China’s Prime Minister Calls For Massive Roll-Out of EVs


Most EVs From China End Up in Fleets

Most EVs From China End Up in Fleets

With China finally squaring away all the details of its EV incentive program (up to $17,000 per EV purchase) and committing to an extension of the incentive program to beyond 2015, now comes word from China’s Prime Minister that the government is going to begin a massive push to get EVs on the roads.

BYD 40-foot Pure-Electric Transit Bus

BYD 40-foot Pure-Electric Transit Bus

China has made similar statement in the past, but it seems that the Prime Minister is serious this time.

As RTCC reports , Premier Li Keqiang publicly stated:

“New energy vehicles, especially buses, can help to improve urban pollution and noise problems in cities; everyone should use it. The government should play an exemplary role. In the face of growing environmental pollution, we have to face these problems.”

By everyone, Li Keqiang means everyone.  Government.  Public and private fleets.  Individuals.  And so on.  The only major issue is China’s lack of public charging stations.  The lacking infrastructure has been, and still remains, a hindrance to EV adoption in China.

Source: RTCC

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Here in Shenzhen there are dozens charging station for bus , and more are under construction. Any individual can ask the install of a charging point at his home for free. Problems are not coming from the lack of infrastructures but from a mix of constrains including scarse information about EV in the decision makers , no interest of the car and bus maker in promote their electric vehicles as they prefere to sell IC bus and cars in which they have more profict and lower investment.
I really wish that this time the words of the Premier will shake the the mafia style system that has block the development of the EV in China up to now.

wow. First hand view. Thx for the input from China.

I guess this is perfect timing for Tesla then. 17K would be a big help.

Hi George,
the 17K USD is only for China made EV and not for the imported one. It will be good for Tesla when they will open their China factory, that i wish it will be at the soonest.

We here in America have a similar problem in adopting a modern progressive technology, it’s our extreme right in politics. These forces always prefer the easy and most profitable, therefore a short sided view. I found that leading by example is a good way to communicate your preference for a better way. We first installed solar panels and our neighbors took notice. Next we will choose an appropriate EV for our needs and talk highly of it when asked. The grass roots method helps…good luck in China, we can use some here too!

If you get a Leaf you will get more comments as the car stands out.

I live in a conservative community and I never have had anyone say anything negative about my Volt…………but most people don’t even notice it because it looks like a Malibu or an Impala (in their eyes not mine). The Volt is a great car. Too bad GM is too stupid to realize it.

i wish that EV’S were the answer for China – but congestion is also a terrible problem that EV’s will do nothing to alleviate. So China have to make sure that bicycling and bus transit continues to grow in their country.

It is the same issue in California – if there were 1 million tesla’s in Los Angeles – it would still be clogged full of traffic. It would be cleaner and quieter – but still just as bad. In fact congestion would be worse because driving an EV is cheaper and more virtuous…