Chinese Copycat Electric Cars – Video


It’s immediately obvious that these Chinese knockoffs are worlds apart from the electric cars that they’re tying to copy, but still it’s hard to imagine that this is considered legal somehow.

At Least The Chinese Version Is Electric

At Least The Chinese Version Is Electric

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I absolutely hate youtube videos that are nothing but a slide show of still photos, usually with some horrible music in the background. I’d rather just see the still photos on a HTML document I can view in my browser.

100% agree with this


With you there!

Yea, these will go nowhere. It reminds me of Chinese knock-off tools. Who would buy Chinese junk tools when they can buy expensive American ones instead?

Or Chinese copycat electronics. What a joke, those will never take off.

Or cheap Chinese knock off clothes. Who would wear those, at less than half the price of US made clothing?

/sarc (obviously)

Seriously though, we make jokes now, while China quietly and steadily grows to own the EV/PHEV market while so many US/Japan/EU car companies drag their feet and lobby against EV/PHEV laws. We can’t say we haven’t seen it all before, or that we aren’t smart enough to learn from the past.

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