China’s BAIC: Our “New Model Will Outperform Tesla’s Model S”


Chairman of Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC), Xu Heyi, says BAIC is looking to be the leader in the electric vehicle segment.

Heyi’s company is supposedly partnering up with an undisclosed American automaker to produce a new electric car by the end of 2015 and he sure has a lot to say of Tesla Motors.

Model S in China

Model S in China

Heyi stated:

“The new model will outperform Tesla’s Model S.”

“The auto industry knows very well about Tesla’s Model S. Elon Musk won’t become Steve Jobs for sure.”

The BAIC chairman further states that Tesla presents nothing new as far as technology.

As of today, we’ve yet to see any automobile from BAIC that’s even close to a Model S competitor.  Most BAIC models would be hard pressed to compete with even a vehicle like the Chevy Spark or Ford Fiesta.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is personally kicking off the sales of the Model S and believes Tesla Motors has huge potential in China.  Musk goes so far as to say that China will likely become Tesla’s biggest market.

On Nov. 4, 2013, Tesla opened its first store in China inside Beijing’s Parkview Green mall.

Vice president of Tesla’s China operations Veronica Wu, stated earlier in 2014 that she expects China to account for “30 to 35%” of Tesla’s overall global sales growth for 2014.

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Elon would LOVE for someone to raise the EV bar. So far, it’s been just talk from would-be competitors.

Stop talking and show us these awesome EVs for sale…

^^^ +1

“blabla blabla blabla… We will make much better cars than the Model S!”

Counter response: “Show us what you’ve got. Otherwise, quit smoking whatever stuff that is!” 😉

Anon is correct. If we take Elon at face value and he truly wants EVs to take off regardless of the vendor, then get at it already….

Well, actually, he is correct. Tesla has not done anything technologically new. They used a brute force method to gain range. It is basically the same as throwing a larger gas tank into an oil based vehicle. For everyone that thinks a Tesla is very environmentally sound, you’re being delusional, especially compared to competing EVs. It’s far from environmentally friendly to be packing a car with rare Earth metals, which are not unlimited either. There’s also the damaging effects of the strip mining for lithium. They key is to improve efficiency such that a high mileage can be achieved with small battery packs. When you compare a Tesla to all other EVs, it’s actual efficiency puts it at the bottom. The i3 is almost twice the efficiency when you compare usable KWh/range. For all intents and purposes, Teslas are the gas guzzling V8 domestic muscle cars of the EV world. Show me an EV that can get 200-250 mi on a <25 KWh Li-Ion pack and I'll be impressed. So far BMW is the only one to improve overall efficiency by use of lightweight materials. Although, I also give nods to Audi/VW for their e-fuel efforts.

I’d say they’ve developed a lot of new tech. You are guilty of oversimplifying an EV. Balancing the AWD w/2 electric drives is one example I can think of.

Strip mining lithium? It comes from salt lakes.

Rare Earth metals? They use AC induction motors.. no rare Earth metals needed.

BMW may use carbon fiber, but they ship it 1/2 way around the world… twice.

Thanks! You beat me to it.

Tesla has done LOTS of new stuff. But most of it is tiny little innovations buried deep within the car that you will never know about.

But there are things they’ve done that are visible on the outside. Like the super aerodynamic door handles. And the genius combination of large batteries and the supercharger network. The ability to do battery swaps if that becomes a desired feature.

Oh . . . and Kdawg is correct . . . you have no idea what you are talking about. Tesla motors do not use rare earths. And Lithium is not obtained using strip mining. Learn before you speak.

Tesla also used light-weight materials . . . aluminum. And they use very energy dense batteries to reduce weight (although I question this decision a bit since it makes the batteries more volatile and requires some toxic materials like Cobalt.)

fyi – Tesla has taken refreshed technology (NCA type Lithium Ion Cells) and intelligently packaged them. If you don’t think they’ve innovated, ask them how many patents they own and why other manufacturers come to them for drivetrains. (Toyota, MB…)

There are very likely more rare earth metals in competing EVs than in a Model S. The induction motors and battery type Tesla use don’t include neodymium, for example. (The i3 does since it uses a DC motor:

As others have pointed out, Lithium can come from a variety of sources (seawater, for example) but most commonly comes from salt lakes. Besides, we recycle batteries. We don’t recycle gas, hence it’s a moot point. (H2 comes from NG and is also silly.)

Did you know that Tesla uses Al to lower the weight of their cars? I’m not sure where you got the idea that Tesla didn’t try to bring weight down…

Ouch… and embarrassing… talk about being wrong on so may counts.

kdawg could not have nailed it better !!!

