China Makes Car Manufacturers Responsible For Recycling Batteries


MAR 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

The People’s Republic of China issued interim rules concerning New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) that puts responsibility for collecting and recycling batteries on vehicle manufacturers.

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – December 2017

Sales of plug-in electric vehicles is booming in China, and the need to recycle spent batteries will follow sales several years later/

The government expects that manufacturers and their dealers will be accepting the used batteries and will either re-purpose them for energy storage system or send them off for recycling.

The other part of the plan is to require manufacturers to provide new batteries for older cars.

“China’s industry ministry issued “interim” rules on Monday that hold carmakers responsible for the recovery of new energy vehicle batteries and require them to set up recycling channels and service outlets where old batteries can be collected, stored and transferred to specialist recyclers.

The carmakers must also establish a maintenance service network allowing members of the public to repair or exchange their old batteries conveniently, the ministry said.”

As the new rules are interim, China still needs to figure out some details.

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Lastly, the battery manufacturers will be required to “adopt standardized and easily dismantled product designs, to help automate the recycling process”.

Source: Reuters

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Makes a lot of sense.

When it comes to EVs, China is doing it right.

I wouldn’t say “right”, I’d say “better”.

Democracy has too many inherent weaknesses- even when ‘doing the right thing’ is obvious, always some group can object, delay or block it.

So it was/is with asbestos, tobacco, banking, pollution, climate change, uncontrolled immigration, even over-use of plastics & many others. Benign dictatorship gets things DONE!

I hear you North American, central American, and south American Indians should’ve done a better job at controlling European illegal immigration back in the 1400’s to 1700’s.