China Surpasses U.S. In Electric Car Sales In September





Kandi's Current EV/NEV Lineup

Kandi’s Current EV/NEV Lineup

The numbers are in…

In September, China became the world’s #1 market for electric cars based on monthly sales.

Our unofficial electric car tally for China shows that there were nearly 12,000 units sold in September, compared to the 10,538 sold in the U.S.

It is impossible to get an exact number just do to the way business is done in the country, and the way Kandi (which represents more than half the market) reports (production vs sales).   The top selling fully road-worthy plug-in for China in September was the BYD Qin at 1,700 units.

The highest-selling electric cars in China includes Kandi’s lineup of EVs (some of which are technically neighborhood electric vehicles), the BYD Qin, Chery QQ3 and Zotye E20.

We should point out that China’s sales statistics for electric cars include neighborhood electric vehicles.  Our U.S. sales figures don’t include NEVs.  However, NEVs aren’t popular in the U.S., so even if we included them in the mix, we still think China would remain in the lead.

So, it’s official…In September, China took the #1 spot for electric car sales in the world.

Editor’s note:  We should mention that October was not a ‘repeat performance’ for EV sales in China as Kandi fell off during the month and the Qin (at 1,702 units) took the sales lead, with about 7,000 plug-ins sold overall.

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Actually it seems that Kandi was responsible for over half of those… at least according to EV sales blog. And those Kandi numbers didn’t look too reliable.

Can you provide the source for your own data?



I’m sure the capacity (both in kwh as well as passenger) would be much greater for the EVs in the US. But, it is nonetheless encouraging that China is adopting EVs at increasing rates.


Congrats China . . . keep it going. Those EVs don’t emit local emissions in your cities. And work on making your grid cleaner.


Yes, there is nothing like choking on noxious fumes that tends to clarify the problem. Also the Chinese tend to approach problems of great magnitude with mandates, edicts, cajoles, and even threats to get what they want. Carrots and sticks. Mostly sticks.


This will definitely be the case going forward. Beijing has finally concluded something has to be done about the atrocious pollution in cities, so there are national programs being put in place to adopt electric vehicles, among other things. As anyone who has visited a Chinese city recently knows, once they gear up to do something things move quickly.

Also interesting to note that today the Chinese economy exceeded the U.S. in terms of GNP for the first time. Admittedly it was more of an accounting methodology change, but it is inevitable as their middle class grows and moves up the food chain.


Population of China: 1.3 Billion

Population of United States: 316 million

’nuff said.


Norway 2014 EV sales were approx. 21,000 (all-electric vehicles only). Of these, 4,040 were Tesla Model S

Norway’s population: 5 million

I rest my case


@danpatgal The BYD QIN PHEV Sedan has a 13-18 kWh battery pack — here is a link to the QIN Brochure in English:

The BYD e6 Cross-over BEV has a 60-77 kWh battery pack — here is a link to the e6 cut-sheet in English: