China Reports 331,092 New Energy Vehicles Sold In 2015 (Excluding Imports)

JAN 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

BYD Qin - most popular model in China with 31,898 sales in 2015.

BYD Qin – most popular model in China with 31,898 sales in 2015.

Chinese New Energy Vehicles production and are sales surging to the point at which it takes global lead (basing on absolute values).

In 2015, Chinese manufacturers produced 340,471 all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (cars, buses, trucks) and sold 331,092. That’s not all, because sales of imported cars (like Tesla Model S) are not included in those figures.

The growth is tremendous compared to 2014 – well over 300% up.

Most of those sales comes from pure electric vehicles, which grew more than twice as much as plug-in hybrids in China:

“To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 254,633 units and 247,482 units, increasing 4.2 times and 4.5 times year on year; and such figures for PHEV were 85,838 units and 83,610 units, increasing 1.9 times and 1.8 times year on year.”

China sales of New Energy Vehicles – December 2015

China sales of New Energy Vehicles – December 2015

The bulk of NEVs sales are passenger cars – 207,382, while the rest are classified as commercial vehicles.

It’s interesting that the commercial segment is growing much faster – up by over 1,000% year-over-year and mostly (5:1) those are BEVs.

“As for new energy passenger cars, the production and sales of BEV reached 152,172 units and 146,719 units, increasing 2.8 times and 3 times year on year; and such figures for PHEV were 62,608 units and 60,663 units, both increasing 2.5 times year on year.

In terms of new energy commercial vehicles, the production and sales of BEV reached 102,461 units and 100,763 units, increasing 10.4 times and 10.6 times year on year; and such figures for PHEV were 23,230 units and 22,947 units, increasing 91.1% and 88.8% year on year.”

China sales of New Energy Vehicles – December 2015

China sales of New Energy Vehicles – December 2015

The largest manufacturer in China and the company with the top selling NEV in China is BYD.

Their Qin model attracted 31,898 sales in 2015 and 46,787 combined with 2014 sales and December 2013.

BYD is also the first manufacturer that crossed 10,000 sales of plug-in electric passenger cars a month, but they sells other types of EVs too – mostly buses.

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That is one massive increase/amount of commercial vehicles. It would be very interesting to know what the distribution among different kind of vehicles is and who made them.

Commercial vehicles is where EV’s have always shined and electric delivery trucks held on until WW2 and even into the 60’s as milk trucks.
Why they are selling so well is many places in China they are the only ones you can get tags for as the number of tags for gasoline/diesel cars, trucks are very limited now you have to have a lot of pull to get one.

Isn’t NEVS the acronym for the company that bought the rights to the SAAB corporation. Very confusing article.

Yes, it’s quite confusing that the acronym NEV is used in China-related articles to mean New Energy Vehicles.

Otherwise, in EV reporting, it generally means Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

NEVS is something else, which only adds to the confusion.

Yes, THREE (3) completely different terms in the same field that all use the same acronym! *facepalm*.

There is no mention of NEVS in the article so I guess it’s just you who are confused.

The closest was NEVs which of course is not a reference to NEVS, but just more than one NEV.

NEVS = National Electric Vehicle Sweden

NEV = New Energy Vehicle

Its all so simple, in fact maybe there are NEV
(not enough versions) of what NEV could mean.

Of course there can be some local deviations of the meaning. Few acronyms are not used by more things than the main use.

And let’s not forget:

NEV = Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (Golf cart with seat belts & lights like the GEM cars.)

You should really try avoiding aliasing another acronym.

Only a real idiot picks the same acronym for another term in the same field.

Yeah like some political hack in charge of it even knows about US NEV’s!!
And they had the name first before NEVS which obviously copied NEV class name.
Why isn’t this obvious to you?
A little critical thinking wouldn’t hurt you Spec.

China is showing the way. How can we get rid of the powerful fossil fuel lobbies on politicians and regulators here in Petro-Land?

Stop driving, go cycling.

I have said this before. China will have more EVs on the road than USA in near future maybe a 1/2 yr. China definitely sees a pollution problem and knows that gas guzzlers are the biggest offenders in every major city. This also has to do with the motor scooters. I was in Ximain an island city north of Hong Kong. The city already had a no gas motorcycle law only electric motorcycles.

I think big automakers have a chance in China, they will buy million of little EVs like Panada EV or Cherry EQ :-).

What market share is this? How many vehicles total were sold in China in 2015?

Using the same source (CAAM):

Sales passenger cars 21,146,300 units

Passenger NEV market share = 0.98%

Sales all vehicles
Commercial 3,451,300 units

Commercial NEVs market share = 3.58%

3,451,300 + 21,146,300 = 24,597,600

All NEVs market share = 1.34%

It’s always nice with more people who bother to look things up and do the calculations. 🙂
Spreading facts and knowledge to make the world a bit more educated.

We are getting left behind by smarter Chinese leaders….

Wow, Jose at EV sales blog has a substantially lower figure… 189k sales.

I think it’s because he’s reporting passenger cars only.

I wonder what those commercial vehicles are. A good chunk are buses, for sure. But 100,000 of them? Do they count taxis as commercial?

Maybe all those carsharing NEVs that are sold by cherry and others. +busses

They supposedly sold 27k electric buses in 2014 and 20k for the first half of 2015.

So ~40k might have been electric buses.

My guess would be that most of the rest are delivery vans and light trucks.

On the day we see announcement we’re 2 degrees warmer than records it’s damn disappointing performance in USA when compared to these numbers.

Utilities need to stop obstructing and attempting to control the EV charging side and auto makers need to get full 50 state availability on their cars not just compliance.

We’re being lapped in the race to a more affordable and cleaner cars!


Every stock in china is down. Whats the matter regarding BYD?

Fantastic News. These commercial electric vehicles travel more than 100 km / day and they will get the ROI in just few years.

Besides the cut down the Diesel pollution and also the oil imports.

With this, China has now become #1 in not only EV sales, but also EV population.

Hope EU & US follow the footsteps of China. I won’t be surprised if they convert their Trains to battery and charge it in every train station.