China Targets 7 Million EV Sales Annually By 2025, More Global Offerings

JUL 2 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – January-March 2017

China is expecting that overall car sales will increase from 28 million in 2016 to some 35 million by 2025, and of those, every fifth car sold is to be a plug-in vehicle (or “New Energy Vehicle” as it is known locally). 

Those 7 million EVs is roughly equal to about 40% of the total vehicles sold each year in the US today.  So it’s a lot.


However, before plug-in vehicles sales reach China’s 7 million annually in 2025, the 2020 target has still to be met, set at ~2 million.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is also now looking at helping position Chinese brands to compete more thoroughly globally, something that has not yet been the case.

“The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a market “road map” that China’s urbanization drive and the overseas expansion of its automakers would help drive annual vehicle sales up around 25 percent from last year’s total.”

But with this expanding thinking, there is also opportunity for foreign carmakers, as MIIT is considering loosening the rules on foreign joint ventures, that today require at least a 50% share for Chinese manufacturing partner.

“The quality of Chinese brand vehicles has clearly risen, while brand recognition, reputation and global influence are much stronger.  By 2025, we should have some Chinese vehicle brands that are in the global Top 10 by sales.” – Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

source: Reuters

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“Global offerings” sounds promising. I’d love to see Tesla coming in from the top, Nissan expanding in the middle and the Chinese brands flooding in from the bottom.


Why Chinese brands sales have to be in the end?


why would you want junk in there?
Have you seen Chinese cars? PURE junk.

As it is, Tesla is about to take it all. By 2020, they will have a regular truck that takes on Ford 159-350, along with others; the MY will be out and costing around 30K.

And by 2022, they are quietly expecting to have a 25K Sedan.

Why would anybody want to buy junk when you can buy a decent fast car.


Because most of the globe defines “middle class” as making ten grand a year?


It seems clear that American car companies will – again – fail to change in time to stop non-American competitors from taking our home market. The last time was in the 1970s, when the Japanese met all of the environmental regulations AND built great cars. GM, Ford, Chrysler and AMC did not, and the rest is history.


“It seems clear that American car companies will – again – fail to change in time to stop non-American competitors from taking our home market.

In this case it is a failure of US government and US public in electing a government that is hostile to EV’s.

China’s EV success is a direct result of government policy and US failure is also a direct result of government policy.

Jake Brake

Nailed it. I work in industry and you cant really avoid working for an asian funded company.

Martin Tesar

You got that right…. even USA or Japanese firms seem to be only “fronts” for the real Chinese owners and masters.

We have given everything to the Chinese and the rest they have stolen from hacking and re engineered for local use, which ends up in products back to us.

The sheer size and scale of Chinese industry and manufactures (Google /Wiki them) and you will find USA or European operations are tin pot sized joke. Thank the NY Accountants for shipping manufacturing to China. It will but us and you Big time and already has.

Jake Brake

If your willing to move to China, these companies pay blood money.


America’s government, voters and car companies have been enabling each other for years. It’s a cultural and economic system based on the idea that owning a big fast car/truck validates a citizen’s life, no matter what injustices or toxins swirl around him. Right after WW1, the advertising genius and wartime propaganda chief Edward Bernays was part of a government commission (H. Hoover sat on it as Commerce Secretary) to determine how to get the postwar economy going. It concluded basically that the American people would have to be brainwashed into buying stuff it didn’t need. What followed was a failed attempt to build such a system with immature tools. After WW2, they tried again with better tools and synergy, as cheap oil (ensured by TX and Saudi Arabia) enabled cars, cars enabled state roadbuilding and roadbuilding enabled suburbs and suburbs enabled the dismantling of the conscious working class and its replacement with “keeping up with the Joneses”.

Once you’ve got that much interdependence, it’s damn hard to change the script.


Before 2025, Tesla will be likely be selling 5 Million or more EVs, while CHina is still trying to push their junk around the world.
Hopefully, Tesla does NOT focus on CHina, but instead, focuses on Europe, and the rest of the Asian world, such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, SOuth Korea, etc.
Finally, by 2021, is a good time for them to hit South America.


Didn’t you hear Tesla say that it wasn’t going to make cars cheaper than the Model 3? The world is a very unequal place right now, and you will not stop global warming with EVs unless there are EVs that cost far less than $30,000.

Junk is what we the poor live with, or do without.

Paul Smith

China is quickly emerging from the ‘junk’ years. Now that they intend to compete globally, watch how fast they improve. Keep in mind that almost everything sold today is made in Chine, including iPhones, Android phones, and all the high quality products from Japanese companies.