China Produces & Sells Approximately 35,000 New Energy Vehicles Per Month

DEC 3 2015 BY MARK KANE 16



China production and sales of New Energy Vehicles (all kinds and sizes of all-electric and plug-in hybrids) is growing like never before.

From a level of a few thousand a month at the beginning of 2015, to 35,000 produced in China in October. That’s some growth!

The CAAM report states that 36,494 NEVs were produced last month and that 34,316 were sold in China. NEVs means not only cars, but also buses, trucks or tiny EVs (smaller than Mitsubishi i-MiEV).

Total 2015 sales already exceed 170,000 (113,000 all-electric), while production is over 180,000 (121,000 all-electric). None of those numbers includes imported EVs like Tesla Model S, BMW i3 or others.

The numbers are shockingly high, but just take a look at the growth of production and sales – 4.2 times and 5.0 times year-over-year in October. All-electric vehicle sales are expanding even quicker – 9.2 times!

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There is an old saying in Japan: ‘At first the man drinks the sake’, at last the sake drinks the man.’
So we have destroyed the environment and that new environment we have created is now destroying us. The levels of pollution in China have no precedent for scope and duration and its getting worse.

At least they are trying to do something about it with their focus of nevs, but it is a bit like closing the barn door after the horse has left.

Matthias Amrein

good one! what about “.. a bit like closing the barn door after the barn has caught fire”.


Hmm, maybe you are thinking of burning down the barn to get rid of rats. The end result is that the rats are gone but so is your barn.


To some degree, mankind is lucky that China ignored pollution controls on their vehicles and coal factories for so long. By ignoring pollution controls, they spewed out tons of very toxic and VISIBLE pollution such there is now a groundswell of public support to seriously address the pollution problem. And they are doing that by going wind, solar, EVs, nuclear, natural gas, hydropower, etc.

In the USA, we have had reasonably good pollution control laws that make power plants, cars, and trucks so much cleaner from a toxic & visible pollution position. Thus, we have an “out of sight, out of mind” problem. We don’t see all the CO2 being spewed so we (at least many of us) don’t realize the problem we are causing. If cars & coal plants still spewed pollution like they did in the 1940s, we probably would push hard for electric cars.


Here’s a clip of a longer program on Discovery about saving the planet in general. This clip shows how they modified a camera to visibly show CO2. Pretty cool stuff. They also did it for methane.

I suggest watching the full program if you get a chance.


Great video, people need images seeing is believing


Yes, that is true. Out of sight out of mind.
Humanity is sometimes slow to respond to a crisis until it gets really bad.


Speculawyer said:

“By ignoring pollution controls, they spewed out tons of very toxic and VISIBLE pollution such there is now a groundswell of public support to seriously address the pollution problem. And they are doing that by going wind, solar, EVs, nuclear, natural gas, hydropower, etc.”

It’s good that China is moving to install renewable and nuclear energy sources faster than any other nation, but they’re still installing pollution-spewing, soft-coal-fired plants at a fast pace. In the near term, China’s pollution problems are going to get worse, not better… and ditto for China’s contribution to worldwide CO2 emissions.

Bottom line: It’s good that China is moving to slow the pace at which it’s increasing its air pollution, but it’s still increasing.


China is bigger than any other country that has industrialized before it but to say the pollution situation in China is worse than that in Britain during the pea soup days or that pollution issues are worse than those in say Delhi is a bit of a stretch. India’s pollution is pretty bad and of similar scale to China.

It’s great to see China moving on this issue and it is also great to see the paradigm shift where the Chinese are on average buying far smaller vehicles than other countries did at similar levels of development. If China can resist the urge to fill its cities with streams of 5 ton SUV’s sitting in traffic that would be fantastic.


China is the leader in solar and wind power installation by a wide margin. The cheap PV solar panels we now have access to in the US is a byproduct of the level of investment the Chinese made 10 years ago in solar. Just because they have the expected air pollution problems of an economy in transition doesn’t take away from their exceptional success in renewables and green tech. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chinese air dramatically cleans up when at some point they can afford to close down the dirtiest of their coal plants.


China do care?

I suspect that the reason for many Chinese EVs is that they have clamped down on new gas/diesel car registrations. You have to pay a lot or win a lottery to get a gas/diesel car registration. But EV registrations are easy to get.

Authoritarian systems do have some advantages.


Our problem isn’t too much democracy or freedom, our problem is keynesian economics (weak state) plus the high influence of a few big companys and their money “donations” to the politicians/parties (kind of an oligarchy).


Yes, lobbyist’s have too much power. Can we hazard a guess as to who pays the lobbyist’s?
Republicans complain that U.S. corporations are too highly taxed, and they are, except that so many cheat or hide profits that the system unfairly benefits the most powerful companies who can afford to pay reams of money to tax lawyers and accountants in order to avoid paying their fair share.
I would say it is more like a poorly regulated oligarchy, in that if a law comes down the pipe that they don’t like, they ignore it, and just get their lobby to fight tooth and nail to change it. A recent example is how Blankenship of Massey energy, got off with a misdemeanor for ignoring safety regulations, while having managers turn off safety equipment, or not repair it, which directly contributed to the death of 29 miners. ‘Don’t give me that safety crap, just run coal.’ Call that justice? I don’t.

A recent example of avoiding taxes is that the Nederlands just accused McDonalds of non-payment of taxes for the last six years.

Pete Bauer

Great News. Apart from Highway capable vehicles which can go 120 km/h and have 150 km range, there are also slower vehicles which can go only 50 km/h and have only 50 km range using Lead Batteries. These vehicles are sold at a very low price and purchased by small business to do some local deliveries.

They are doing their best to reduce the pollution and foreign oil imports.

Keep going forward. All others will just follow.

Morris Jessup

The Chinese are building our Republic of Oligarchs is destroying the American Dream. The main question is can we in America bring out the vote among the disenfranchised.


When the Chinese government wants to do something they DO it. They don’t filibuster it and wait for lobbyists to offer the highest bid.