China Produced 25,000 New Energy Vehicles In June




After just the first six months of 2015, production of New Energy Vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids) in China already reached the level of the whole year 2014.

We are talking about 78,500 NEVs produced and China is still revving up!

Solely in June, 25,000 NEVs were produced!, citing statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated: 17,163 passenger vehicles (10,500 BEVs and 6,663 PHEVs) and 7,864 commercial vehicles (6,218 BEVs and 1,645 PHEVs).

Well, in 2015, China will be the largest market for electric cars, it seems.


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9 responses to "China Produced 25,000 New Energy Vehicles In June"
  1. Speculawyer says:

    But are people buying them?

    1. finecadmin says:

      Well, a lot are bought by fleets/motor pools/expense accounts. But that is true for ICE cars too.

      1. James says:

        The label, “New Energy” is growing on me. This is what I will be calling EVs from here on out – at least until someone finds a better name to tag onto them.

        EV is out, “NEW ENERGY” is in.

        1. Speculawyer says:

          I hate it. First of all, it is ambiguous. Does ‘New Energy’ mean EV? CNG? fuel cell? PHEV? Biofuel?

          And second, a ‘New Energy Vehicle’ is an NEV . . . collides with Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), those 25 mph street-legal golf carts.

    2. Mike I says:


      I would like to know the total number of “retail” deliveries as well as the ratio of individual personal customer deliveries to individual business customer deliveries to fleet deliveries in the personal vehicle class.

  2. finecadmin says:

    Oh, and that’s a factor of 500 more vehicles than the Toyota vape-and-switch (even in the optimistic case) for those of you still counting.

    500 times more in June, than in all of 2016 for Toyota in the UK.

  3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    The central government in China is pushing Alternative Energy Vehicle (AEV) purchases by mandating that 30% of government fleet purchases must be AEVs. So it’s not surprising that AEV purchases are up substantially.

    I’d love to see statistics for the percentages of government vs. non-government purchases.

  4. Just_Chris says:

    Government purchase, fleet purchase, private buyer, taxi, lease, really who cares as long as it substitutes an ICE vehicle it counts.

    From a distance it looks like a lot of the Chinese EV and PHEV’s are getting better quality really quickly. I would love to see some seriously competitive Chinese made EV’s hitting the other markets.

  5. Bill says:

    To bad they don’t use this idea it would sell millions of cars. Airinductionchargingandstoragesystem charges without stopping.