China’s NextEV To Take Aim At Tesla

SEP 8 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

NextEV TCR Formula E 001

NextEV TCR Formula E 001

These days, nearly weekly, major media outlets describe all-new companies in China, backed by billionaires, that intend to bring on the market high-performance electric cars.

The latest one is China’s NextEV Co. We are not sure whether there is any relation to the Chinese NextEV TCR Formula E Team.

Anyways, NextEV has ambitions, money and is hiring hundreds of staff to become a global automaker.

“A group of deep-pocketed China-based internet entrepreneurs and financial investors, including Tencent and Hillhouse Capital, is backing an effort to create NextEV, a new rival to U.S. electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc.”

In charge of NextEV stands Martin Leach, ex-Ford COO at Ford of Europe. Other employees come from Tesla, BMW and Volkswagen.

“Among NextEV’s hires are Danilo Teobaldi, the former chief of vehicle concepts at Italdesign Giugiaro; Juho Suh, a former senior designer at BMW, and John Thomas, a former senior program director at Tesla, according to their Linkedin profiles.”

“Thomas, who also worked as an engineer at Ford and General Motors, helped lead the development in 2006-2008 of the Tesla Model S.”

NextEV intends to begin with an electric supercar, the most powerful out there – 1,000 hp and 0-62 mph (100 km/h) within 3 seconds.

Second stage will be “high-performance family cars“, which sounds like a direct Tesla Model S competitor.

Source: Automotive News

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The funny thing is that tesla already moved on from the model s to the x and next is the commodity car model 3.

From the article:
“..NextEV intends to begin with an electric supercar, the most powerful out there – 1,000 hp and 0-62 mph (100 km/h) within 3 seconds…”

So NextEV’s demonstration “supercar” built to showcase it’s better than Tesla will be slower than the Tesla family sedan Model S (Ludicrous 2.8sec)?

Yeah, good luck with that. Tesla’s success won’t be matched by companies with deep-pockets alone.

If that was all that was required, then the big 3 (or is it really big 2 now) would have done so.

Even Chevy’s 200-mile bolt won’t compete with a Tesla Model 3 because the Tesla has a Supercharger network and the Bolt doesn’t. While GM has the deep pockets necessary to build a similar network, they don’t have the vision to build it.

Why is everyone so negative? This is exactly the type of activity Elon wants to see in the market. The more real eV cars out there the better.

This is exactly what is needed. Already the BYD e6 has 250 mile (400 km) range. They can easily make more such cars and launch it first in China, then in rest of Asia.

China leads the World with 4.4 million Natgas Vehicles (including 184,000 LNG) vehicles. They had less NGVs than USA 10 years ago. They just built more Natgas stations and the vehicles followed.

Just 1 order from Government is enough to install a Charging station in every gas station.

Max Reid said:

“Just 1 order from Government is enough to install a Charging station in every gas station.”

Looks like that’s exactly what they’ve done in Russia.

According to an article in Gas2 Russian president Medvedev just signed the law requiring all gas stations install electric chargers. The article also includes some interesting electric cars statistics for Russia.

I wonder when president Bush will sign similar law in USA.

We’ve already had two Presidents Bush. You expect a third?

Taking aim at Tesla these days does not mean offering up just a design concept. In T-19 days Teala will be actively delivering multiple production models at 50-100,000 units per year.

I’m sure Tesla is happy to have yet another company is taking aim. In the words of a famous hockey player (Wayne Gretzky) skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it is now.

I wonder what happened to Rimac Automobili and its Concept One supercar.

“NextEV… is hiring hundreds of staff to become a global automaker.”

It will be time to take them seriously when the “hundreds” becomes thousands. According to Wikipedia, Tesla Motors — which is still a fairly small auto maker — had 6000 employees as of January 2014.

China is trying to compete and copy an American EV.

Can we say we’ve reached critical mass yet?