No they didn’t re-invent lithium ion batteries, but they’ve put all the latest tech together in a way that just makes sense. With a truly useful range, but without a hobbled range extender. That earned the highest safety rating possible, and near perfect rating from consumer reports. Show me another car company with a 135kW charger. Or a nationwide (soon to be 3 continent) charge network, “free” (prepaid) forever, with a clear and public plan of where and when it will be built out, and how they are going to pay for it ($2k of each(most) cars sold). With the audacity to generate the electicity eventually with solar energy. And with the gigafactory, a clear path towards driving down costs to make it truly affordable and mass market. This may not be the most bleeding edge tech, but Tesla seems to be the only company with the courage and vision to really move us towards sustainable transportation.

Not to mention ethical behavior that outshines every other automaker.

“Show me an EV that can get 200-250 mi on a <25 KWh Li-Ion pack and I'll be impressed."

You are so ignorant.

Driving 250 miles on 25 kWh would require a 200 % efficient drive train or a tiny, slow vehicle that nobody will buy. Take your pick, both options lead to nothing.

And as others pointed out, Tesla doesn't use rare earth metals. And the lithium in a battery pack can be used over and over again, while the oil in conventional cars can be used only once. You should visit the tar sands to learn the real meaning of the term 'strip mining'.

So have the troll been fed enough yet? Or still hungry?

And just a small note, rare earth metals are not thaaaat rare at all, it is just a popular confusion due to a misnomer. Plus they can be recycled indefinitely.
It’s true that they are now being barbarically extracted in China though, but it should not stay like that forever.

Yeah this persons statements are idiotic and clueless. 200-250 miles from a 25 kWH pack is impossible unless you effectively halve the size of the vehicle itself, since no amount of advanced materials, aerodynamics, or improved drivetrain efficiency can possibly make up for that. Physics dictate this, it is delusional to think otherwise. Therefore, if you want good range you need to a certain extent use this “brute force” approach of putting a large battery pack in (in addition to materials and aerodynamics). Yes, it will hurt weight and efficiency. The Model S is a premium sedan. It needed to have a lot of range. It is not supposed to be a (relatively) cheap compact or city car like the Leaf & i3. Therefore a big battery pack is also required. That’s why it’s not as efficient, not vice versa. Your muscle car analogy doesn’t make sense, because the Model S is massively more practical than the (pure BEV) i3 or the Leaf, it will go several times as far. Efficiency was the cost. I’m sure if someone made a 500 kg car with one seat, less safety, with a range of 200 km and a top speed of 30… Read more »

Elon doesn’t want to become steve jobs he’s Elon Musk and is already better than steve.

And no doubt this “car” will be ugly and hideous. Model S tops all cars. When i see a car that looks better than the Model S and does everything better than i will definitely mention it rightfully and declare that car better but i know thats never going to happen, at least not anytime soon.

Model S is a timeless classic new age car. It will still look futuristic and fresh in 30+ years. These chinese car companies just cannot make a good looking car.

Elon Musk is more the Steve Wozniak than the Steve Jobs.

Not at all.

Wozniak has little business sense. Musk has plenty of it.

Musk is Musk. He’s got elements of others but he is in a category by himself.

I hope Elon is never a synonym for Steve Jobs. Jobs was an a-hole.

Jobs was great at marketing, he wasn’t as visionary as many people give him credit for and repackaged and often blatantly stole ideas from other areas. Musk is in a league of his own as his ideas of sustainable transport, sustainable energy, and making humans interplanetary are truly revolutionary, unlike Apple marketing speak, smoke, and mirrors.

Yeah, iPhone, iPod, and iPad were just copies. You’re totally right.

Technically he is correct. There were cell phones before the iPhone, but they all sucked. There were music players before the iPod, but they all sucked. There were touch screen, slab computers before the iPad, but they all sucked.

There were electric vehicles before Tesla came on the scene, but (for the most part) they all sucked. There’s the parallel.

Me and my friends had mp3-players long before the Ipod that were great. Way better than the Ipod.
What the Ipod did was to introduce it to the big mass.

Had a Neonode N1 from late 2004. It was a brilliant touch screen phone with everything you needed. But even though there were good phones out there the Iphone was something else.
That combination of good touchscreen, app store and their own interface and OS was brilliant.

IBM made a smart phone with a LCD and a touch screen before Apple made the iPhone. BTW, in the 1980s every computer was either an IBM PC or an Apple. Now Apple computers have an IBM CPU inside!

“The new model will outperform Tesla’s Model S.”
By what metric?

Charging rate?

Factory pollution.

+1 – I needed a good giggle today.

Number one worst employment conditions in the industry.

Aim high, Mr Heyi! The more EVs on the market, the better.

Put up or shut up. I’m from Missouri, so Show Me! Talk is cheap. If you believe that, then I got bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, and other such sayings come to mind.

Like oceanfront property in Arizona where Tesla will build their Gigafactory and power it using tidal generators.:-)

You can’t sell that bridge because I bought it!