From the press release:

“Both Chinese and Japanese government leaders commit to provide support to the joint development of next-gen ultra-fast charging standard by CEC and CHAdeMO and its roll-out to 3rd countries

On October 26th, CHAdeMO participated, together with China Electricity Council (CEC), in the Japan-China Forum on Third Country Business Cooperation held in at the Great Hall of the People (rén mín dà huì táng) at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

The CHAdeMO-CEC collaboration was mentioned as a best practice of the bilateral collaboration in the plenary, in front of over 1,000 government officials and business leaders from both countries, with the presence of Chinese and Japanese Prime Ministers Li Keqiang and Shinzo Abe.

CHAdeMO’s Representative Board Member, Takafumi Anegawa presented the high-level overview and the objectives of the Agreement between CHAdeMO and CEC, which was incorporated in the official framework of Business Cooperation in Third Countries between the two countries.

With strong support by both governments, further acceleration of this joint activity and roll-out of its outcome to third countries are expected.”

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10 Comments on "China, Japan Support Unified CEC-CHAdeMO Ultra-Fast Charge Standard"

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They were working on new variants anyway, for higher charging power. Thus developing a common successor, instead of two different ones individually, indeed does reduce the number of different standards we will see in the future…

What’s wrong with improving the current ones? – Just upgrade them with two/four additional DC contacts. This does support backward compatibility – AC charging using the Type 1 and Type 2 connector and DC fast.

Neither the current Japanese nor Chinese fast charging standards are based on Type 1 or Type 2. Though if they were (like CCS), adding further extra pins would be an even less viable proposition…

Or in other words, the LEAF isn’t going to CCS anytime soon…

It’s like VHS vs Betamax.

And do you even know who won that in the end ?
Beta. Betamax became Beta SP which then became DigiBeta the single most successful, most used, longest time dominating the industry, professional broadcast tape format in TV broadcasting history.

This means there will be 3 standards now : Tesla supercharger, CCS (Europe and North America) and China/Japan “GB/T/Chademo-2” or however this will be named.
I was hoping for a slow discontinuation of Chademo into CCS, leaving only 2 standards.

I’m amused by the ‘backward compatibility’… I’d think that could only be offered by having 2 jacks on each new car – but you have to do that with Chademo anyway, so perhaps that is also ok with them.

CCS is NOT one standard. CHAdeMO is a single global standard and backwards compatible.