China Now Home To 214,000 Public Charging Points


Expansion of the Chinese charging infrastructure follows the increase of New Energy Vehicle (plug-ins) sales and becomes the world’s largest public infrastructure/

Tesla Charge Port China

In 2017, the number of publicly available charging stations in China was estimated at 214,000up 51% year-over-year from less than 142,000.

That’s 72,000 more charging spots in a single year!

The plan for 2020 is to have at least 500,000 charging stations installed.

For comparison, New Energy Vehicle sales amounted to 777,000. This year, growth is expected at 40%, while by 2020 sales should reach 2 million.

With the market growing so quickly, we wonder if even those 500,000 charging station will be enough.

Source: Reuters

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China will need to have installed at least 10 million charging spots in 2030.

Assuming charging becomes as fast as filling a tank, and BEV range matches ICE range, there should be as many charging stations (not charge points) as gas stations (not gas pumps).

In the USA:
stations (not pumps): ~125,000
population: ~325 Million
Stations/capita: 1/2600

If there was an average of 8 nozzles per station, then there would be 2 million “pump points”

Since the penetration of auto ownership is no where near as high in China (there are fewer on-road vehicles in China than in USA, and about 1/5 the ownership rate), so they would likely need less charge points than USA.

Hence a lot less than 10 million even if all cars were electric.

Now back to those assumptions about charge rates and range…