China Ready To Dump $16 Billion Into EV Charging Stations


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While In China, We Searched Far And Wide For Charging Stations - This Was One Of Only A Few We Found

While In China, We Searched Far And Wide For Charging Stations – This Was One Of Only A Few We Found

Over in China, there’s plenty of action on the plug-in vehicle front.

Currently, China’s central government is considering a plan that calls for up to 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) in government funds to go towards the installation of public charging stations.

Bloomberg first reported on this, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

If this indeed turns out to be true, then soon it may be China that leads the world in public charging points.

Per Bloomberg:

“The policy will be announced soon, said the people, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private. The people declined to provide further details of the plan such as how long the program would last or whether the chargers would be compatible with cars made by Tesla Motors.”

So, official information seems to be scarce at the moment, but at least there’s a hint that China may be interested in catching up with (or even passing) most of the rest of the world in regards to public charging infrastructure.

Ashvin Chotai, managing director of researcher Intelligence Automotive Asia, stated:

“Charging infrastructure and EV growth is a chicken-and-egg situation.  It’s got to be a gradual process to scale up both EV sales as well as charging infrastructure. EVs are still not very attractive when compared with conventional-powered cars.”

BMW China adds that China is predicted to become the world’s largest plug-in vehicle market within the next five years.  Plug-in sales in China are currently still rather low (though significantly improved over 2013), so there has to be a BIG boom coming if China is to move into the #1 spot.

Source: Bloomberg

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China could learn from all our mistakes.

—don’t just scatter chargers around willy nilly at shopping centers.

put them at work, at home, and at distances that make longer travels possible….just like Tesla only perhaps a little shorter distance between super chargers.

See what happens when you don’t have the 1907 REPUBLICAN Party Tied Around your Neck.

Tiananmen square.

You mean the Teddy Roosevelt Republican Party? I’d think they’d be cool with public chargers.

CHARGERS IN HONG KONG Here’s some interesting news from the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong about current charging facilities in HK: “The availability of charging facilities is critical to promoting the wider adoption of EVs. We have therefore been working with the private sector in expanding the EV charging infrastructure in Hong Kong. There are now some 1 000 standard EV charging points in Hong Kong, covering all 18 districts in various types of buildings. In addition, there are now over 100 medium charging points and 10 quick chargers set up at various districts, such that there is one quick charger within around 20 km. The Government will launch a pilot scheme that enables suppliers of electric taxis to install quick chargers at car parks administered by the Transport Department. We will closely monitor the growth in the number of EVs and consider the need to further expand the charging network in a timely manner. The article goes on to say: “As at end of August 2014, there are 850 EVs in use, up from less than 100 in end 2010. At present, 33 EV models from seven countries have been type-approved by the Transport Department (TD).” This article… Read more »

Their “1,000 standard EV charging points” are BS1363 (British Standard) 13A wall sockets. Those are not EVSE. Only the “100 medium charging points” are EVSE, which are Type-2 32A 230V single phase.

I don’t have the figures, but I’m pretty sure that Tesla will single-handedly double the number of EVs in Hong Kong in 2014. In other words, the number of Model S vehicles delivered in Hong Kong in 2014 will equal the number of all registered EVs in Hong Kong on Jan 1, 2014. It may even be equal to all the other EVs registered on Dec 31, 2014.

I found some pictures a while back from a meeting of the Tesla Motors Club of Hong Kong, back in the days before the Model S.

There were 11 Tesla Roadsters in the picture of the club meeting. I suspect there may even more Roadsters than that now floating around in old Hong Kong.

Here are some pictures:

They should just require that all new residential parking places be equipped with conduit for a charger. That would create zillions of new potential chargers for every apartment building. THAT is where they really need chargers . . . the EVs are useless without a “home base” where you can charger overnight.


That’s a simple building code change that could be made in any jurisdiction. The impact would be huge with very little initial cost. Individual renters could then bear the cost of an EVSE install, just as in a private residence. If they move, they can take the EVSE with them.