China’s Electric Car Sales Expected To Double In 2016

MAR 19 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

The Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology expressed an expectation that this year production and sales of electric cars in China should double.

And given we are talking about China, we aren’t talking about an insignificant amount, as the country long ago took over the lead for the largest adopter of plug-in vehicles (by net amount).

In 2015 over 300,000 plug-in vehicles were produced and sold, so simple math gives us a conclusion to expect over 600,000 in 2016.

Beside the natural expansion of the models available on the market and their performances (BYD will offer 10 passenger EVs by the end of the year alone), sales could also be further supported by mandated purchases higher demand from government departments.

Miao Wei, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said also that

“The reliability, mileage and lifespan of electric batteries needs improvement and China needs to speed up the installation of electric car charging stations”

Sure, sounds good to us Miao!

source: Reuters

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Has anyone succeeded in figuring out the gap between the ~200k reported by independent sites, and the 330k reported by the government?

I assume the govt. numbers include buses and trucks, and possibly also taxis are missing from the market-reported figures. But it’s unlikely that all those put together account for 130k vehicles.

NEVs mean New Energy Vehicles.

Those should include those speed limited little-range EVs as well as busses, industrial vehicles, and anything using bio-gas/bio-fules, and maybe natural gas.

Hi Assaf.

They are the official figures for Passenger (207,382) and Passenger + Commercial (331,092) EVs.
Besides buses and trucks, “Commercial” (123,710) might also include LCVs (?).
All are highway capable. Though that means, if I remember correctly, around 55 mph minimum speed. Low speed vehicles are not included.

Commercial EVs grew enormously, especially in the last months of 2015.

2015 Yearly EV shares (of the total automotive market):

– passenger: 0.98%
– commercial: 3,58%
– pass. + comm.: 1,37%


There were more than 40k electric buses sold so there is no problem that 130k came from other NEVs than highway capable cars which were “only” 200k.

Doubling each year is what Tesla does. It is the bricks of an exponential curve.

Without the anti-marketing and lobbies of the petro-automobile cartel, it would be the same everywhere on this planet.

Nope. Last two years they have increase sales by about 50% year by year.

They might hit 60% or even 65% this year but nowhere close to doubling.

Right : 3k in 2012, 22k in 2013,

31k 2014, but 50k 2015. Nearly double. I wish the others would do better than now.

The figure of 340k plug in vehicles is referred to homolgated street legal EVs. The LSV in China are not counted in the 340k. The LSV alone has maket figure over 500k in China in 2015. so the combined figure about all the kind of plug in vehicles sold in China in the 2015 was around 850.000. Plus 20 millions e bike and 10 millions e scooters.

This is great news, I really feel that to have a healthy ev industry we need a fast growing Chinese industry. If the Chinese domestic market is 600k+ this year, it won’t be long before they are exporting more than buses.

I am still waiting for the conventional auto makers to open the taps, hopefully the specta of a Chinese auto makers becoming established may spur on the development and sales of more than the handful of current serious offerings.

The US will be driving Chinese electric cars a decade from now, because we as a nation will have stopped investing in our EV future, and China will bury us.